Obituaries of the Seventies

This is a list of people who died during the 1970's. Exact dates are listed when known.

We also have similar pages for the 80s and 90s.

Deaths On This Day In History...May 30
1971,Audie Murphy, WW II hero/actor (Sierra), killed in plane crash at 46
1971,Marcel Dupré, French composer, dies at 85
1971,Rodd Redwing, actor (Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory), dies at 66
1972,Margaret Ruthven Lang, composer, dies at 104
1973,Hal Hastings, orch leader (Chevrolet on Broadway), dies at 66
1975,Michel Simon, actor (Panic, Plague, Two of Us), dies at 80
1977,Claire Goll, writer, dies at 86
1977,Paul Desmond, US jazz saxophonist, dies at 52

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