Obituaries of the Seventies

This is a list of people who died during the 1970's. Exact dates are listed when known.

We also have similar pages for the 80s and 90s.

Deaths On This Day In History...October 21
1970,John T Scopes, US teacher (Scopes "monkey trial" 1925), dies at 70
1971,Etienne Gailly, Belgian marathoner (Oly-bronze-48), dies at 48
1971,Raymond Hatton, actor (Girls in Prison), dies of heart attack at 84
1973,Arabi El Goni, VP/Chad parliament, murdered
1977,Ferit Tuzun, composer, dies at 48
1977,Ronnie Van Zant, singer (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
1977,Stevie Gaines, guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
1978,Anastas I Mikojan, Russian politician, dies at 83

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