Obituaries of the Seventies

This is a list of people who died during the 1970's. Exact dates are listed when known.

We also have similar pages for the 80s and 90s.

Deaths On This Day In History...November 28
1970,Fritz v Unruh, writer, dies at 85
1970,Jan Drda, Czech author (Nema Barikada), dies at 55
1971,Wasfi Tal, Jordan's PM, assassinated by Black Sept in Cairo
1972,Gustave Frederic Soderlund, composer, dies at 91
1972,Havergal Brian, composer, dies at 96
1976,Robert Fleming, composer, dies at 55
1976,Rosalind Russell, actress (Mame), dies of cancer at 68
1977,Trevor Bardette, actor (Clanton-Legend of Wyatt Earp), dies at 75
1978,Andre Morell, actor (Hound of the Baskervilles), dies at 69

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