Obituaries of the Seventies, 1976

This is a list of people who died during 1976. Exact dates are listed when known.

We also have similar pages for the 80s and 90s.

January 03Mal Evans, Beatles' roadie, dies
January 03Mateusz Glinski, composer, dies at 83
January 03Michael V Love, US test pilot (X-24), dies in F-4 crash at 37
January 04Jan B Cammans, Flemish actor (Brothers Karamazov), dies at 84
January 05Georges E Migot, French composer, dies at 84
January 06Oscar Espl , Spanish philosopher/composer (Sonata del Sur), dies at 89
January 08Chou En-lai, China's PM (1949-76), dies of cancer in Beijing at 78
January 10Chester Arthur Burnett, US blues pianist/harmonica player, dies at 65
January 10Howlin' Wolf, singer/guitarist, dies following brain surgery at 65
January 11Mervyn Grell, cricketer (Test WI v England 1930, 21 & 13, 0-17), dies
January 12Agatha Christie, mystery writer (10 Little Indians), dies at 85
January 13Margaret Leighton, Brit actress (Much ado about nothing), dies at 53
January 14Margaret Leighton, actress (Best Man, Go-Between), dies at 53
January 17Ad Verhoeven, soccer player (Xerxes/Sparta), dies in auto-accident
January 18Ad Verhoeven, soccer player (Xerxes, Sparta), dies in crash [or 1/17]
January 18Sonia Dresdel, actor (Fallen Idol, Secret Tent), dies at 67
January 19Kevin Coughlin, actor (T R Ryan-Mama), killed in hit-&-run at 30
January 23Aleksey Vasilyevich Sorokin, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 44
January 23Paul Robeson, athlete/lawyer/singer, dies in Philadelphia at 77
January 28Chris Kenner, rocker (I Like it Like That), dies
January 29Michael Gwynn, actor (Dunkirk, Barabbas, Cleopatra), dies at 59
January 30Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller, SF Blues Great, dies at 80
January 30Mance Lipscomb, rocker, dies at 80
January 30Percy Tyson "Plum" Lewis, cricketer (pair in only Test for S Af), dies
February 01Edgar Pangborn, sci-fi author (Judgment of Eve, Davy), dies at 66
February 01Werner C Heisenberg, physicist (Nobel 1932, field theory), dies at 74
February 02Harry Elliott, England cricket wicketkeeper (3 Tests 1927-34), dies
February 02Johan[nes A] Kaart, Dutch actor (My Fair Lady), dies at 78
February 02Maurice Jacobson, composer, dies at 80
February 03Neville Lindsay, cricketer (S Afr batsman in Test v Aust 1921), dies
February 04Edward Benjamin Britten, composer, dies at 62
February 05Roger Livesey, actor (Drum, Vice Versa, Col Blimp), dies at 69
February 06Vince Guaraldi, jazz pianist (Charlie Brown TV specials), dies at 43
February 11Alice Allen, actress (Call of the Hills), dies
February 11Charlie Naughton, actor (Frozen Limits), dies at 89
February 11Lee J Cobb, actor (12 Angry Men, On the Waterfront), dies at 64
February 12James Clifton Williams, composer (Sinfonians), dies at 52
February 12Sal Mineo, actor (Exodus, Rebel Without a Cause), stabbed at 37
February 13General Murtala Mohammed, head of Nigeria, killed during a coup
February 13Lily Pons, French/US soprano/opera diva (Met Opera), dies at 71
February 17Jean Servais, Belgian actor (Every Man is My Enemy), dies at 65
February 17Johan[nes A] Card, actor/stage manager (My Fair Lady), dies at 78
February 18Anton Betzner, writer, dies at 81
February 18Eddie Dowling, composer (Anywhere USA), dies at 81
February 18Joseph Henabery, actor/director (Cobra), dies at 88
February 20Kathryn Kuhlman, religious leader/faith healer, dies
February 21Florence Ballard, rocker (Supremes), dies at 32
February 21Frieda Inescort, Scottish actress (Meet Corliss Archer), dies at 74
February 22Angela Baddeley, actress (Speckled Band), dies at 71
February 22Florence Ballard, rocker (Supremes), dies of a heart attack at 32
February 22Michael Polany, Hungarians/English chemist/sociologist, dies at 84
February 23Fuzzy Knight, actor (Gun Town, Ragtime Cowboy Joe), dies at 74
February 23L S Lowry, painter, dies
February 24Charles Wilfred Orr, composer, dies at 82
February 24H Allen Smith, TV host (Armchair Detective), dies at 69
February 24Julian Rivero, actor (Via Pony Express), dies at 85
March 01Jean Martinon, French conductor/composer, dies at 66
March 03Alfred Sendrey, composer, dies at 92
March 06"Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom, lt-hvywgt box champ (1930-34), dies at 71
March 07Erwin Kroll, composer, dies at 90
March 13Willy Alfredo, [Willem Jue], Dutch comedian/poet, dies at 77
March 14Alberta Franklin, silent screen actress, dies at 79
March 14Busby Berkeley, US choreographer/dir (Strike Up the Band), dies at 80
March 14Martha Saalfeldt, writer, dies
March 17Luchino Visconti di Modrone, It director (Terra Diaeresis), dies at 69
March 18James McCartney, father of Paul McCartney, dies at 73
March 18Robert de Roos, composer, dies at 69
March 19George Sklavos, composer, dies at 87
March 19Paul Kossoff, rock guitarist (Free), dies of heart failure at 25
March 20Michael Goodliffe, actor (Gorgon, 7th Dawn, Way Out), dies at 61
March 24Bernard L Montgomery, British general, defeated Rommel, dies at 88
March 24Nelson Case, TV host (Trash or Treasure), dies at 66
March 26Richard Arlen, actor (Apache Uprising, Wings), dies at 75
March 30Jacqueline Royaards-Sandberg, actress (Hostage Rights), dies at 99
April 01Freddie Lennon, father of John Lennon (Beatles), dies at 63
April 01Max Ernst, German/French surrealist painter/sculptor, dies at 85
April 01Miroslav Ponc, composer, dies at 73
April 01S Constantine Timoshenko, Russian marshal, dies at 75
April 02Ray Teal, actor (Sheriff Roy Coffee-Bonanza), dies at 74
April 03Maurice Johnstone, composer, dies at 75
April 05Howard Hughes, reclusive billionaire, dies at 72
April 06Ruth P Thomson, writer, dies
April 07Mary Margaret McBride, TV hostess (Mary Margaret McBride), dies at 76
April 08Phil Ochs, rock producer (Joe Hill), dies at 35
April 09Akio Yashiro, composer, dies at 46
April 09Phil Ochs, singer (Draft Dodger Rag), commits suicide at 35
April 11Liam Dunn, dies a 59
April 12Paul Ford, actor (Phil Silvers Show), dies at 74
April 14Gerard Roms‚e, Flemish nationalist, dies at 74
April 14Maude Prickett, actress (Rosie-Hazel), dies at 60
April 15Gerald Smith, antisemite/catholic (Natl Christian Crusade), dies at 78
April 17Jean-Jacques Gailliard, Belgian painter, dies at 85
April 18Percy Julian, holder of more than 138 chemical patents, dies at 78
April 22Frutuoso de Lima Viana, composer, dies at 79
April 23James Flavin, actor (Man With a Camera), dies at 69
April 23Ronald Radd, actor (King Lear, Up Jumped a Swagman), dies at 47
April 23Shimen Ruskin, actor (Meyer-Corner Bar), dies at 68
April 24Mark Tobey, US abstract painter, (Broadway Norm), dies at 85
April 25Carol Reed, director (Agony & Ecstasy), dies
April 25Margaret Bannerman, actress (Great Defender), dies at 79
April 26Allan Jackson, newscaster (Youth Takes a Stand), dies at 60
April 26Neil McCallum, actor (Pete-Saber of London), dies at 45
April 26Sidney James, actor (Lavander Hill Mob, Carry On), dies at 65
April 28Eugen Roth, writer, dies at 81
April 29Wilhelm Maler, composer, dies at 73
April 30Edvard Fliflet Braein, composer, dies at 51
May 01Rex O'Malley, actor (Camille, Zara, Midnight, Thief), dies at 75
May 03David Bruce, dies at 62
May 03Ernie Nevers, college fullback (Stanford), dies at 72
May 05Thomas Burnett Swann, sci-fi author (Day of Minotaur), dies at 47
May 06Karel M J F Cruysberghs, Flemish author (On the Pulpit), dies at 85
May 08Alan Baxter, dies at 67
May 08Ulrike Meinhof, lead Germany Red Army Faction, dies
May 09Raymond Chevreuille, Belgian composer, dies at 74
May 09Valentino Bucchi, composer, dies at 59
May 10George Curzon, dies at 77
May 11Alvar Aalto, architect (Finlandia House), dies at 78
May 11Camille Schmit, composer, dies at 68
May 11J Anaya, Bolivian military/ambassador to France, murdered
May 14Keith Relf, rock vocalist (Yardbirds), electrocuted at 33
May 15Samuel Eliot Morison, US historian (Admiral of Ocean Sea), dies at 88
May 21Sulo Nikolai Salonen, composer, dies at 77
May 24Henk Lankhorst, pacifist/Dutch MP (PSP), dies at 62
May 24Melle J Oldeboerrigter ("Melle"), painter/cartoonist, dies at 65
May 26Martin Heidegger, German philosopher (Holzweg), dies at 86
May 27Ruth McDevitt, actress (Jo-All in the Family), dies at 80
May 31Jacques Monod, French biochemist, dies
May 31Martha Mitchell wife of former Att Gen John Mitchell, dies in NY at 57
June 01Pieter Balledux, actor/stage manager/resistance fighter, dies at 89
June 02Alan Dewitt, actor (Mr Tyler-It's About Time), dies at 52
June 02Bartoes, [Albertus J Wijstma], cabaret performer/comic, dies at 73
June 05Jean Paul Getty, US oil magnate/billionaire, dies at 83
June 05Walter Field, entertainer, dies at 101
June 06J Paul Getty, oil magnate/billionaire, dies at 83 in London
June 06Victor Varconi, actor (Divine Lady, King of Kings), dies at 85
June 07Bobby Hackett, jazz cornetist/orch leader (Air time '57), dies at 61
June 09James A Farley, US Postmaster General (1932-38), dies at 88
June 09Paul T B Rodenko, Dutch poet/writer (Never Marry a Witch), dies at 55
June 09Sybil Thorndike, actress (Melba, Major Barbara), dies at 93
June 10Adolph Zukor, Hungarian/US fur trader/movie producer, dies at 103
June 13Don Bolles, US journalist (against Arizona), dies
June 16Francis E Meloy Jr, US ambassador to Lebanon, kidnapped & killed
June 16Victor Dalby Lord, ficticious character on One Life to Live, dies
June 25Johnny Mercer, US songwriter (That old Black Magic), dies at 66
June 28Stanley Baker, actor (Accident, Guns of Navarone), dies at 49
June 29Leonora Summers, entertainer, dies
July 02Frances Howard, actress (Swan, Shock Punch), dies at 73
July 03Hans Bentz van den Berg, Dutch actor (Last Train), dies at 58
July 07Gustav Heinemann, German president, dies at 76
July 07Norman Foster, dies at 75
July 12Ted Mack, TV host (Original Amateur Hour), dies at 72
July 13Max Butting, composer, dies at 87
July 15Paul William Gallico, writer, dies at 78
July 19Gene Roth, actor (Rosie, Tormented, Nightfall), dies at 73
July 19Sal Tas, Dutch journalist, dies at 70
July 20Tom Lowry, cricketer (early New Zealand Test captain), dies
July 21Christopher Ewart-Biggs, British ambassador to Ireland, assassinated
July 23Wilhelmina Von Bremen, 4X100 relay sprinter (Oly-gold-32), dies at 64
July 27Ray Brennan, becomes 1st to, die of "Legionnaire's Disease"
July 28Jacob Soetendorp, rabbi, dies at 62
July 28Lucie Mannheim, actress (39 Steps), dies at 77
August 02Fritz Lang, director (Cloak & Dagger, Metropolis), dies at 85
August 05Adrian Roland Holst, poet (Past the Roads), dies at 88
August 06Gregor Piatigorsky, Russian cellist, dies at 73
August 07Cecil Weston, actor (Dude Ranch, Huckleberry Finn), dies at 86
August 07Murvyn Vye, actor (Bob Cummings Show), dies at 63
August 08John Roselli, hired by CIA to kill Castro, found murdered
August 09Jose Lezama Lima, Cuban poet/novelist, dies at 65
August 09Max Vredenburg, composer, dies at 72
August 10Bert Oldfield, cricketer (54 Tests, 52 stumpings), dies
August 10Ray "Crash" Corrigan, cowboy (Crash Corrigan's Ranch), dies at 74
August 12Thomas Edward Driberg, 1st baron Bradwell, journalist, dies
August 14Werner Br„unig, writer, dies
August 15Jean P J C Haesaert, Flemish lawyer/sociologist, dies at 84
August 16Beppie Nooij Jr, Dutch actress (Rooie Sien), dies at 83
August 17Murvyn Vye, actor (Road to Bali, Escape to Burma), dies at 63
August 17William Redfield, actor (Jimmy Hughes Rookie Cop), dies at 48
August 19Alastair Sim, actor (Christmas Carol, Green for Danger), dies at 75
August 19Jeno Kenessey, composer, dies at 70
August 19Ken Wadsworth, cricketer (Exciting NZ keeper), dies of cancer at 29
August 20Phyllis Konstam, actress (Murder, Skin Game), dies at 69
August 21Ken James, cricketer (kept wicket for NZ in 11 Tests), dies
August 22Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, pres of Brazil (1955-60), dies at 73
August 22Oskar Brsewitz, East German vicar, sets self on fire
August 24Michael Dewar Head, composer, dies at 76
August 25Eyvind Johnson, Swedish author (Nobel-1974), dies at 76
August 25Perc Hornibrook, cricketer (6 Tests 1928-30, 17 wickets), dies
August 26Lotte (Krause-)Lehmann, German soprano (More than singing), dies at 88
August 26Warner Anderson, actor (Doctor, Lineup, Peyton Place), dies at 65
August 29Anissa Jones, actress (Buffy-Family Affair), ODs at 18
August 29Jimmy Reed, rocker, dies of epileptic seizure at 50
August 31Kornelis H Miskotte, theologist (If the Gods Keep Silent), dies at 81
September 03Harry Partch, US composer (Oedipus), dies at 75
September 05A E R Gilligan, cricketer (11 Tests for England 1922-25), dies
September 08Assen Karastoyanov, composer, dies at 83
September 08Joaquin Zamacois Soler, composer, dies at 81
September 09Mao Tse-Tung, Chinese communist party chairman (1949-76), dies at 82
September 10Dalton Trumbo, US writer/director (Johnny Got His Gun), dies at 70
September 10Dorothy Devore, actress (Newscast, Senor Daredevil), dies at 77
September 10George Baxter, actor (Flying Saucer, Lili, Caged), dies at 71
September 10Mordecai Johnson, 1st black president of Howard U, dies at 86
September 11Jan Kunc, composer, dies at 93
September 20Johan Boskamp, opera singer/actor, dies at 83
September 21Orlando Letelier, minister Chile, dies
September 24Bruno VeSota, actor/director (Chopper, Teenage Doll), dies at 54
September 24Romney Brent, actor/writer (Dinner at the Ritz), dies at 74
September 30Louis Fourestier, composer, dies at 84
October 04Alexander Gray, singer (This is Music), dies at 74
October 05Barbara Nichols, actress (Pajama Game, Loved One), dies at 46
October 07Nikolai Lopatnikoff, composer, dies at 73
October 10Connee Boswell, singer (Pete Kelly's Blue), dies at 68
October 11Connie Boswell, actress (Artists & Models), dies at 68
October 14Edith Evans, actress (Tom Jones, Scrooge, Chalk Garden), dies at 88
October 15Carlo Gambino, US gangster, dies at 74
October 23Leonard Lee, US R&B-singer (Shirley & Lee-I'm Gone), dies at 40
October 24Richard Sturzenegger, composer, dies at 70
October 25Raymond Queneau, [M Presle], French writer (Last Days), dies at 73
October 26Deryck Victor Cooke, composer, dies at 57
October 31Linda Watkins, actress (From Hell it Came, Harpy), dies at 68
November 01Oscar Beregi Jr, actor (Young Frankenstein, Panic in City), dies at 58
November 09Billy Halop, actor (Bert Munson-All in the Family), dies at 56
November 11Alexander Calder, US sculptor, dies at 78
November 11E Q Davies, cricketer (9 runs & 7 wickets in 5 Tests for S Afr), dies
November 12Walter Hamor Piston, US composer, dies at 82
November 15Jean Gabin, French actor (Quai des Brumes), dies at 72
November 16Franz MT de Liage B”hl, German/Dutch assyriologist, dies at 94
November 17Victor Alessandro, composer, dies at 60
November 18Man Ray, US artist (dada), dies at 86
November 21Niles Welch, actor (Cornered), dies at 88
November 22Rupert Davies, actor (Zeppelin, Oblong Box), dies at 59
November 23Andr‚ Malraux, [Berger], author (Conquerors)/min of Culture, dies
November 28Robert Fleming, composer, dies at 55
November 28Rosalind Russell, actress (Mame), dies of cancer at 68
November 29Godfrey Cambridge, actor (Watermelon Man), dies at 43
November 29Judith Lowry, actress (Effect of Gamma Rays ...), dies at 86
November 30Fritz Rasp, actor (Diary of a Lost Girl), dies at 85
December 02Danny Murtaugh, baseball manager (Pitts Pirates), dies at 59
December 02William Tannen, actor (Jailhouse Rock, Sitting Bull), dies at 65
December 03Mary Nash, actress (Phila Story, Till the Clouds Roll By), dies at 91
December 04Benjamin Britten, British composer (Beggar's Opera), dies at 63
December 04Tommy Bolin, rock guitarist (Deep Purple), dies of heroin overdose
December 09Nino Martini, actor (Here's to Romance), dies at 71
December 12Jack Cassidy, actor (Oscar/Jetman-He & She), dies at 49
December 13Eduard Claudius, writer, dies
December 16George, a goose that lived to 49 years 8 months, dies
December 18George Emmett, cricketer (Engld opener v Aust Old Trafford 1948), dies
December 20Richard J Daley, (Mayor-D-Chicago), dies at 74
December 20Walter Fitzgerald, actor (Adv of Sadie, Fallen Idol), dies at 80
December 21Edward Bartlett, cricketer (WI Test batsman in 5 Tests 1928-31), dies
December 23Frank Forest, actor (Big Broadcast of 1937, Champagne Waltz), dies
December 23Paul M Frank Forest, dies at 80
December 23Walter Bauer, writer, dies at 72
December 24Victor Stanitsin, actor (War & Peace, Jubilee), dies at 79
December 25Arthur Mitchell, cricketer (batted in 6 Tests for Eng 1933-36), dies
December 25Frankie Darro, actor (Radio Ranch, Valley of Wanted Men), dies at 58
December 26Philip A Heart, (Sen-D-Mich), dies at 64
December 28Freddie King, rocker, dies at 42
December 29Ivo van Damme, Belgian 800/1500 m sprinter (Oly-silver-76), dies at 22

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