Worst Movies of the Seventies

This is a list of the worst movies of the decade as chosen by our site visitors.

We also have pages on this topic devoted to the 80s and 90s

  • 3 days of the condor
    this movie so prodicable that i fell asleep when i saw it. just a craptabulos movie.

  • ????
    can not remember the name of the movie....but it was about misfit teens who tried to save buffalo from being slaughtered by millionaire hunters @ the end.... [this was "bless the beasts and the children -- real tearjerker. -ed]

  • ABBY
    Hot on the heels of The Exorcist came this wild Blaxploitation twist, which was apparently too close for comfort to the original, so Warner Brothers sued American International Pictures and the film virtually disappeared after a somewhat successful four-week run. The plot centers on a minister's wife who becomes possessed after her father-in-law unleashes a demon while on an archaeological dig in Nigeria. She then blasphemes everyone around her, cuts herself with a knife while preparing food for a church social, spews four-letter words during a marriage counseling session, kills a concerned lady friend who visits her, stages a violent break from the hospital where she's being held for observation, and the list goes on and on. She flees to a funky 70s nightclub where she hits on several men (killing at least one of them), before her husband, her brother (a policeman) and her father-in-law (a priest) perform an exorcism right there in the club! There's also Abby's mother on hand to dispense lots of sage advice regarding "living a good life and loving a good man", as well as extoling the virtues of "a man and his woman working together". They also eat lots of fried chicken in the first several scenes of the movie (?!?). Abby also performs a solo song (backed by her choir) during a church scene. While she's noe exactly a gifted songbird, her solo is pretty much comparable to an everyday church soloist, but the interspersed shots of the bored and yawning congregation provide some unintentional comedy here. This movie is good for a few jolts, but overall it is a fun watch and it must be seen to be believed!

  • "Aloha Bobby and Rose"
    This was a typical movie about escaping the establishment of our society all the while demonstrating how confused we were as teens. The song: "Bennie and the Jets " by Elton John is what drew me to go see it, but the worst part is that they never went to Hawaii, actually, it never went anywhere. I wonder if Elton gave permission to use his musical star power to produce such a lame piece of "you know what."

  • Americathon
    Although this is probably considered a terrible movie, it is definitely one of my all time favorites. It's cheesy but also kinda brilliant. Made in 1979, it's 1998, John Ridder is president, the U.S. is bankrupt, no one can afford gas so they live in their cars and bike or jog to work (and everybody wears velvet running suits). A Native American (Chief Dan George) is the wealthiest man in America and owner of N.I.K.E. (National Indian Knitting Enterprises) and has been loaning the U.S. money. Now he wants it back. So they stage a telethon to pay him, but evil forces are at work It's a great satire on the 70's and an insightful look forward to a outwardly wholsome but inwardly cynical 80's, including the glitz and the greed to come. Also starring Harvey Korman and Fred Willard with cameos by Elvis Costello abd Meatloaf.

  • Andy Warhol's Dracula
    I saw this movie in the late 80's and while I was watching I thought"oh,my God, this is HORRIBLE"!! Udo Kier plays a Count Dracula who needs "wirgins" blood or he gets deathly sick. Watching him barf up blood after drinking it from a young woman isn't what a I call a movie moment. I just didn't like it at all!!

  • Angels Revenge
    I've actually got the MST3K episode featuring this movie on tape. The film, an obvious "Charlie's Angels" rip-off, is about a group of women who bust up a drug ring. The extremely poor acting of the women and the literally cartoonish sound effects make this a must to avoid. (Although the MST3K version is really funny.)

  • Attack of the killer tomatoes
    it was the most boring and dumb movie I ever saw.


  • The Black Bird
    Truly painful parody of "The Maltese Falcon" with George Segal (the "weakest link" of "Just Shoot Me") as Sam Spade. When the funniest scene,a parked car rolling backwards down a San Francisco hill, is repeated ad nauseum, that tells you that the rest of the schticks in this movie just aren't funny. They even need a midget actor for "comic relief".

  • The Black Hole 1979
    This is the worst movie made by Disney.

  • Black Mama, White Mama
    Black Mama, White Mama, where actress Pam Grier plays a prostitute with moxie -- who escapes from a prison camp with a white woman with equal moxie.

  • C.H.O.M.P.S.
    Oh my goodness, this had to be the silliest movie I've seen in recent years, besides the cheesy '80s horror flick "The Gate." Basically, it's about this kid who creates a robot dog that looks like Benji with a circuit board in him. Yikes, Benji! Why? Valerie Bertinelli plays the kid's love interest. He uses the dog to fight crime. The cream of the crop of bad 70s chase scene music plays throughout, and it was so bad, I shut it off after 10 minutes. It was the only 10 minutes I could tolerate!

  • Charles Angel
    To me this movie was the worst movie of the seventies because of all the sexist symbolism towards women.Threr was to much cleavege and not enough action.

  • Cotton Pickin Chicken Pluckin Chicken Theives
    An old movie I saw as a kid at a drive-in theater. It involves two hapless criminals who escape from custody and are set loose in the country where they are way out of place. I cannot seem to find a mention of the movie on the net anywhere.

  • Cross and the Switchblade
    Everything about this lacked heavily. The dialogue was awful, the acting was very substandard and the whole concept was just ridiculous.

  • The Day of the Dolphin
    All I can say is....Oh My God. This movie, from what I can recall bewteen fits of laughter, is essentially about a scientist (George C. Scott no less!) who teaches dolphins to talk. So of course, bad guys want to kill the super-smart dolphins. I think Scott should've killed his agent.

  • Death Race 2000
    The Idea behind Death Race 2000 was that in the future, hit and run accidents were no longer illegal, and in fact made ito a sport! Similar to "Cannon Ball Run", D.R 2000 follows a huge race cross america, where the drivers can earn points by running people over... There is no way that this film would be allowed by todays standards, because it is most definatly NOT P.C. (they seem to blame the French for all the mishaps and ambushes, for example...). The most memorable scene was where "Frankenstein" (the hero) was seducing his navigator... The woman who played the navigator MUST have been a contortionist! I still can't work out how she got into a certain position...! Little plot, very dodgy dialog, but for sheer entertainment value, Jimmy Saville style presenters make this a very poor (but I must say funny!) film.

  • Death Race 2000
    Hi, I can't believe you didn't mention that Death Race was one of Sly Stallone's first films! (not sure if it's actually the first). Nik

  • Death Race 2000
    Oh yeah, and lest we forget, it spawned a video game that had the mothers of America standing up in total moral outrage!

  • The Devil's Rain
    You have to see it to believe it. Ernest Borgnine as a Satanic cult leader dressed as a goat. John Travolta from the waist down. Ida Lupino screaming "Hail Satan". Of all the horrid "Exorcist" ripoffs of the 70's, this was the very worst. (Even worse that "Satan's Cheerleaders").

  • Duel
    1-1/2 hours of a truck chasing a car down a highway!!!

  • The Effects of Gamma Rays...
    The whole title is "The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds". And that's about as good as the film gets. Critically acclaimed solely because it was based on a Broadway play and having Joanne Woodward (who everyone knows is Paul Newman's wife)in it. But her performance is overdone and the rest of the cast underacts. A bad combination. Woodward's climactic drunken speech at her daughter's Science Fair presentation is a cringe-filled eye-roller.

  • The Exorcist
    We were to naive in the '70's to relise had bad it was. Caught it on the re-release two years ago and the rest of the audiance and I shared laughter throughout. Linda Blair was a terrible actress, she couldn't even pee on the floor beleivably. I chuckled at the Drs. office visit, he lights up in his office and speaks of an innovative new drug, Ritalin. I wish I had seen it in the thearter when released, would have been a lot cheaper than what I paid for it in 2000.

  • Fire Sale
    I'm actually looking for a copy of this old movie. I thought it was a Mel Brooks kind of movie with Marty Feldman and possibly Rob Reiner. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It was really pretty bad in a good way.

  • The Frogs
    What I can remember about this spooker was a bunch of rich people on this old gurs island, who have something to do with the ecosystem getting messed up... and before you know it, the frogs are taking over and killing everyone. I couldn't stand to hear the sound of frogs croaking for years after this one.

  • The Fury-1978
    007 meets The Shining meets The Exorcist meets Scanners. An evil organization kidnaps a spy's (Kirk Douglas) son for the son's use of his telekinetic powers. They brain wash him, etc. etc. Then Amy Irivng, who plays a clairvoyant, is enlisted to help Douglas find his son. The film was directed by Brian "Blowout" DePalma. This movie would have been better if the story wasn't too simple and cliched. The special effects were so-so (Especially when the psychic son levitates one of the female love interests, and spins her around in mid-air so fast that all of her blood drains out through every body cavity on her and splatters all over the place! Gross! Yet, cliched!) So far, it sounds cool. But, the writers dropped the ball on the ending! Here's a clue: the son gets killed, Kirk gets killed, Amy's powers upgrade, she becomes a killer (When she causes the head bad-guy to explode ala Scanners)...That's it. It's a good film if you are blind in one eye and intoxicated.

  • H.E.A.L.T.H
    It was a Robert Altman film with stars like James Garner and Carol Burnett and it was so bad that 20th Century Fox released it only as a TV movie after holding it for a year. It was filmed at a resort hotel at St. Pete Beach, Florida. I watched it being filmed but I fell asleep the one and only time it was on TV. It was supposed to be a comedy. Well, the filming of it was a riot. An extra dressed as a carrot drank too much beer while hanging around and deided to do an little dance when no such thing was called for. A taxi's horn got stuck just off the set and I got to hear Dinah Shore say a really naughty word!!

  • Health
    it was filmed in late 70's in St Pete Beach, Florida, mainly at the Don CeSar. Carol Burnett, Lauren Bacall

  • The Incredible Melting Man
    This was pretty confusing for me as a child when I saw this; I was about 10. Anyway, this astronaut and crew go flying too close to the sun. The melting man is the only one who survived. But the catch is, that he is sloooowwwwlllyyy melting. Of course this means that he, like all that melt slowly, must kill for various reasons. In the end, a man sweeping scoots this blobby mess into a dust pan. Unfortunately for me, the next day at school was pizza day, which is exactly what the remains looked like.[this movie was done by mystery science theater in season seven, i think. -ed]

  • Invasion of the Blood Farmers
    A quite-overlooked "gem" from 1972 (the decade for the worst horror movies ever), this share double billing with "Shreik of the Mutilated" at Drive-Ins all over the US! Some modern-day Druids (decendants of the originals, the narrator at the beginning of the film tells us) in upstate New York need to revive their Queen, who either appears to be dead or unconcious, before the "Dark Lord" gets her. The rub is that the Queen (Onhorrid, an authentic Celtic Druidic name if I ever heard one) needs to be revived by the blood of a "proper" donor (Druidical blood transfusions?). Why this is is never actually explained, nor is it ever explained how a certain key which the Druids possess is able to help them locate the proper donor, yet they are key (no pun intended) elements of the plot. Truly a stupid film, which holds a small place within the heart of this reviewer. So bad it is good. Or just plain bad.

  • It
    It was horrible! The worst horror movie ever!

  • It's Alive and sequels
    Mutant demonic infant kills everyone in an effort to return to its parent. cheeeeeeezy

  • Joe
    Peter Boyle played a bigoted loud mouth that was an inspiration for Norman Lear's Archie Bunker for "All In The Family". Otherwise, don't waste your time watching this ugly, violent exercise in the teenage hippy drug culture unless you find a girl having a drug induced seizure in bed such a turn-on.

  • Killer Swarm
    a killer bee movie set in New Orleans. They froze the hive to death in the superdome on a VW bug.

  • Last remake of Beau geste
    it starred Michael York, Anne-Margaret and Marty Feldman....I think it was so bad my date and I walked out....

  • The Legend of Boggy Creek
    Another early seventies(1974?)creature feature about a college professor who takes his favorite student and her somewhat sexy friend into the wilds of rural Arkansas to verify or disprove the legend of a bigfoot-like monster that has supposedly been frightening the locals for much longer than any real creature would have lived. The storyline is amateur at best, the acting...,take a guess. It has some of the usual pitfalls of this genre,(i.e., a smarmy male lead who always tries to act tough and in control and two female characters that put themselves in harms way so many times you almost wish they'd wear a sign that says "here I am, come kill me". But what I hated most about this movie was the way in which the director decided, quite impulsively I'm sure, to interject something racy into this turkey by having the professor accidently see the better-looking of the two girls changing clothes. There was no actual nudity, and this was never followed up on in any way. The creature is only barely seen towards the end of the film and I guess they decided to leave it alone since it didn't seem to pose any real harm to anyone and no one would believe them anyway since, of course, they didn't get a good picture of it. Basically, it's just a cheap movie shot in the woods that tries to be scary but isn't, it tries to be sexy (once) but isn't, and it tries to be intriguing but most certainly isn't. I recommend this only to lovers of bad horror films. For everyone else, find a better way to spend ninety minutes.

  • Lipstick (1976)
    Should be called LIPSHTICK. Marguex Hemmingway as a fashion model who is raped and then gets her revenge by killing her rapist after he rapes her younger sister.

  • The Little Kids
    It had little kids running around the beach with no clothes on...eww.

  • MS45 is a great flick!
    Abel Ferrara's (THE BAD LIEUTENANT, THE ADDICTION) follow-up to DRILLER KILLER starring the late Zoe Tamerlis does not deserve to be on your list of bad movies. Yeah, it's a sleazy thriller without a conscience but the kneejerk conservative reaction of whoever reviewed it here offends me more than the ultra stylized violence of MS45. How about something truly repelling to view like the great Pasolini's SALO:120 DAYS OF SODOM(it's still killer)or the trash that was MYRA BRECKINRIDGE. I've tried to not be rude here and believe I've expressed my views without getting nasty. And, yeah, all of this is off the top of my head and not some B.S. I just netsearched. If you're gonna do this kinda thing you should know what you're speaking of. I agree with ya' bout that abortion that was the SGT PEPPER'S deal. ALICE COOPER is cool though. CHEERS! -Tim W Oklahoma ps---tried to email this to ya but was havin problems

  • Melody In Love
    Like a rotten rat carcass abandoned on a secluded beach in Mauritius, this movie is a tropical stinker. The soundtrack adds an audible horror. The plot (if you can call it that) is based loosely (no pun intended) on young melody and her vacation on the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius. Between the soft porn scenes, Melody witnesses a kung fu fight to the death, gets some golf tips and witnesses a volcanic eruption. It seems that melody’s relationship to her Aunt is inappropriately close.

  • Mitchell
    I saw this movie on MST, I believe it was the last episode with Joel. This movie was about a slovenly, unkempt, ugly police detective (maybe a bad attempt to imitate Columbo) who is trying to track down SOMEONE (I can't really remember too many details). Of course, a beautiful blonde (a famous actress whom I also can't remember the name of...sorry!) falls in love with this slob who is chasing around these rich, powerful, evil men. I don't really remember the moving having much of a plot at all, just that there was a car chase scene where Mitchell is trying to be portrayed as a tough guy, but the camera keeps shifting to a view of him downshifting an automatic. Worth a watch for its laugh value.

  • Mitchell
    The woman was Linda Evans from Dynasty - the MST version is one of the best mobvies of all-time!

  • Mitchell
    So funny!! The MST version, that is. They tried to make the guy (his real name was something like Billy Joe something, or Jim Bob something)like he was a sexy character, yet he was always laying around eating in bed or something, and whining. I think the woman was Linda Evans. Pretty sure.

  • Moment By Moment
    John Travolta lusting after Lily Tomlin(?!!!?)And..His character's name was Strip.So You have Lily delivering lines like "Oh ,Strip","I love You,Strip". It sounds like through the whole Movie She's telling Him to take His clothes off.A real Dog that has never seen the light of day on Video.(Maybe Travolta or Tomlin bought out the rights to keep it from being shown again)

  • Moment To Moment
    After wowing audiences in Carrie...then Sat. Night Fever ...then Grease ...along comes Moment To Moment. John Travolta as a young Man who becomes involved with Rich,older Woman.......Lily Tomlin....???...!!! LILY TOMLIN !!!???!!!???!!!??? Hopefully Travolta fired His Agent.I can understand Lily attaching Herself to a Film W/the Box Office Superstar...But what was Travolta thinking !!!???!!!???And to add insult to injury...His character's name is....are You sitting down?...Strip. Now picture John kissing Her & Lily moaning....and I kid You not!..."Oh,Strip". Is She moaning His name or giving Him a command ???? To My knowledge this Film has NEVER found (crawlled)it's way to Video or DVD.I wouldn't be surprised if Travolta paid someone off or sold His soul to keep this really bad Film under (6 feet) underwraps.

  • Moment To Moment
    After wowing audiences in Carrie...then Sat. Night Fever ...then Grease ...along comes Moment To Moment. John Travolta as a young Man who becomes involved with Rich,older Woman.......Lily Tomlin....???...!!! LILY TOMLIN !!!???!!!???!!!??? Hopefully Travolta fired His Agent.I can understand Lily attaching Herself to a Film W/the Box Office Superstar...But what was Travolta thinking !!!???!!!???And to add insult to injury...His character's name is....are You sitting down?...Strip. Now picture John kissing Her & Lily moaning....and I kid You not!..."Oh,Strip". Is She moaning His name or giving Him a command ???? To My knowledge this Film has NEVER found (crawlled)it's way to Video or DVD.I wouldn't be surprised if Travolta paid someone off or sold His soul to keep this really bad Film under (6 feet under0 wraps.

  • Ms 45
    A young, attractive woman is raped and from this terrifying experience, decides that all men are evil. She spends the rest of the movie blowing away every man that looks at her the wrong way. She then cuts up their bodies, freezes them, and puts them out in the next day's trash. In the exciting conclusion, she goes to a party and kills many men at the same time, finally exposing to the world her dirty little secret. This movie sends out a great message, especially to teenage girls. When it comes to men, kill them all, and let God sort them out.

  • Night of the Lepus
    Giant Bunny-Rabbits terrorize/eat people.

  • Night of the Lupus
    Would you believe a horror film about rampaging, killer rabbits? I don't remember the details (film induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I can't even remember how the bunnies managed to kill people but I DO REMEMBER dark shots, scary music and slow motion masses of bunnies leaping everywhere. How did MST3K miss this one? [mst3k might have missed it but "the matrix" didn't -- it's the movie playing in the background when neo is waiting to see the oracle. -ed]

  • Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
    Bob Dylan makes his first and only screen appearance. You need only hear about this stinker of a Sam Pekinpah film to know how stupid and vapid it really is.

  • Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
    NO page on this subject would be complete without this stinker, it features the two title characters in the Old West trying to kill each other (?), Bob Dylan also appears as a supporting character named "Alias."

  • Pay Off Time aka Death promise
    This is bare none the worst stinking piece of crap ever to have made it to the silver screen. A work that makes Plan 9 From Outer Space look like Schindlers List. Bad cutting and actors I can´t mention with out getting my ass draged to court. Pay Off Time features a villain getting thrown off a roof. The villain screams... director forgot that he´s supposed to be dead. The actors are calling each other by real names and the cutting was probably made by a mongoloid child or some suffering from blindness. First time I saw it I had to see it twice in a row to belive it. Me and my friend were actually wetting our pants with laughter. If you see it don´t miss the Kung-Fu master and the worst make up ever presented in movie history (look at his hands)

  • The Prophecy
    This film is in no way connected to the scary 90s film with Christopher Walken. This travesty, based on a decent novel, has Talia Shire (Adrian from "Rocky") battling a giant embryonic monster for the world heavyweight championship. (No, just kidding, but it would have made a better film than this tripe.)[go on youtube to see the hilarious sleeping-bag kill from this movie -- which, yes, is totally atrocious. -ed]

  • "Rabbit Trap"
    I think that was the name of it. All I remember is that it was about a man who became pregnant. I tried to forget that I wasted my money on this movie because it was terrible.

  • Race With The Devil
    See this only as a curio because of the overracting of Loretta Swit (T.V.'s Margaret on "M*A*S*H"). There was no race, just a bunch of bad acting, screaming, and fire. Peter Fonda acted like his name- his first, not his second.[don't listen -- this movie is fantastic. -ed]

  • Raw Meat
    A group of rejected Springer guests who live in the sewers and eat people who wander down there. Hits too close to home if you run a hotel buffet!

  • Revenge of the Computers
    Computers attack a school of innocent students

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Where to start on this one, well the script is a total shambles, and totally lacking in any sence of direction or plot! All i can remember is Meatloaf riding around the place on his bike, i didn't watch it all the first time, and i'll never watch it again, total garbage...and you say Towering Inferno's rubbish at least it had a story line.

  • Roller Boogie
    Luckily, I can't remember it that vividly. It starred Linda Blair and some no-name guy. The whole plot revolved around them trying to keep their roller rink from being closed down...kind of like DC Cab on skates or something. I remember at the time thinking it was so cool, because I was full on into roller skating. I can still roller skate, but I doubt I could still watch this movie with a straight face.

  • Ruby
    Okay, Piper Laurie was in this. Don't remember much except one scene in which she produces eyeballs in a jar of gook. I think they were supposed to be her husbands. I think she was a power hungry sort. I've actually seen it more than once, but not on purpose.

  • The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea
    just sickening. has kids taking on adult roles. not believable. a scene with three boys dissecting a family cat.

  • Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
    I saw this movie shortly after the recent death of George Harrison and needless to say I was far from being impressed. This is perhaps the LAMEST excuse for a Movie I've ever seen and I wasn't even around when they made it. I hope that whatever part of the Ganges Olivia scattered George's ashes she scattered them upside down so he never has to see this. :p

  • Satan's Cheerleaders
    The devil really made bad movies in the 70's. This low-budget lame-o from Crown International Pictures featured, well, cheerleaders. One was telepathic. That was the only relevance of the title. It does feature Yvonne DeCarlo (Matriarch of The Munsters), but she made plenty of stinkers after Satan's Cheerleaders. Give me a B-R-E-A-K.

  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    I saw this review of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on imdb.com and couldn't pass up posting it here. Looks like this movie is either a stroke of genius or Mystery Science Theater material. "In many ways, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of the greatest modern day fairy tales concocted. One can even say it chronicles the never-ending battle between artists and those who love their art, and the greedy capitalists (no, I'm not an enemy of capitalism!) who wish to dominate the art forms. It's ironic that Billy Preston appears...and The Beatles don't. There are many that speculate Mr. Preston is in fact THE Sgt. Pepper, and the film is more or less a tribute to him and his message...and not about The Beatles. But, that's for another discussion....Anyway, one thing that is undeniable about the movie is that it does capture the spirit of the era, and (maybe sadly) stands as a transition piece from the psychedelic 1960s and 1970s to the "greed is good" decade of the 1980s. I think one reason why the movie maintains an audience is because beyond the music and format, there are several social statements all over the screen. If you are younger than the film's intended audience, don't dismiss it as a relic of a bygone era...you just might learn something."

  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Dear god, the Lovecraftian horror that is this movie haunts me still. OK, take perhaps the most popular and influentual rock album ever, and base a movie on it. Can't miss, you say? Well... make the stars of it those most-70's of groups... the BeeGees. Not bad enough? OK, we'll throw in Peter Frampton. Did we mention that none of these guys can act? Now stick in George Burns as the narrator. OK, everyone likes George. Right, now have him croak his way through "Fixin' a Hole." Still like him? Stick some more consumate 70's acts like Aerosmith and Alice Cooper (yes, kids... Alice Cooper and the Bee Gees in the same movie). Then... do away with any semblence of a plot. Make everything extra schmaltzy. Have Stawberry Fields revived by a dancing weather vane at the end. This, kids, is everything that really sucked about the 70's wrapped up in a nice, neat package. It should be labeled as hazardous waste.

  • Sgt. Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Band
    This has to be the most disgusting piece of human excrement to ever be put on film. I am a life long Beatles Fan, and how dare these BOZO'S butcher their music. Even the Bee Gees admitted that what Saturday Night Fever did to elevate their career, this movie did to destroy it. Somebody had too much money and snorted too much cocaine. Come on! Peter Frampton? Steve Martin? This was a total maggot gagger. Whoever came up with this idea wins the poop stain of the decade award.

  • Skateboard
    Quite possibly the worst film ever. It struck in the middle of the skateboard craze in the mid-70's. This film was so bad that even a couple of 7th grade want-to-be skateboard kings recognized how bad it was. Now 41, my friend and I still talk about it. Unfortunately, neither of us can remember what it was about. Talk about a bad impression.

  • Slithis
    Now this film is so dark,even with the brightness turned up to maximum you can still hardly see a thing.Another radioactive spill-turned mutant turns onto the residents of a beach side town in this "horror" flick.What's worse,is if you can even sit through to the end,there is no final credits,it just has a black screen! (I even tried fast forwarding a bit,in case the film had just turned darker and there was more to come...) Should of been called Shitis.

  • Star Wars
    Overrated crap!

  • The Stepford Wives
    A womean moves with her family to the small town of stepford. Her husband imediatly joins a creepy Men's Association. later does she find out a terrible seacret about stepford. Based on Ira Levins novel the same writter of "Rosmary's Baby" Guess what they are remaking this movie Starring Nicole Kidman

  • Super Special Franks
    A romantic comedy that involves monkeys mating with people named Frank. The Franks get aids from the monkeys and are forced to cut off there penises. It's the stupidest movie ever!!!!!!!!

  • Swarm, The
    In a decade that saw some of the greatest films ever made released, as well as some of cinema's loudest wet farts, "The Swarm" rises to the bottom as one of the worst. In yet another Irwin Allen stinkeroo, a swarm of deadly killer bees invades Texas and wipes out a picnic, a schoolyard and a small town's flower festival. Not enough for you? Well the little bastards also attack a missle silo, derail Olivia DeHavilland's train, blow up a nuclear power station and burn the city of Houston to the ground. Fortunately, brilliant bee scientists Michael Caine and Katherine Ross figure how how to make all of the little monsters fly right into the Gulf of Mexico where the military can bomb the hell out of them. Unfortunately, Mankind was only safe for a short while because shortly after surviving the Bee Menace, America became faced with "The Attack of The Killer Tomatoes."

  • Thats what i'm trying to find out?
    The movie is about two brothers,"I think their twins,"and one of them falls into a well and dies and the other brother continues to play with him even though he's dead.He also cuts one of his brothers fingers off and keeps it a scret from his family.

  • The Thing Wth Two Heads
    Ray Milland's gets transplanted on Rosey Grier's body

  • Tommy
    Let me see, this one predates Sgt. Pepper by almost 3 years. You take a GOOD album from the 60's 1.screw up the story 2. Ann-Margret, whored up to make Madonna and Cher look tame 3. fat drunk classically train actor who can't sing 4. Jack Nicholson! 5. Pop idols 6. Laughable excuses for drama 7. and most importantly a bland muscular, but skanny blonde frizzy hairred pretty boy in the lead TA DA! you gotta film that sucks At least the orignal band appears in this one, unlike Sgt. Pepper

  • The Towering Inferno
    Quite possibly the worst film ever nominated for Best Picture, "The Towering Inferno" should have been a great film. It had a huge budget, good director, stellar cast, outstanding special effects - yet the whole was not equal to the sum of its parts. Much of the acting was simply awful, the characters were cardboard (which may be why they burned so easily), the dialogue was childish - for instance, just try to keep from laughing when veteran tough guy Steve McQueen looks at William Holden and says, "It's a fire, mister, and all fires are bad." It's enough to make the most tolerant of moviegoers cringe. I was barely a teenager when this film was released in 1974, but I remember thinking even then how awful it was. Funny thing is, it was based on two books ("The Tower" and "The Glass Inferno") and either one would have made a fantastic film. Together, though, they just made a big mess.

  • Trog
    Too hilarious to include all the precious moments in one dialog box, but ... Joan Crawford as the director of some kind of "institute" and dressed in exquisite 70s leisurewear; Trog, a human with a plastic face mask and stick-on hairy hands; the action sequences, which look like they have been filmed in someone's attic; th touching scene in which Craford teaches Trog how to wind up a doll and turn off a battery-powered rabbit (or something). And so many more. British and proud of its spavined seventies aesthtic!

  • "Who Slew Auntie Roo?"
    Shelly Winters played a creepy old woman who had her young neice and nephew stay with her...and believe it or not, the little darlings actually did away with the old broad...but I remember being scared out of my wits at the time! Too funny.

  • The Wiz
    Puh-leeeze! You have to put this colossal waste of film, time and money on your list!! Actually, I can't remember if it was made in the 70's or 80's but either way, it still sucked! Thanks!

  • Xanadu
    God damn it! I hate this movie with a passion! As much as it had a few well known people in it and the special effects for the time were good, the movie had no story line and really failed to capture the imagination.

  • Xanadu
    I saw it on several of the great movie lists and couldn't believe my eyes. This was one of the worst movies of the seventies. What was it even about? It had absolutely NO plot. Roller skating and singing and I think Olivia Newton-John as an angel or something. I just remember that I couldn't belive I wasted my baby sitting money on this stinker. I was just glad it was a matinee.

  • attack of the killer tomatoes
    worst movie of all time,,,people being attacked by giant rolling tomatoes

  • black widow spiders????
    I remember a family of females decended from the black widow spider, the girls had the red hour glass mark...but i could be wrong...

  • can I do it untill I need glasses
    early 70's I saw it at the drive-in movies. It was so funny ,just a bunch of short comedy skits . I would love to find a copy of it ,thanks wanda ps it was funny at the time I may hate it now.

  • chatterbox
    a woman who has a talking and singing vagina. named virginia.

  • day of the dolphin
    Correction: I can't believe that I remember this. Those super smart dolphins were actually trained to swim with bombs on their backs, and to attach them to the bottoms of boats. In this case the bad guys wanted them to stick a bomb under the Vice Presidents Boat. That's all I can remember.

  • earthquake
    the scene when the elavator crushes all the people says it all!!!

  • esraserhead
    terrible film, can not really description it or put it in any genre as such just bad

  • hard ticket to hawaii
    ultra idiotic movie!!!! for trash movies entuziasts only!!!

  • i spit on your grave
    the movie is about a bunch of rednecks rape a women not once but twice she does the revenge thing but what killed me is there was one of the men he was forced to rape here and he hated it thats the one she kills the main rapist on the second time she doesnt fight him man the movie was really really stupid i guess she killed the dude that didnt want to do it cos he didnt want to rape her !?!?!?

  • ice castles
    PATHETIC. i couldn't believe i let my girlfriends talk me into going to this movie.from what i remember it was about a blind girl who wanted to be a skater so she trains really hard and robby benson is her coach/boyfriend...need i say more? anyway i just remember laughing my butt off when she finishes her act and people don't know she's blind so they throw flowers out on the ice and she falls on her ass, cause she can't see them!! my one girlfriend thought it was so sad,and i am not a heartless person, believe me, but the whole movie just really bored the crap out of me, and that was by far the highlight. my other girlfriend and i couldn't stop laughing....sorry

  • jack rabbit
    it was so boring and none of the parts made any since at all.

  • kiss meets the phantom of the park
    sorry kiss but you guys went over the top with this ace and peter didnt even play them selves sorry but this is a really bad movie

  • mother jugs and speed
    raquel welch,bill cosby,the whole movie revolved around ambulance drivers and their sexual endevors,also gloria steinem would have enjoyed raquel welch fight to be a woman ambulance driver.

  • my girl
    omg i hated this movie so much, it had no point, and i just felt that it was not a good movie to be prodcued in the 70s

  • nasty habits
    Spoof on watergate, but in a nuns house

  • slaughterhouse 5
    This movie was unrealistic, and just bad acting.There was alot of sex in it, and, on top of that, the producers of this movie must have been smoking crack or something because there was zero plot line.

  • spooky mountain!!!!
    it was extremly stupid and it wasn't even worth 5cents to me i was very dicappionted!!!

  • The swarm
    really good

  • the swarm
    you are all idiots it was the best movie ever

  • when dumb people attack
    when dumb people attack of course.

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