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  • status quo / 01/07/79
    Review by: peter mc conville
    seen the quo for the first time in dublin at dalymont football ground. They were incredible. started with my favourite-Whatever you want- Rick Parfitt played intro on his own then Mr. Rossi walked on stage. Still get goosebumps thinking about it!

  • Pink Floyd / 06/09/75
    Review by: KEN
    Floyd comes out and does Wish You Were Here in its entirety. After a 20 minute break, they come back and play The Dark Side of the moon in its entirety. They finished with Echoes. I was devestated. Best show I've ever seen. Period. When it was announced that Floyd was playing Live 8, I was in a a frenzy. The show turned out super and I'll admit to a mist in my eyes during the performance. Here's a salute to Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright. Thanks for years of great music and inspiration.

  • Jethro Tull - War Child / 1974?
    Review by: Nnnnippit
    I cut my teeth on the concerts of the last great musical movement - the 70's. I have along list to compare the War Child concert to including, Eagles, Th Who, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Zappa, Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, etc... Without a doubt, the War Child concert was the most fantastic concert experience I ever had - both theatrically and musically. Today, I don't think that that concert would be possible because it would probably cost too way too much. I've been to a few concerts in the late 80's, and the 90's and man..they just don't have the presence that shows in the 70's had. I don't think the music died with Holly, it died in the 80's - for the most part - and has yet to be reborn.

  • Jethro Tull / 1977
    Review by: jimmy
    I remember going to see jethro Tull in Montreal back in '77. It was during their Songs from the Woods" tour. It was the first time i went to see them. They were fantastic! suffice to say that my friends and i were under some "light" chemicals at the time, the show was an enjoyable experience and unforgetable. How i long for the 70s'!!!

  • Pink Floyd / 1977
    Review by: mjw
    Pink Floyd Animals tour. Phoenix, Az. Best for light show and effects. They played all of Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and Animals. It was an indoor show. Lots of smoke. Giant floating pig, oval screen behind band. Encore was of course, Money.

  • Yes / 1977
    Review by: tina dunn
    One of the best concerts I've seen (and I went to a bunch back in the day!) It was in Memphis Tennesssee, the stage was round & rotated so that any seat in the place was awesome as was the show!

  • Led Zeppelin / 1979
    Review by: David
    Almost an hour of bliss for me. The most influential band of my life opened this monumental gig with the lively song Rock and Roll, which seems to get the crowd going. And there is a big crowd! They quickly follow with one of the best songs from 'Presence', Nobody's fault but mine. That is my favourite song they perform. Sick Again soon follows, this is better on the cd but it isn't exactly bad on the DVD! Page is on top form throughout. Achilles Last Stand, my favourite song from the 70's is performed after Sick Again. This is phenominal. The guitaring blows my mind and the drumming amazes me. In the Evening, not one of my favourites but is a really well performed piece in this concert. And they end with their 2 most famous riffs. Kashmir is brilliant. The riff sounds so distorted. And Whole Lotta Love. Need i say much? This version is a lot rockier (that a word?!) than the cd version. I love it. What a performance by the greatest band of all time!

  • Kiss / 1997
    Review by: Anders Ek
    Stockholm Stadium It was Kiss second show in Sweden that week. 33 000 people were there looking at them and the show was great. They started of with Deuce followed by King of the nightime world. I missed Strutter and I stole your love though. Of course they had lots of pyros and bombs. Gene spitted fire and the blood was there to. Ace were shooting rockets with his guitar and Peter did a great drum solo.

  • Lynyrd Skynryd / 21/08/76
    Review by: Neil Molyneux
    It was 1976,I was 16 years old and looking forward to seeing the Stones for the first time at Knebworth. Little did I know that I would be blown away by a band I had never heard of. People were just lazing around in the heat of the day until Lynryd Skynyrd hit the stage and I'll never forget the feeling I got when they played Free Bird live,it was awesome and most of the 120,00 crowd were up head banging, clapping and cheering. It was a magical performance and one that you can stick your chest out and say, I was there. P.S. Does anyone know if I can get hold of this video?

  • Cheap Trick / 27th October 1979
    Review by: Andy Cwiertnia
    This was the first concert I had ever been to & when Cheap Trick hit the stage it was 90 minutes of pure adrenalin rush. They pounded out song after song with such energy, your body would not stay still. Saturday 27th October 1979 8.15 PM. Festival Hall, Melbourne will always be one of the biggest highlights of my life. If Cheap Trick ever come to your town don't pass up the chance to see them!

  • Status Quo / THE 70's
    Review by: SUE SMITH
    I will always remember two concerts in the 70's being a big Quo fan,wagging school to go and get tickets.The first concert being at the Myer music bowl,the second at Festival hall,both in Melbourne.Both times I went with two mates Max and also Greg Bain-bridge who went onto be Kim Salmons drummer.We had front row seats at Festival Hall and it was FANTASTIC.I came home with bruises all over my knees from being pushed into the bouncers barrier.My mother accused us of being drunk.Now at 41 I often am and speaking of Drummers my partner plays as I type.Not playing along to Quo but another favourite Lennard Skynnard.I was also a member of Quo's army and me and my girlfriends use to hang out at the Southern Cross where most bands stayed those days.I just want to say how sad I was when Shirl from Sky-Hooks died.I'd seen them many many times in the 70's.

  • Hawkwind / April, 1974
    Review by: Mike
    At the Orpheum Theater in Boston. Truly a sonic attack on the senses. Possibly one of the loudest & spaciest concerts I've ever seen. With the original lineup, including Lemmy on bass, Nik Turner on sax, & Stacia Dame (soft shoe). With a barrage of special effects & alien landscapes, it was the closest thing to actually being in orbit!

  • Yes / August 1975
    Review by: Jamie
    Reading Rock Festival, 1975 and what a festival it was. I went for only two days but the line up incredible. Bands like Yes, Wishbone Ash, Trower, Soft Machine, and so many more. Yes and Ash were simply the best and encapsulated everything that was great about 70's music. Wished I'd seem T Rex a few years earlier then life couldn't have been better!

  • KISS / August 1979
    Review by: Glenn Gariepy
    I was a fan for almost 4 years before they were to become my first concert. To see the original 4 in their performing prime years was mind-blowing. A sold-out Montreal Forum witnessed the "blood and thunder" spectacle for 1-1/2 hours! I was so awestruck to this day I couldn't tell you the complete songlist.

  • KISS / Dec 1979
    Review by: Paul
    I saw KISS in Biloxi, Ms. while they were on the Dynasty tour. This was just a couple of months before Peter Criss left the first time. They opened with King of the night time world and closed with RRAN. The show was very visual with the expected pyro, and such. However, it was also very scripted and over produced. Almost sterile like.

  • Bay City Rollers / December 1998
    Review by: Jezz Wright
    I was there drumming for one of the support bands BUT, I met and talked to original lead singer Les McKeown, They sound checked with Shang a Lang. All I can say is I was 35, I have seen all versions of the Rollers BUT none better than Les's Band...Thankyou

  • Van Halen/Black Sabbath / Fall 1978
    Review by: Tom Conroy
    I saw these two bands in a very memorable performance at Madison Square Garden. Van Halen, having just released their debut album, opened the show. They were very energetic. The two songs that I most remember are "Ice Cream Man" and "You Really Got Me," songs the band rocked out to with full force. Black Sabbath, by contrast, were much older guys who kind of stood in place and played, though what they played were all of their 70s classics. They were loud and great. Overall, it was an amazing evening.

  • Rush / February 20,1978
    Review by: Trevor P
    Rush takes off in a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, England on thier Farewell to Kings tour. Niel Peart and his intense drumming, Alex Lifeson and his electrifying guitar,and Geddy Lee with his high pitched vocals along with his amazing bass playing took the audience to a once in a lifetime show playing such hits as Xanadu,Bastile Day, Anthem, Fly By Night,and Working Man. The show was definatly one to remember.

  • DAY ON THE GREEN #3 - Oakland, CA / July 23, 1978
    Review by: Bob Graham
    This was my first concert at age 16. Bands were: Aerosmith, Van Halen, Foreigner, Pat Travers, & AC/DC. AC/DC was opening act and people had barely heard of them. After AC/DC finished their set, everyone was on their feet and rockin and partying well before noon....By the time Aerosmith can on, it was getting late in the afternoon. According to the internet, Eddie Van Halen had his first major interview at this concert. What an event!!

  • Led Zeppelin / June 3, 1977
    Review by: Ron Reed
    Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL This was my first time seeing these guys. They came out, did 2 songs, in the middle of the third song it started to rain so they left the stage. After waiting 30-45 minutes or so, it stopped raining, then a guy came on stage and said the concert was postponed till the next night and that everybody must leave, well, that didn't go over too well with 75,000 stoned and drunk hippies who were ready to rock and roll! After several attempts to get people moving (no one was) they called out the cops. I estimated about 30-40 police in full riot gear lined up on the stage, then after they were set, they jumped down in unison clearing the the field then up into the stands. I saw some stuff that I'd never seen before or since. People getting the hell beat out of them by the cops, one poor guy was being dragged by his long hair while getting smacked in head by another baton wielding cop. The next morning there was a picture on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel of that same guy being dragged by the cop. Led Zeppelin was banned from the state of Florida after that riot. Fortunately, about four years later I was able to see them play while I was stationed in Germany, about 3 months before John Bonham died and one of the greatest rock and roll bands to ever utter a sound was silenced.

  • Led Zeppelin / June 3, 1977
    Review by: Bruce Sabourin
    There seems to be different versions of what songs were played at this show. There were only 2 and then the skies emptied and lightning started during the 3rd song. The started out with "The Song Remains The Same", the second song was "The Rover/Sick Again" and then "Nobody's Fault But Mine". I was 23 years old at the time and my girlfriend and I were sitting in the stands. We left just as the riot started to insue.

  • Pink Floyd / June, 1975
    Review by: Mike
    At the Boston Garden. Unbelievable spectacle with the Floyd's sonic suana of synthesizers, soaring guitars, & throbbing base, & a humourous program to boot. As typed in said program: The Order of Events - Part 1: Entertainment - Intermission - Part 2: more entertainment. A more detailed description: "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" (from the yet to be released "Wish You Were Here"), "You Gotta be Crazy" & "Raving & Drooling" (later retitled "Dogs" & "Sheep" from "Animals"). Intermission. Then the entire album "Dark Side of the Moon", followed by an encore of the massive piece "Echoes". I finally touched down a few days later!

  • Eagles / May 3 1977
    Review by: Martin
    I had been a fan of the Eagles for quite some time by this date although had somehow missed the tracks on their "On The Border" album. My first experience was the 1976 Greatest Hits album (probably many other people's as well) but I also had the single, "My Man" which was presented to me as a gift for helping out in a centre for the disabled in Derby, England. Early in 1977 (as I was a first year student at Huddersfield Polytechnic in northern England) I applied for a ticket to see them at the "New Bingley Hall" in Stafford, England, centrally placed and one of the three concerts they were giving in the country at the time. My friends were so envious since they were so hard to come by. By the date you can probably guess that this was a part of the European leg of the "Hotel California" tour. I managed to get three rows from the front after queuing half the day and during the "request" spot asked the guys to play "Take It Easy" for me, which they did. That was a moment to remember. Also they did a blistering version of "James Dean" and I remember asking a fellow concert goer which track it was as I did not know it. They blasted their way through the Hotel California opus and "Life in the fast lane" was particularly dramatic as was the title cut with the entire crowd of thousands singing along. The lights were not as dramatic as I expected but by the end of the evening I was imbued with visions of "topped up gas tanks" and palm trees evoking what was then distant California (I now live in NJ, USA). Getting back to Derby after the concert proved to be a big, big problem since all the trains were running NW-SE only (London-Birmingham-Manchester). But it was worth it and the concert has always stayed with me. What an experience! Was anyone else there?

  • The Jacksons / Nov 1978
    Review by: roberthigham
    The Jacksons had just split with motown and started touring as the The jacksons. I was so lucky. They played the apollo theatre in Manchester, England. They were promoting their new album "The Jacksons". What a night! Fantastic!! They played their old motown songs mixed with songs from their new album."Show you the way to go", "Dreamer", "Shake your body", "Blame it on the boogie". The sight of those five brothers on stage just blew me away! What a class act, so polished ! A real night to remember and a night ill never forget.

  • Rush / Nov 8,1978
    Review by: Michael Spear
    I waited for this night for years.Rush first came to Seattle at the Paramount Theater in Oct 1976 and I was too young to see a concert.My dad let me see shows when I turned 16.Anyhow....Rush just released Hemispheres and started to headline major arenas like the Seattle Coliseum.Pat Travers opened for them...and BOC in August 1979...what an appetizer.PT was fantastic,but Rush came out with "Anthem" as the opener.My God,I can still see the green&yellow spotlights come on and the trademark opening riff.Heaven!For Cygnus X-1,they used a Star Wars type intro where the opening words appeared bottom to top in ascending order.The lights,sound,musicianship,song selection were stupendous.1978 also brought Ted Nugent(before he became a super-patriot),Heart,Queen,Styx and the Kinks to Seattle.One great show that I missed was Black Sabbath with Van Halen as the opening band..they had 2 shows at Seattle Arena in Oct(?)1978.The kids who went said VH blew Sabbath off the stage.Ozzy would be fired within the year.:(

  • Four Together / November 19th, 1977
    Review by: John
    James Taylor, John Denver, Harry Chapin and Gordon Lightfoot played a benefit concert for childrens hunger, at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. They played their indivual songs with the others backing up. To this day, its the greatest concert I've ever seen. Harry Chapin was especially memorable, because of the way he enticed the crowd to sing along.

  • Peter Frampton / Oct 8 9 and 10th 1976
    Review by: vince badagliacca
    Madison square garden NY. Standing room only. This was the big one people were waiting for all year. When tickets went on sale, my friends and I slept out at the Staten Island mall for almost 2 days to get good seats. The line was probably 5000 people long. we were about 200th.This concert was phenomenal, every song sounded great, because it was a live recording. It sounded like they were playing it right off the album. Incredible concert. Probably 30,000 packed into the garden, I think it only seated 20,000. Probably 29,000 smoking weed from giant bongs and water pipes. Times were different then. No one really cared, as long as you didn't bother anyone else. Get high, listen to music.

  • Four Together / October 17th,1977
    Review by: John Hughes
    The October 17th , 1977, Four Together concert at Detroit's Olympia Stadium before a crowd of 17,000. The proceeds benefited World Hunger Year which Harry Chapin was directly involved in. The concert consisted of Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Harry Chapin and John Denver doing acoustic sets backed by themselves. The show was performed from John Denver's revolving stage. To this day, it is the best concert I attended. My wife and I still reminisce about the performance. The most memorable moment was when Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver sang a rendition of "Irish Lullaby" in salute to Bing Crosby who had died the week before. They received an extended standing ovation for their efforts. Man! What a concert!

  • Indochina / October 29th, 1975
    Review by: Adam
    I went to see indochina, in a venue in north dakota. They rocked the house. When they came on stage i peed my pants. They rocked like no other band has ever rocked. If you ever egt the chance to see Indochina in concert, you should do it. It was sad to see the band loose their drummer in 83, but I'm glad to see theyre alive and kickin!

  • Van Halen / Sept. 2, 1978
    Review by: A.Joyce
    We went to see the headliner at the Civic Arena, Black Sabbath. Not knowing who the opener was, we were completely blown away by Van Halen. We never heard of them until they took the stage. They did the entire first album and more. We stayed around long enough to see Ozzie and the boys do "Iron Man", but by then, we were spent from rockin' to VH. I remember walking to the parking lot thinking they would be the next Led Zeppelin. I've seen VH 4 times since then, but none could top that 1978 concert.

  • Commodores / Spring 1977
    Review by: gwen jackson
    The first time I saw the Commodores in concert was in 1977 in Macon, Georgia at the Macon Coliseum. This was the "Hot on the Tracks" tour. My late husband, Curtis and I went along with my sister, Nena. He was a big fan, and I didn't know who the Commodores were. But after that concert, I was totally blown away!! They were absolutely awesome on stage and the entire show was so electricfying!! I became a fan that night, and followed them all through the years.

  • Led Zepplin / Spring 1977
    Review by: debi thomas
    I saw Led Zep The Song Remains the Same in Oakland, CA. It was one of those "Day on the Green" concerts. I was seventeen. My friend Gin always identified herself as Robert Plant and took on his image. I sat on the metal bleachers. It was the best day ever!

  • ZZ Topp / Spring ? 1975
    Review by: Brenda B.
    My first boyfriend(who later turned out to be my first gay boyfriend) took me to see ZZ Topp in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was a big James Taylor, Jim Croce, Melissa Manchester fan so it was all quite a shock to me. But...WOW! Awesome and exciting,the weird thing was I think they left the audience lights on during the whole concert, so it was like daylight! (Grand Rapids still wears their panties in a pretty tight wad) Anyway-we put glitter all over our shoes and faces for some reason and thought we were totally rockin'. Good God, how humiliating...

  • Elton John/John Lennon / Thanksgiving Night 1974
    Review by: Stephanie Martin
    At Madison Square Garden in New York City. The concert was huge enough just having Elton John (who, in his heyday, put on a great show but time has not been kind to either his showmanship or his music) but when he told the audience that a "special guest" was coming out and John Lennon walked out to do "Whatever Gets You Through the Night", history was made.

  • Led Zeppelin / "Update on June 3rd, 1977 Led Zep Review"
    Review by: Paneeks {Quincy, Mass}
    Hello to whoever sent in the June 3rd, 1977 Led Zeppelin review. First off, the band 'did not' perform "Dazed and Confused" one time during the whole {Part 1 and Part 2} 1977 Tour Over America. Where you really at the show or did you dream about it while listening to a live bootleg recording of it? You were on the money with "Over The Hills and Far Away" and "Stairway", but I am sorry, "Dazed" was a no show at that show. Maybe you went to the 1973 or 1975 Tour? Just thought this would help the others who take an interest in everything Zep related. Paneeks-From the Zeppelin Gallery

  • Kiss / circa 1974
    Review by: deirdra
    I saw Kiss when they opened for Blue Oyster Cult back in 1974. They only played a few songs, but Gene Simmons was mesmerizing, all the while flashing his foot long tongue and drooling blood! They closed with Firehouse so Gene Simmons could spit fire at the audience, while the stage filled up with smoke. They were awesome. We left before Blue Oyster Cult even came on!

  • Styx / july 13 2001
    Review by: cathy williams
    my brother and i went to this concert together tommy shaw was on stage looking out over the audience and he said that there a lot of young there and ask if there were any his age and my brother pointed to me!!!!!

  • Led Zeppelin / may 6, 1977
    Review by: alexander kozak
    On May 6, 1977, my best friend John and I and 76,227 other fans attended the then world's top grossing single concert, the unbelievable Led Zeppelin. From the opening chords of Rock & Roll, the incredible atmosphere of Robert Plant and the audience singing Stairway To Heaven together in unison, the over three hour concert kept this mini-city of rebellious teenagers and getting older hippies to smoke, drink, and party like there was no tomorrow. To watch Jimmy Page strutting with silver tinsel in his hair as he bowed (violin bow, of course!) his way through Dazed And Confused, or leading into an improvisational introduction of Over The Hills And Far Away, evryone in attendance knew this wasn't just a concert, but something special we'd never forget. There was an incredible feeling from the anticipation of the band and on this special night, when it was over there wasn't anything left to give, by either the band or the crowd. Trust me, if memories ever become virtual reality, this was one show you wanted to be a part of!

  • gentle giant / think it was sppring 75 or 1976tower theater phila
    Review by: bob costill
    lets doin this cause this concert was the best concert i ever saw .and i swear ive seen alot of bandshundreds probably thousands...for real...not a big acomplishment i know....but i digress!if you never heard of this band dont worry your normal!!but these guys were the best bunch of players out there..really cant explain this music here .it would take forever...let me try hm.if you heard one of there albums you would say hey way cool very strange very hard to follow and jeez they could never play this stuff live.oh theyt could and they didstellar showmanship insane playin humor,ya really had to be sorta a deadhead been to over a hundred shows ,,,many great ones and i love the dead and jerry but the truth is the truth and this show wiped me out nobody ekse has reall come clos...i think this tour was rite after (in a glass house had come out musta been 75, 76 or 77i think it was spring at the tower theater in philadelphia pa. wow .i cant explain)!!!!!!!!!

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