Movie Locations of the Seventies

What movie locations during the 70s that you can think of? This is a list of the real-life counterparts to places used in movies. I'm not looking for the shooting location of something, so much as I'm looking for things that really exist and are shown in a movie that you can go visit.

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  • Close Encounters
    As told in the movie, the featured monolith which serves as the alien landing site is indeed Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming

  • Pretty Baby
    Brooke Shields,Susan Sarandon Shot in the Columns Hotel on St. Charles Avenue,New Orleans

  • Animal House
    Filmed at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. Dean Wormer's office, where they almost shoot the horse and he dies of a heart attack, is the University President's office. The zit scene is shot at the cafeteria. Emily Dickinson college is actually a classroom building on the campus. The Omega frat house is two blocks northwest of the campus. It is two doors down from the Delta House. Two buildings were used for filming of the Delta House scenes. A Halfway House was used for the exterior shots -- it's now demolished and replaced by a parking lot and small business complex. Next door is an actual frat house used for the interior shots. Upon entering this frat house, one sees the large staircase used by D-Day to drive his motorcycle up in an opening sequence. The basement contains the party room where Otis Day & the Knights sing "Shout." The basement was also used for the slide show where everyone hisses at Kent Dorfman's photo, then throw beer cans at Eric Stratton. The parade scenes were filmed at the nearby town of Cottage Grove.

  • Jaws 2
    Jaws 2 was filmed in the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida.

  • Cinderella Liberty
    Marsha Mason's apartment was in the old Colonial Hotel. In 1982, that building has been conjoined with the the Grand Pacific Hotel next door, and today the complex is known as the Colonial Grand/Pacific Condominiums. The address is 1119 First Avenue, and I know this because I live have a unit in this building. In the 1990s I watched Cinderella Liberty from a room which faced the same view (Elliott Bay, the Viaduct) and heard the same sounds (ferry horns) as the movie. At one point, after one of the ferry horns went off, my husband quipped: "Is it real or is it Memorex?" In one scene in the movie James Kahn gets out of a cab, runs down the steps (still there) on the north side of the building to Marsha Mason's apartment, and one can see what houses were across the street in 1969-70[?] (around the time the movie was filmed. Note: those houses have since been replaced by Seattle's so-call "Ban Roll-On" Building).

  • Norma Rae
    Norma Rae was shot in Opelika, Alabama at Opelika Manufacturing. Opelika Manufacturing is a significant site, since a few years prior to the film, it was unionized just as the cotton mill in Norma Rae was. It was a hot, miserable place to work, where humidity was actually added (in Alabama in the summer?!) to keep the lent down, where the temperatures often exceeded 100 degrees F. (particularly if any lighting was done at all), and the floor shook up and down with every throb of the machinery that filled the building.

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Was filmed in Mobile, Alabama. Where the world leaders hold their "comfrence" is actually the Mobile Civic Center. Richard Dreyfuss' chase of the UFO's, actually goes right through the bankhead tunnel in downtown Mobile. The subdivision where Richard Dreyfuss and his family live in the movie, is located in West Mobile. The final scenes in the movie where the spaceships land, was filmed in an old airplane hanger in Brookley Field.

  • American Graffiti
    While some of American Graffiti was shot around Petaluma, plenty of it, including the cruising scenes, were shot in San Rafael, CA, quite close to where Lucasfilm is now.

  • American Grafitti
    Whole movie was filmed in and around Petaluma, CA.

  • Grease
    The scene at the football field and stands was shot at the back of John Marchall High School in Los Angeles, California

We also have pages on this topic devoted to the 80s and 90s

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