Obituaries of the Seventies, 1971

This is a list of people who died during 1971. Exact dates are listed when known.

We also have similar pages for the 80s and 90s.

January 05Sonny Liston, World Champ hw boxer (1962-64), found dead at 36
January 07Dick Kollmar, actor (Broadway Spotlight, Guess What), dies at 60
January 07Madame Spivy [LeVoe], actress (All Fall Down), dies at 64
January 08Adriano Lualdi, composer, dies at 85
January 10Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, French fashion designer, dies at 87
January 13Bernard "Heinz" Lammerding, Germ SS-gen/contractor (Tulle), dies at 65
January 13Henri Tomasi, French composer (Don Juan de Ma¤ara), dies at 69
January 13Robert Still, composer, dies at 60
January 14Ethel Glenn Hier, composer, dies at 82
January 15John Dall, actor (Corn is Green, Rope), dies of heart attack at 50
January 16Kermit Maynard, cowboy actor (Saturday Roundup), dies at 68
January 18Catherine Calvert, actress (Fires of Faith), dies of stroke at 80
January 20Gilbert M Anderson, actor (1st Movie Cowboy), dies at 88
January 21Richard B Russell, (Sen-D-Ga), dies at 73
February 01Jim A J Christy, cricket (10 Tests for S Af, 638 runs at 34 33), dies
February 03Jay C Flippen, actor (Ensign O'Toole), dies at 72
February 05M ty s R kosi, Hungarian premier (1952..56), dies at 78
February 11Whitney Young Jr, National Urban League director, drowns in Nigeria
February 12George Shelton, actor (It Pays to be Ignorant), dies at 86
February 12James Cash Penney, US founder (J C Penney), dies at 95
February 15Marian Viktorovich Koval, composer, dies at 63
February 17Teddy Hart, actor (3 Men on a Horse), dies at 73
February 21Adolph Weiss, composer, dies at 79
February 22Barry Macollum, actor (On the Waterfront), dies at 81
February 22Matt McHugh, actor (Taxi, Freaks, Barbary Coast), dies at 77
February 22Rudolf Mauersberger, composer, dies at 82
February 23King Lockwood, dies of stroke at 73
February 26Edward van der Merwe, cricket keeper (S Afr in 2 Tests in 30's), dies
February 26Fernandel, [Contandin], French actor (Death of Champion), dies at 67
February 26Joseph Berg, composer, dies at 43
February 26Joseph Desire Fernandel, comedian, dies of cancer at 67
February 26Tullio Carminati, actor (Roman Holiday, Moulin Rouge), dies at 76
March 02Charles W Engelhard, US silver multi-millionaire, dies at 54
March 05Winnie Lightner, actress (Gold Dust Gertie, Sit Tight), dies at 71
March 06Raymond Herreman, Flemish writer (Don't Forget to Live), dies at 74
March 08Harold Lloyd, US comic/actor (Why Worry), dies of cancer at 77
March 09Jean-Pierre Guezek, composer, dies at 36
March 10Mabel Wheeler Daniels, composer, dies at 92
March 11Philo T Farnsworth, US TV pioneer, dies at 64
March 11Roy Glenn, dies in Los Angeles at 56
March 11Whitney M Young Jr, leader (National Urban League 1961-71), dies at 49
March 13Piero Coppola, composer, dies at 82
March 13Rockwell Kens, US artist/painter/illustrator, dies at 88
March 15Jean-Pierre Monser‚, Flemish cyclist, dies at 22
March 16Bebe Daniels, actress (Silver Dollar, My Past), dies at 70
March 16Chuck Fleetwood-Smith, cricketer (Vict & Aust), dies
March 16Thomas E Dewey, US president candidate (R 1944, 48), dies at 68
March 17Ernst Bachmeister, writer, dies
March 18George Wood, England cricket wicketkeeper (v S Africa 1924), dies
March 19Jan Greshoff, Dutch poet/author/journalist (Last Things), dies at 82
March 19Mary Dorna, Dutch author, dies at 79
March 22Martin Bodmer, writer, dies
March 23Armin Loos, composer, dies at 67
March 23Simon Vestdijk, Dutch author/poet (Brass Garden), dies at 72
March 28Felix Wolfes, composer, dies at 78
March 30Selmer Jackson, actor (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp), dies at 82
March 31Liselotte Liselot Beekmeyer, Dutch actress (Child Crying), dies at 31
April 03Joseph Valachi, US gangster, dies at 66
April 03Manfred Bonnington Lee, [Ellery Queen], detective writer, dies at 65
April 06Igor F Strawinsky, Russ composer (Le Sacre du Printemps), dies at 88
April 07Charles F Pahud de Mortanges, (Olympic-gold-1928, 32), dies at 74
April 14Armand Spitz, developer of small educational planetarium, dies
April 16Mih ly V ci, Hungarian poet/politician, dies at 46
April 17Roberto Lupi, composer, dies at 62
April 18Masao Oki, composer, dies at 69
April 20Cecil Parker, actor (Court Jester, Operation Snafu), dies at 73
April 21Edmund Lowe, actor (Front Page Detective), dies at 81
April 21Fran‡ois "Doc" Duvalier, dictator of Haiti, dies at 64
April 23William Tubman, president of Liberia (1944-71), dies at 76
April 25Max Drischner, composer, dies at 80
April 30Elmo Roper, pollster (Roper Poll), dies at 70
May 01Edith Day, actress (Romance of Air), dies at 75
May 01Glenda Farrell, actress (Grand Slam, Exposed), dies at 66
May 04Donald Dexter Van Slyke, US chemist (Cyanosis), dies at 88
May 04Joseph Csaky, Hungarian/French sculptor, dies at 83
May 04Louis de Bree, [Louis C Davids], Dutch actor (Bluejackets), dies at 87
May 05Alice Tissot, actress (Italian Straw Hat), dies of cancer at 81
May 05Petro Scaglione, Italian procureur-general, killed by Mafia
May 06Helene Weigel, Austrian/German actress (Metropolis), dies at 70
May 07Willem Banning, Dutch theologist/sociologist (Karl Marx), dies at 83
May 10Mihail Jora, composer, dies at 79
May 10Shukichi Mitsukuri, composer, dies at 75
May 12J M Taylor, cricketer (20 Tests 1920-26, 997 runs), dies
May 13Valerian Mikhaylovich Bogdanov-Berezovsky, composer, dies 67
May 19Bernard Wagenaar, Neth/US composer, dies at 76
May 19Ogden Nash, poet/TV panelist (Masquerade Party), dies at 68
May 21Dennis King, actor (Devil's Brother), dies of heart ailment at 73
May 25Jo Etha Collier, young black woman killed by 3 whites in Drew Miss
May 25Mark Brunswick, composer, dies at 69
May 25Terence De Marney, actor (Case Thomas-Johnny Ringo), dies at 62
May 26John Longden, actor (Man From Interpol), dies at 70
May 27Chips Rafferty, actor (Kona Coast, Walk into Hell), dies at 62
May 28Audie Murphy, actor (Whispering Smiths), dies at 46
May 29Max Trapp, composer, dies at 83
May 30Audie Murphy, WW II hero/actor (Sierra), killed in plane crash at 46
May 30Marcel Dupr‚, French composer, dies at 85
May 30Rodd Redwing, actor (Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory), dies at 66
May 31Dainty Ironmonger, cricketer (74 wkts in 14 Tests after age 46), dies
May 31Massimo Campigli, Italian painter/illustrator, dies at 75
May 31Reinhold Niebuhr, US theologist, dies at 78
June 01Reinhold Niebuhr, US theologist (Nature & Destiny of Man), dies at 78
June 02Charles de Keukeleire, Belgian director (Evil Eye), dies at 66
June 04Gy”rgy Luk cs, Hungarian philosopher, dies at 86
June 06Arnold Elston, composer, dies at 63
June 08Harold Lloyd Jr, actor (Frankenstein's Daughter), dies at 40
June 09Harold Lloyd Jr, actor (Frankenstein's Daughter), dies at 40
June 10Michael Rennie, actor (Day the Earth Stood Still), dies at 61
June 10Virginia Eames, entertainer, dies of heart attack at 82
June 17C Christopher Morris, cricketer (brilliant batsman for Phila), dies
June 23George Blagoi, entertainer, dies
June 23Walter Schulthess, composer, dies at 76
June 24Jack Good, actor (Father Goose), dies
June 24John Dunning, cricketer (4 Tests for NZ 1933-37), dies
June 24Kenneth Washington, actor (Sgt Baker-Hogan's Heroes), dies at 53
June 25Charles Vildrac, Paris France, poet/playwright, dies at 88
June 26Guillermo Uribe Holguin, composer, dies at 91
June 26Inia Te Wiata, opera singer, dies
June 26Juan Manen, composer, dies at 88
June 27Kenneth Washington, actor (Sgt Baker-Hogan's Heroes), dies at 53
June 28Henri Puvrez, Belgian sculptor (Serenity), dies at 78
June 28Joseph Colombo, mobster, shot dead at 48
June 29Georgi T Dobrovolsky, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11-land accident), dies at 43
June 29Viktor Patsayev, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11-landing accident), dies at 38
June 29Vladimir Volkov, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11-landing accident), dies at 35
June 30Georgi T Dobrovolsky, Odessa, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11), dies at 43
June 30Vladislav Nikolayevich Volkov, cosmonaut (Soyuz 7, 11), dies at 35
July 01Lord Learie Constantine, WI cricketer (all-rounder & fielder), dies
July 02Edward Ballantine, composer, dies at 84
July 03Jim Morrison, rock singer (Doors), dies of heart failure at 27
July 03Ricci Riano, entertainer, dies after long illness at 71
July 04Don McPherson, rocker, dies at 29
July 04Joe Cox, cricketer (4 wickets in 3 Tests for South Africa), dies
July 04Thomas C Hart, US admiral/commander (Pacific Fleet), dies at 94
July 06Horst Lange, writer, dies at 66
July 06Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, jazz musician (Hello Dolly), dies at 71
July 06Thomas C Heart, US admiral/commander (Asiatic fleet), dies
July 10Harry M O'Connor, dies of pneumonia at 98
July 10Mohamed Madbouh, Moroccan general/putschist, shot to death
July 11Carleton Young, actor (Court of Last Resorts), dies at 64
July 11John W Campbell, US, sci-fi writer (Space Beyond), dies at 61
July 15Guy Wilkerson, dies of cancer at 71
July 16H T Tsiang, dies at 65
July 17Cliff Edwards, "Ukulele Ike", singer (54th Street Revue), dies at 76
July 23Van Heflin, actor (Great Adventure), dies at 60
July 24Alan Rawsthorne, composer, dies at 66
July 25Leroy Robertson, composer, dies at 74
July 27Bernhard Paumgartner, Austrian conductor/composer, dies at 83
July 28Diane Arbus, [Nemerov], photographer (Vogue), commits suicide at 48
August 02Ludwig Marcuse, German philosopher, dies at 77
August 05Josef Stanislav, composer, dies at 74
August 13King Curtis, [Curtis Ousley], US musician, murdered at 37
August 14Georg von Opel, German auto manufacturer, dies at 59
August 15Paul Lukas, actor (Kim, Berlin Express), dies of heart failure at 76
August 16Elsie Baker, actress (Ghosts of Hanley House), dies at 78
August 17Horace McMahon, actor (Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 64
August 19Walther Victor, writer, dies
August 21George Jackson, US prisoner, shot to death at 29
August 23Gisela Hernandez Gonzalo, composer, dies at 58
August 23Oliver F McGowan, actor (Banning, Stagecoach), dies at 64
August 25Ted Lewis, [Theodore L Friedman], bandleader, dies at 80
August 26Francesco Santoliquido, composer, dies at 88
August 27Bennett Cerf, (Random House)/panelist (What's My Line), dies at 73
August 27Margaret Bourke-White, US photographer, dies at 67
August 28Nathan Leopold, US kidnapper/murderer of Bobby Franks (1924), dies
September 03Percy Holmes, cricketer (Yorks opener, 7 Tests for Eng 1921-32), dies
September 03Veronica Turleigh, actress (Promoter), dies at 68
September 07Spring Byington, actress (Lily Ruskin-December Bride), dies at 84
September 09Billy Gilbert, US actor (Great Dictator, His Gal Friday), dies at 76
September 10Bella Darvi, actress (Racers), commits suicide at 42
September 10Pier Angeli, actress (Octaman), dies of barbiturate overdose at 39
September 11Nikita Khrushchev, dies of a heart attack at 77
September 11Percy Helton, actor (Homer-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 77
September 12Lin Piau, Chinese minister of Defense, dies at 63
September 13Lin Piao, Chinese party leader, dies in air crash at 63 [or Sept 13]
September 13Nelly A "Nell" Knoop, Dutch actress (Silent Waters), dies at 72
September 13Nikita Krushchev, Soviet premier, buried in Moscow
September 14Bill Copson, cricketer (England pace bowler before & after WW2), dies
September 16Ferdinand LR Sassen, priest/philosopher (Descartes), dies at 77
September 20James Westerfield, actor (Travels of Jaime McPheeters), dies at 59
September 20William F Albright, US archaeologist, dies at 80
September 20Y¢rgos Sef‚ris, [Seferi dis], Greek diplomat/poet (I sterna), dies
September 22Joseph Ford McGuinn, director, dies of heart attack at 67
September 22Yvonne St Clair, dancer, dies at 57
September 23Billy Gilbert, actor (Paradise Alley, Safari, Rio), dies at 77
September 25TC Jones, female impersonator, dies of cancer at 50
September 26Muriel Kirkland, actress (Nana, Fast Workers), dies of emphysema at 68
October 03Leah Baird, writer (Jungle Bride), dies of anemia at 88
October 03Sean O Riada, composer, dies at 40
October 04Edit Angold, actor (Suspense, Molly, Blue Angel), dies at 76
October 08Christopher Dark, actor (Man Behind the Badge), dies at 51
October 08Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman, composer, dies at 79
October 11Chester Conklin, actor (Greed, Modern Times), dies at 83
October 11Ralph J Bunche, 1st black US diplomat (Nobel 1950), dies at 67
October 12Dean G Acheson, US foreign minister (1949-53), dies at 78
October 12Gene Vincent, rocker, dies of bleeding ulcers at 36
October 19Alberto Pirelli, Italian industrial, dies at 89
October 19Betty Bronson, actress (Naked Kiss), dies after brief illness at 64
October 21Etienne Gailly, Belgian marathoner (Oly-bronze-48), dies at 48
October 21Raymond Hatton, actor (Girls in Prison), dies of heart attack at 84
October 24Carl Ruggles, US composer (Evocations), dies at 95
October 24Chuck Hughes, Detroit Lion collapses during game & later, dies
October 24Fernand Quinet, Belgian composer/conductor (Guerre), dies at 73
October 25Albertus W "Albert" van Dalsum, actor/director (King Lear), dies at 82
October 26Robert Gordon director/writer (Loveless), dies at 76
October 28Yves de La Casiniere, composer, dies at 74
October 29Duane Allman, rock guitarist, dies in a motorcycle accident at 24
October 30Osvald Chlubna, composer, dies at 78
October 31Gerhard von Rad, German old testament expert, dies at 70
November 01G von Le Fort, writer, dies at 95
November 02Martha Vickers, actress (Alimony), dies after long illness at 46
November 03Etienne Gailly, Belg marathoner (Oly-bron-48), dies in accident at 48
November 09Maude Fealy, drama coach, dies at 90
November 10Walter Van Tilburg Clark, US author (Ox-Bow Incident), dies at 62
November 16Charlie Dell, comedian, dies at 90
November 16Edward Sedgwick, director, dies of barbiturate overdose at 28
November 17Gladys Cooper, actress (Margaret-The Rogues), dies at 83
November 17Jackie Cooper, actor (People's Choice), dies at 49
November 17Melville Cooper, actor (Diane, Bundle of Joy), dies of cancer at 75
November 18Junior Parker, rocker, dies during brain operation at 44
November 19Bill Stern, sportscaster (Saturday Night Fights), dies at 64
November 22Walter Sande, actor (Red Planet Mars), dies of heart attack at 65
November 23Lisle Nagel, Australian cricket opening bowler (1932), dies
November 25Hank Mann, actor (Keystone Kops), dies at 84
November 26Joe Adonis, US crime-syndicate boss in NY & NJ, dies at 68
November 27Jakabs Medins, composer, dies at 86
November 27Korneel Goossens, Flemish literary/art historian, dies at 70
November 28Wasfi Tal, Jordan's PM, assassinated by Black Sept in Cairo
November 29Heinz Tiessen, composer, dies at 84
December 01Arthur B Springarn, US NAACP chairman (1940-65), dies at 93
December 04Shunryu Suzuki, Zen teacher, founder of SF Zen Center, dies
December 05Hugh Wakefield, actress (Blithe Spirit), dies
December 06Hugo Godron, composer, dies at 71
December 06Jan Altink, Dutch painter/co-founder (Plough), dies at 86
December 07Milton Rosmer, director (Murder in the Red Barn), dies at 90
December 09Ralph J Bunche, UN delegate/Nobel Prize winner, dies at 67 in NYC
December 10Jozef MLT Cals, Dutch min of Education/premier (1965-66), dies at 57
December 12David Sarnoff, US TV pioneer (RCA), dies at 80
December 12Frank Wolff, actor (Erotic Illusion, Last Gun), suicide at 43
December 12Jack Barnhill, Northern Ireland senator, assassinated
December 12John A Emmens, art historian/poet (Dog of Pavlov), dies at 47
December 13Max Mell, Austria artillery officer/literary, dies at 88
December 18Aleksandr T Tvardovski, Russ editor in chief (Novyj Mir), dies at 61
December 18Bobby Jones Jr, PGA golfer (Grand Slam 1930), dies at 69
December 18Diana Lynn, actress (Annapolis Story, Easy Come Easy Go), dies at 45
December 20Roy O Disney, Brother of Walt, dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 78
December 22Godfried Jan Arnold Bomans, Dutch writer (Eric), dies at 58
December 22Renee Evans, entertainer, dies of heart attack at 63
December 23Carlo Jachino, composer, dies at 84
December 25Byron Arnold, composer, dies at 70
December 26Robert Lowery, actor (Circus Boy, Pistols 'n' Petticoats), dies at 57
December 28Maximilian Raoul Walter Steiner, composer, dies at 83
December 29Stuart Holmes, dies of stomach ailment at 87
December 30Dorothy Comingore, actress (Citizen Kane), dies after illness at 58
December 30Jan Mul, composer, dies at 60
December 31Peter Deuel, actor (Gidget, Love on a Rooftop), commits suicide at 31

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