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Evel Knievel attempts to jump snake river canyon.
Evel Knievel tries to jumps the canyon but instead falls 600 feet to the ground and suffers only minor injuries
Submitted by victor. Added to the site on May 30, 2008
Apollo-Soyuz Mission
First joint US-USSR space mission. Astronauts from both nations joined their crafts using a specially-designed docking module. This was seen publicly as a step forward in improving relations between the two superpowers.
Submitted by Brenda Bell. Added to the site on April 15, 2008
Comet Kohoutek
When first discovered on its approach to Earth, this comet was expected to shine so brightly that it would be easily visible with the naked eye, even during daylight. Its arrival was a spectacular disappointment.
Submitted by Brenda Bell. Added to the site on April 15, 2008
Manned Skylab Missions
Skylab was the United States' first attempt at a space station, and its first laboratory for studying the long-term effects of weightlessness on humans. Two Skylab missions took place entirely in 1973. The third and final manned Skylab mission launched November 13, 1973 and landed February 8, 1974.
Submitted by Brenda Bell. Added to the site on April 15, 2008
ESPN starts broadcasting
ESPN started as an alternative to standard television news broadcasts and the information found in "Sports" sections of newspapers. It launched on September 7, 1979.
Submitted by Bridget Swiczeki. Added to the site on May 22, 2007
Nicaraguan Revolution
On July 17, 1979, the Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan people won their freedom from the dictator Anastasio Somoza, who fled to Miami with the Nicaraguan treasury. A junta was set up to run Nicaragua until their first real election, in 1984, in which Daniel Ortega was elected president.
Submitted by Leigh Saavedra. Added to the site on May 22, 2007
The Who Concert Tragedy
December 3, 1979. 11 people were trampled to death outside the Riverfront Coliseum in Cicinnatti, OH. The city of Cicinnatti passed a by-law banning festival seating and general admission.
Submitted by Celeste. Added to the site on May 22, 2007
Terrorism at Saudi Mosque
Radical militants of the Wahhabi sect of Islam stormed the grand mosque of Mecca and held it until Saudi security forces with the help of French special forces were able to retake it.
Submitted by Michael Phelps. Added to the site on May 22, 2007
Mother Teresa Wins Nobel Peace Prize
In Stockholm Sweden, Mother Teresa is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her saint-like presence in India.
Submitted by david. Added to the site on May 22, 2007
The Greensboro Massacre
On Nov. 3, a group of Klu Klux Klan members and American Nazi party members attacked a group of Communist Worker's Party members who were gathered for a demonstration that was speaking out against the klan.
Submitted by Eric Poje. Added to the site on May 22, 2007