Seventies Nostalgia in Shows

What present day shows mention 70s stuff in them?

  • That 70s Show
    Everything about the show is so 70s, not in the phony, cheesy, put together kind of way but the true genuine way where it's like actually being there. It's like actually living through that that time, you couldn't even tell the difference between this show and the other shows that were actually made in the 70s, except when the show theme song came blaring on ( the version sung by Cheap Trick, one of the most famous bands from the 70s), the sarcastic way they make fun of certain nostaglia stuff from back than, and the fact that an older Tanya Roberts is on the show ( as a blonde, she was in her mid-teens, late teens, and early 20s back than, as a brunnette). I like the That 70s Show, I love the outfits Laurie( Lisa Robin Kelly) wears and Ilove the way she wears her hair. I also think Steve Hyde ( Danny Masterson ) is hot!

  • Port Charles
    Recently, during the months of February to May, ABC's daytime soap "Port Charles" did a story arc called "Time In A Bottle" where the character of Frank found an old computer and logged on. He was connected with the fictional character named "Cookie" who was logged onto her computer, but in her time it was 1973. In a strange twist, Frank was taken back to 1973. When he went to a small diner in search of "Cookie", he made a remark about a cell phone. The waitress asked what a cell phone was...

  • Freaks and Geeks
    Very funny show set in 1980 but still very 70s. the clothes, the hair, the cliques. It's great!

  • The 70s House
    People from the 21st century compete to find out who can give up their modern style and gadgets to see who can be the most 70s.

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