Seventies Nostalgia in Movies

What present day movies mention 70s stuff in them?

  • Dazed and Confused
    The whole movie takes place in 1976 and really captures the essence of the 70s. From the music to the clothes and the hairstyles this movie captures what the 70s were all about.

  • Reservoir Dogs
    In 1992, Quentin Tarantino's cult movie favorite "Reservoir Dogs" ressurrected many things from the 70s. The movie's soundtrack is made up of rare AM Gold hits from the decade (K-BILLYs Super Sounds of the Seventies) and many popular 70s actors are mentioned in the film like Pam Grier (Foxy Brown) and Charles Bronson (The Mechanic, Death Wish).

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Hunter S. Thompson is a legend in the writing world. He has written many books and articles on his strange adventures in the 60s world of drugs and alcohol. This film, even though its relatively new, deserves to be considered a cult film. I believe in the years to come, we will look at F&L and place it up there with films like Repo Man and Easy Rider. If you watch the film once, you feel like you've been on a bad LSD trip. If you watch it more than once, you start to appreciate it. Note: THIS FILM MUST BE WATCHED MORE THAN ONCE!. I saw this film in the theater IN 1998 when it debuted. I knew that I was in for a real fun ride when I heard Raoul Duke/Hunter S. Thompson's (Johnny Depp) hopped-up voice speaking as Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) picks up a wacky looking hippy who could be the long lost twin of the deranged housekeeper in Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you can't understand the bottom line about the film you should realize before watching that: ITS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE BIG DRUGGED-OUT TRIP. No, its not a film about drugs, it is drugs. Its Easy Rider meets Laurel and Hardy. Check this one out, guaranteed you'll find favorite scenes, quotes, etc. Don't forget to put on your fake rubber lizard tail and your gas mask. Oh yeah, pour yourself a mixed drink and whatever else you want to intake, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Rated R, Color. Available on videocassette. Directed by: Terry Gilliam Cast Includes: Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Cristina Ricci, Ellen Barkin, Gary Busey, Flea, Mark Harmon, Penn Gillette.

  • DICK: The Unmaking of the President
    Basicly, a "Mockumentary" of the Nixon-Watergate scandal, with a big twist! Two girls, Arlene and Betsy wander off in a Field Trip at the White House and meet Tricky Dick himself! They are welcomed as the official Dog Walkers for Checkers. And made their special cookies, Hello Dollys for the White House staff. Along the job, Arlene unexpectidly rips down her Bobby Sherman posters and replaces them With Richard Nixon!! She obviously falls in love with him, until she stumbles on the tape recorder Dick has been taping phone/conversations on. She becomes awfully sad and talks into his recorder for about 30 minutes, rips down the Dick stuff again, and puts up her Bobby Sherman posters again. I don't wanna give away the rest, so... Rated: PG-13 for a sexual scene Starring: Michelle Williams (Arlene), Kirsten Dunst (Betsy) My Rating (in stars): *** 1/2

  • Forrest Gump
    For a while, this movie takes place in the 70s. It shows the main character serving in the Vietnam War and later becoming a ping-pong champion who defeats China in a match. One scene even shows him staying at the Watergate Hotel (thanks to Nixon) and ratting out the guys who broke in.

  • My Girl and My Girl 2
    The first movie takes place in the early seventies, and the second in the mid-seventies. Everything is covered, from the jumpsuits, to the big earrings, to the crochet vests, to the bellbottoms, the U-shaped handle bar bikes, to the seventies motorhome.

  • Dazed and Confused
    Yes it seems like a silly teen explotation film and nothing important happens in it and the dialogue is totally forgetable...but the MUSIC is the essence of the 70s. Just hearing this soundtrack for a few hours makes the years simply melt away and I was surprized for a few days after watching this video that it WASN'T 1974 anymore. My favorite moment is when they play "Summer Breeze" as the teens watch the sunrise on a blanket atop a hill.

  • 54
    Set in the 70s when disco was in its infancy and when EVERYONE wanted to get into the only place to be at - Studio 54. Captures the music and the disco outfits of the time. Stars Ryan Phillippe, Neve Campbell, Mike Myers and Selma Hayek.

  • Boogie Nights
    Set in the 70s when porn movies were still made on film and not on video. Focuses on the rise and fall of Mark Wahlberg's character as a porn star. Also stars Julienne Moore and Heather Graham. The movie captures the essence of 70s clothes, movie making, and get a bit of that easily recognizeable sleazy porn music...and from the 70s too!!

  • Summer of Sam
    Directed by Spike Lee, starring John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino. Yet another movie which captures the 70s disco scene and the lives of twenty-something Italian Americans in the ghetto. Also exemplifies the loose morals with regards to sex. Shows the impact of the "punk" phenomenon when it was all the rage in the UK but still in it's infancy in the US. Movie is set in 1977 at the height of the David Berkowitz (a.k.a. Son of Sam). murders.

  • Slums of Beverley Hills
    This movie is about Vivian, who is growing up as a teenager in 1976 with her divorced father, and her brothers (one younger and one older. Her family is always moving, until they decide to locate themselves in Beverly Hills...And Vivian's only female guide is her rehab-fleeing cousin. It's a comedy, filled with oddball laughs. The clothes, the hair styles, and the cars even represent the 70s very accurately...Quite amusing!

  • Detroit Rock City
    Four teenage guys defeat the odds to make it to a KISS concert.

  • Spirit of '76
    It is the year 2176 and three travelers go back in time to retrieve the Constitution and records that were destroyed by storm. They miss their mark however and land in the year 1976 instead of 1776 during the birth of disco. The scene I remember is when a character drove up in a Pacer and when asked how he liked it another remarked the remark was "it's kinda' WIDE".

  • Now and Then
    It's about four girls that get back together and reminisce about the best summer of their lives: the summer of 1970.

  • The Virgin Suicides
    This movie is set in the 70's and it is about these 4 boys who lived through the suicides of 5 sisters and are still haunted by it to this day.

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