Top Ten Albums of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 70s?

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    By: pink
    • 10. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
    • 9. Meddle by Pink Floyd
    • 8. Relics by Pink Floyd
    • 7. Obscured By Clouds by Pink Floyd
    • 6. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
    • 5. Houses Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin
    • 4. Animals by Pink Floyd
    • 3. The Wall by Pink Floyd
    • 2. Led Zeppelin Iv by Led Zeppelin
    • 1. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd

    i love pink floyd!! and if jimi hendrix and the beatles recorded albums in the 70's they would both have a few on the list
    By: Philip
    • 10. IV by Led Zepelin
      OK I'm gonna set one thing straight. The reason this isn't higher on my list is Robert Plant. He has that kind of voice that only can be compared to the sound of a sledgehammer and a cats tail if you get the drift. Yepp I know many people are gettin'a little bit angry with me right now (Understatement)but this is the way I feel. The album in other hand is great. There's nothing better then to hear these wonderfull songs played by a great cover band with a singer that can really sing. That's when you realize what a great album this is.
    • 9. In Trance by Scorpions
      Many times a band that's been overlooked because they turned Metal in the 80's. But this is the way they started and this is the way it should be. Graet Hard Rock and a great Six stringer Uli Roth
    • 8. Van Halen II by Van Halen
      Yet another great album from VH. It seemed like these guys couldm't make a bad album ( at least not between 78-84 that is) More of the wining formula that made VH I so good.
    • 7. Hotel California by Eagles
      The best pop album that's ever been released. Period
    • 6. Long Live Rock & Roll by Rainbow
      The last Dio album and also the best. Home to Hard Rock classics like Kill the King and the title track. Great stuff
    • 5. Live And Dangerous by Thin Lizzy
      OK so I'm a sucker for live albums and I'm a sucker for Thin Lizzy but with songs like this and with a guy like Phil at front who wouldn't be. Right?
    • 4. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      What a beautiful album this is. I was planing on ranking this at Nr 1 but I realized that you can't listen to this album anytime, anywhere. You have to be in the right mood.
    • 3. Live In The Heart Of The City by Whitesnake
      OK. Let's cut to the chase. I am a great fan of the 87 album. But this is the way Whitesnake should sound like. Rock 'n' Roll not Metal. The best live album ever released. They just don't make 'em like this anymore
    • 2. Black Rose by Thin Lizzy
      Phil Lynott and Gary Moore!! What a combo and what great songs. Every song is a hit here.
    • 1. Van Halen by Van Halen
      The best album to come out of the 70's. The best guitarist in the world (at the time) and the best showman that this world has ever seen.

    By: Dan
    • 10. Long Player by The Faces
    • 9. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
    • 8. Excitable Boy by Warren Zevon
    • 7. Love Gun by KISS
    • 6. Who's Next by The Who
    • 5. Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by David Bowie
    • 4. Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones
    • 3. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
    • 2. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
    • 1. Exile On Mainstreet by The Rolling Stones

    By: Eric (the) Hobbit
    • 10. In The Dead Of Night by UK
      I like the live versions of these songs with Bozzio on drums as well.
    • 9. Stand Up by Tull
      Again, not technically a 1970's release but HOOCHIWAHWAH what an album!
    • 8. History (greatest hits) by America
      Compilation of great classics! I know it doesn't exactly fit with the rest of my list.
    • 7. The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get by Joe Walsh
      Joe is the coolest. It's hard to belive he has (had?) such a sensitive side with songs like DREAMS.
    • 6. Brain Salad Surgery by ELP
      Virtuoso musicians showing off to the max!
    • 5. In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
      Technically 1969, but this one has to make ANY top 10 list! Schidzoid, isn't it?
    • 4. Free Hand by Gentle Giant
      Who would believe me now that my hands are free??
    • 3. Octopus by Gentle Giant
      Giant is my favorite, favorite group of all time.
    • 2. Thick As A Brick by Tull
      This is my 2nd desert island LP.
    • 1. Close To The Edge by Yes
      This is my desert island LP.

    I did not want to duplicate some of the obvious ones so I went a little more abstract, which shows my true taste in music anyway. Thank you for reading!
    By: Jef
    • 10. Romantic Warrior by Return To Forever
    • 9. Happy The Man by Happy The Man
    • 8. Night Of The Living Dregs by Dixie Dregs
    • 7. Going For The One by Yes
    • 6. U.K. by U.K.
    • 5. One Size Fits All by Frank Zappa
    • 4. Starless And Bible Black by King Crimson
    • 3. Octopus by Gentle Giant
    • 2. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis
    • 1. Tales From Topographic Oceans by Yes

    Progressive Rock stands the test of time! Great musicians giving all they have to the passion of creativity...
    By: Michael Culver
    • 10. Damned Damned Damned by The Damned
      Raw punk rock, friends of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, what else can I say?
    • 9. Some Girls by The Rolling Stones
      Their last great work.
    • 8. The Cars by The Cars
      Fresh for the time. Though the boys are from Boston, people commented on their "British" sound.
    • 7. Give 'Em Enough Rope by The Clash
      Produced by Sandy Pearlman, most notable for his work with Blue Oyster Cult. Once again, not a bad song on here.
    • 6. Rock And Roll Over by KISS
      Ok, Ok, I know. Has "Beth" on it for you mainstreamers and plenty of real straigtforward rock for the rest.
    • 5. Stick Fingers by The Rolling Stones
      First complete work with Mick Taylor. A classic, not a bad song on it.
    • 4. Never Mind The Bollocks by Sex Pistols
      Punk saved rock. You should all know that.
    • 3. The Clash by The Clash
      This thing rocks like no other. Probably the best overall punk record of all time. London Calling technically was not released until January of 1980.
    • 2. Animals by Pink Floyd
      Their most cerebral work.
    • 1. Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones
      Only one of you has this on their list. Sad.

    By: SAM
    • 10. The Ohio Express by The Ohio Express
      Actually I cannot give any comment as I need more info from you. We all (4 of us) are very like 'Chewy-Chewy' very funny and easy listening.
    • 9. A New World Record by ELO
      This album is a clever work and need some talented guys to record it. Can you make this kind of album in that year? JL and friends are genius!
    • 8. All Things Must Past by George Harrison
      Wow this album has a color to my life. It influences my teenage life and until now.
    • 7. Best Of The New England by The New England
      I have no idea whether this group is from England or Canada? But 'Don't ever wanna loose ya' is a good music to my ear.
    • 6. Best Of Suzy Quatro by Suzy Quatro
      Never Been in Love is a rock music with high speed skill of this lady rocker.
    • 5. Olivia Newton John by ONJ
      Sam and A little more love are very good. I always am longing to hear these songs!
    • 4. KISS '78 by KISS
      Room Service and Firehouse reflect this group!
    • 3. Don't Look Back by Boston
      Don't look back has a good sound in a long duration!
    • 2. Out Of The Blue by ELO
      It is a unique band the combination of Classic orchestra and Rock'n' Roll. Accross the Border is the example!
    • 1. Best Middle Of The Road by The Middle Of The Rod
      I like soley-soley very much and Chirpy-chirpy cheap is my late brother favourite. Also: yellow boomerang, We're the founders of all that surround us, Sacramento and Samson & Delilah are everybody favourites!

    Tell me about: Gentle Giant, Mungo Jerry, Rare Earth(the personells, the leader and the singles, okay?)
    By: Andy
    • 10. Running On Empty by Jackson Browne
      A very deserving artist received the recognition he deserved on what may be his finest album. I won't argue much with those who say others by him are better.
    • 9. A Space In Time by Ten Years After
      The best in their excellent catalog IMHO. I'd Love To Change The World is just one of many good songs on this album. A prelude to the excellent but obscure Alvin Lee/Mylon LeFevre album On The Road To Freedom.
    • 8. Dragon Fly by Jefferson Starship
      Hyperdrive and Caroline are both outstanding songs, and IMHO this is a better album than Red Octopus.
    • 7. Natty Dread by Bob Marley & The Wailers
      Lively Up Yourself and No Woman, No Cry are just for starters. Again, a tough call among several excellent albums in Marley's catalog.
    • 6. Troubadour by J.J. Cale
      Others might choose another by him, and they're all good.
    • 5. Pearl by Janis Joplin
      Had she only lived to record more albums.
    • 4. Dixie Chicken by Little Feat
      Only 10 choices, so this represents all the great work by an excellent band. Hard to choose among Dixie Chicken, Last Record Album, and Time Loves A Hero.
    • 3. Can't Buy A Thrill by Steely Dan
      Only 10 choices, so this represents all the great albums by these guys. A tough call among Can't Buy A Thrill, Aja, and Gaucho.
    • 2. L. A. Woman by The Doors
      It's hard to believe this is not on any of the previous lists, as it's far far better than anything by some of the artists who were mentioned. Love Her Madly, L.A. Woman, and Riders On The Storm just for starters. Wow.
    • 1. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek And The Dominos
      Intended to represent the great work of both ABB and EC, since I can only list 10. ABB at Fillmore East may be as good, but would I then omit Layla and EC's Slowhand and 461 Ocean Blvd.

    I intentionally omitted albums noted previously by others. Even so, I had to omit Harvest, All Things Must Pass, Imagine, Heart Like A Wheel, Aqualung, Cosmo's Factory, Bridge of Sighs, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Sweet Baby James, John Barleycorn Must Die, The Last Waltz, Blow By Blow, Agents Of Fortune, Street Survivors, Night Moves, Damn The Torpedoes, Labour Of Lust, Look Sharp, Dire Straits, Rickie Lee Jones, and many others. What a decade for music.
    By: Roscoe
    • 10. Alive by Kiss
      My brother wore this album out. I still know all the words to Rock Bottom and Cold Gin, every time I hear it. The standard for all live albums. Can't even listen to studio versions of any Kiss tune now.
    • 9. Charlie Daniels Band by Fire On The Mountain
      No, this is NOT country. This is southern rock and is by far the best of the best in this category. Un-believable musicians making great music. If you love southern rock, you have to love this album.
    • 8. Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by David Bowie
      Glam Rock's best ever. Wasn't this what the 70's were all about until Disco and Punk took over. Very imaginative to say the least.
    • 7. Tonight's The Night by Neil Young
      Haunting, Dark, Chilling........Neil mourns his drug buddies after O.D's. Probably the worst display of musician ship, but c'mon, they were all high as kites !!
    • 6. Led Zepplin IV by Led Zepplin
      Allthough, a case could be made for ALL 4 of Zepplin's first 4 albums to be included on this list, there was never a more defining album for a metal band than this one. Zepplin were already heavyweights by the time this was released.....this just made them legends.
    • 5. Never Mind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols
      Never has a band changed a direction of mainstream music more than the Sex Pistols did with this album. Love 'em or hate 'em, they made a big difference with this album. They really were nothing more than a bunch of punks with something to say.
    • 4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      There is a good reason why so many copies were sold. This is genius songwriting by a group of artists just looking for an outlet to let their emotions out. A masterpiece. I often wondered though, what would it have been like without Stevie Nicks? Such a distinct voice.
    • 3. Tres Hombres by ZZ Top
      This one, along with Lynyrd Skynyrds "Second Helping" ushered in Southern Rock to the mainstream in '74. ZZ Top's first album was their best, but it was recorded in the 60's so it can't make the list. Fantastic from begining to the end.
    • 2. Who's Next by The Who
      Peter Townshend puts on a songwriting clinic. Is there a better rock anthem than Won't Get Fooled Again? Keith Moon's drumming on this album is a standard all other rock drummers follow. Pure perfection if it weren't for Sticky Fingers.
    • 1. Sticky Fingers by Rolling Stones
      What a way to usher in the 70's. All Classics....Blue Jeans, Sweat, Drugs.......Rock'n'Roll, Country, Blues, Psychedelic, etc. It's got it all. This is Keith Richards' album. It has his stamp all over it. Thank GOD for Keith, I say! This is the only album I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of.

    As much as I love Exile on Main Street from the Stones, I think the rest of these albums made more of an impact on the 70's than it did. Besides, I hate to put two bands on one list with so many great tunes from the 70's to speak about. Nevertheless, Exile was a much better album to listen to than most of these on this list.
    By: Joshua Trimmell
    • 10. Ege Bamyasi by Can
    • 9. Another Green World by Brian Eno
    • 8. The Idiot by Iggy Pop
    • 7. Let It Be by The Beatles
    • 6. Electric Warrior by T. Rex
    • 5. 'Self Titled' by Roxy Music
    • 4. Transformer by Lou Reed
    • 3. Man Machine by Kraftwerk
    • 2. 'self titled' by The Velvet Underground
    • 1. LOW by David Bowie
      Released in January 1977, Low was the most potent and encompassing hybridization of pop music's many modes to that point, an album that continues to resonate as a syncretic masterpiece three decades later.

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