Top Ten Albums of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 70s?

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    By: kyle
    • 10. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
    • 9. Boston by Boston
    • 8. L.A. Woman by The Doors
    • 7. Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
    • 6. Let It Be by Beatles
    • 5. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
    • 4. Animals by Pink Floyd
    • 3. Who's Next by The Who
    • 2. Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin
    • 1. The Wall by Pink Floyd

    By: Floyd Zeppelin, Ph.D
    • 10. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      this one grabs the ten spot with tracks: "Wish You Were Here", "Welcome to the Machine", "Have A Cigar" and "Shine on you Crazy Diamond"
    • 9. A Night At The Opera by Queen
      On this album you'll find "We Will Rock You/We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    • 8. Tommy by The Who
      This is Pete Townshend's masterpiece.
    • 7. Cosmos Factory by Creedence Clearwater Revival
      The best political rock songs of all time can be found here.
    • 6. Aqualung by Jethro Tull
      Ian Anderson's flute rocks!
    • 5. Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin
      The second album's got "Whole Lotta Love" and "Ramble On"
    • 4. The Wall by Pink Floyd
      Never will there be a rock opera of its kind again.
    • 3. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      The ultimate psychedelic rock adventure. Roger Waters and David Gilmour are the best.
    • 2. Houses Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin
      Zeppelin's fifth album is freakin' awesome with hits such as "No Quarter", "The Ocean", "D'yer Mak'er" and "Dancin' Days"
    • 1. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
      The technically untitiled fourth album contains hits like, "Stairway to Heaven", "Black Dog", "When the Levee Breaks", "Misty Mountain Hop" and "Rock 'n Roll"

    Honorable Mention: Led Zeppelin I; LA Woman, the Doors; In Through The Out Door, Led Zeppelin; Animals, Pink Floyd; Machine Head, Deep Purple; Working Man, Rush; Hotel California, the Eagles; Paranoid, Black Sabbath.
    By: andy seagrove
    • 10. The Harder They Come Soundtrack by Reggae
      i wanted to include bob marley but this is the album that turned me on to reggae music.(we need a top fifty)
    • 9. Tapestry by Carole King
      my wife claims she owns this album but i remember buying it 33 years ago!
    • 8. Harvest by Neil Young
      easily his best album.
    • 7. Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens
      father and son, wild world, into white, folk pop from a greek englishman before he joined the taliban. (only joking)!
    • 6. Piledriver by Status Quo
      blue denim rock & roll!
    • 5. High Voltage by Ac / Dc
      early punks who rocked and could play!
    • 4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      every song a gem.(but they followed it up with the dreadful tusk!)
    • 3. Imagine by John Lennon
      lennon said this album was sugar coated! no way! gimme some truth. how do you sleep? a classic.
    • 2. Led Zeppelin 4 by Led Zeppelin
      the best of three or four great led zep albums. my son even loves this one!
    • 1. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      a timeless album (all puns intended)!

    my big list included all things must pass, moondance, machine head,schools out, boston, aqualung, my aim is true,sticky fingers, honky chateau, goodbye yellow brick road,dire straits,seventh sojourn, kaya, the pretenders,a new world record,paranoid.....fifty might not be enough!!!
    By: Lawrence David Lanberg
    • 10. The Yes Album by Yes (1971)
      This one always seemed fitting for a Planetarium, if anyone remembers those. The epitome of Space Rock.
    • 9. Deep Purple In Rock by Deep Purple (1970)
      VERY heavy rock, with a touch of class. Prior to their more commercialized "Machine Head".
    • 8. Bare Trees by Fleetwood Mac (1972)
      Pleasantly varied sounds of sincere Rock. Maybe this album's charm is that none of these tracks resemble each other (?). Nice guitar jamming throughout.
    • 7. A Night At The Opera by Queen (1974)
      Needs no comment or caption.
    • 6. Get Your Wings by Aerosmith (1974)
      Not just hard-driving, but highly articulate. Every great track leads right into another one. The first album I can think of that had a really BIG guitar sound.
    • 5. Full House by J. Geils Band (1973)
      Flat-out Heavy Blues jamming...drums, organ, bass, etc. This Live gem cranks itself up, without you having to reach for the volume.
    • 4. And Then There WereThree... by Genesis (1978)
      As 'Art Rock' began to bog out and all sound like the same old same old, this album came through very bold, new and fresh. Some of Phil's most fluent drumming. I really believe this recording broke alot of ground - inspiring other Art Rock bands (Floyd, Yes, etc.) to wake back up and change their tempos, too.
    • 3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John (1973)
      I felt required to list this classic. At the time it came out NOTHING was more universally moving.
    • 2. Islands by King Crimson (1971)
      And you say ???????????????? Very authentic. Spontaneous but skillful. Not exactly something you would have heard on the radio back then, though.
    • 1. Something By by Steve Miller Band
      one of those good albums. anyone.

    It's difficult for me to rank some of these above, or, below their counterparts. I feel this 'Top 10' represents the very best of each individual facet of superb Rock music - best when played loud.
    By: Gerard Squires
    • 10. Boston by Boston
    • 9. Fly Like A Eagle by The Steve Miller Band
    • 8. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
    • 7. Dire Straits by Dire Straits
    • 6. Hotel Cailfornia by The Eagles
    • 5. The Cars by The Cars
    • 4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC
    • 3. Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy
    • 2. Cosom's Factory by Creedence Clearwater Revival
    • 1. Highway To Hell by AC/DC

    By: Charles
    • 10. Stand Back by April Wine
      Excellent pop rock songs...Myles Goodwyn is an amazing singer and writes songs with very catchy hooks!
    • 9. Sound Magazine by Partridge Family
      yeah, I know, many of you snicker...but it is meant to be a pop album, and the songwriting, engineering, overall production and David Cassidy's performance are incredible.
    • 8. Greatest Hits by The Eagles
      never gets old.
    • 7. Dreams Dreams Dreams by Chilliwack
      ahead of it's time, and excellent production. very underrated album!
    • 6. Mama Let Him Play by Doucette
      what can I say...anyone who's heard this album knows.
    • 5. Hotel California by The Eagles
      brilliant songwriting and production.
    • 4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      what needs to be said?
    • 3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
    • 2. Share The Land by The Guess Who
      The Guess Who at their best...
    • 1. Straight Up by Badfinger
      This album is simply brilliant...listen to the melodies, and hear Todd Rundgren's influence!

    Frank Mills single "poor little fool" ranks up their as one of my favorite singles of the 70's. big mention to Chilliwack, Burton Cummings, Guess Who, all Badfinger, Paul McCartney/Wings
    By: michael Snyder
    • 10. Son of Schmilsson by Harry Nilsson
      This Record is Pure fun all the way around. "RCA records and Tapes"
    • 9. Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon
      WOW! Thats all need be said!
    • 8. Sunflower/Surfs Up by The Beach Boys
      You can get these albums together on one CD now, If you see it, grab it! This is some of thier best work Post Pet Sounds.
    • 7. Ram by Paul McCartney
      My opinion his best Post-Beatles work.
    • 6. Layla by Derick And The Dominos
      Theres not to much I really Like from Eric Clampton, but this one is a classic.
    • 5. Nilsson Schmilsson by Harry Nilsson
      Without you, Coconut, Gotta get up, Let the good times roll... This album is pure GREATNESS!
    • 4. All Things Must Pass by George Harrison
      number 1 beatles solo record (EASY)!
    • 3. Animals by Pink Floyd
      5 songs never said so much!
    • 2. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      If you havent heard it, what f**king planet do you live on?
    • 1. Let It Be by The Beatles
      Not the last album recorded by the fab four, but it was the last to be released. Produced by phil Spector, there are some true gems here. in 2003 Let it be Naked was released, all the production by spector was taken out. I prefer the newer version! Either are great records by the beatles.

    By: conner
    • 10. Aftermath by Rolling Stones
    • 9. Moving Pictures by Rush
    • 8. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
    • 7. Boston by Boston
    • 6. Led Zeppelin III by Led Zeppelin
      close enough to 70's
    • 5. Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy by The Who
    • 4. House Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin
    • 3. 2112 by Rush
    • 2. Paranoid by Black Sabbath
    • 1. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin

    By: Patrick McCulloch
    • 10. Machine Head by Deep Purple
      Every track on this album is brilliant and stands the test of time,even the lesser known Never Before and Pictures of Home
    • 9. Physical Graffitti by Led Zeppelin
      Went to see them at their legendary Earl's Court gigs of 1975 about the time this album came out.Always remember there was a clock above the stage,they came on at 8 came off at 11.15.What band would play that long today.Simply the greatest rock band the world has produced and the likes of we will never see again
    • 8. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      Simply because of Shine on you crazy diamond and the guitar solo on part 6 I think it is.
    • 7. Fire And Water by Free
      One of Britain's finest bands,Paul Rodgers one of Britain's greatest voices.Adds up to one great album
    • 6. Welcome To My Nightmare by Alice Cooper
      Such a scary album with a freaky atmosphere,definitely Alice's finest piece of work
    • 5. After The Goldrush by Neil Young
      So many memories of this one,my first flat in London,sex,drugs and rock and roll!!!
    • 4. Deja Vu by Crosby Stills Nash & Young
      Never get tired of listening to this one
    • 3. Humble Pie by Humble Pie
      Stevie Marriott and Peter Frampton at their finest.Listen to Earth and water song
    • 2. Led Zeppelin 4 by Led Zeppelin
      Any album with Stairway to heaven on has got to be in anybody's top 10
    • 1. Queen 2 by Queen
      When I first heard this album I thought Queen were going to be the next Led Zep.This album stands up to any Led Zep album and I'm the biggest Led Zep fan there is.Listen to it loud!!!Especially March of the Black Queen and Father to Son.

    70's were just the best time for rock,the most creative decade of all time,when Led Zeppelin were at their peak and Pink Floyd and the decade when I had such a good time!!!.Could have picked another 20 though.
    By: Dan
    • 10. Slowhand by Eric Clapton
      Cocaine, Wonderful Tonight, Lay Down Sally, We're All The Way. Was hard to decide between this and 461 Ocean Blvd but Slowhand ended up winning out as Wonderful Tonight is just so timeless.
    • 9. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
      Black Dog, Stairway To Heaven, Misty Mountain Top, Rock and Roll, When The Levee Breaks. Showcases Page.
    • 8. Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan
      Tangled Up In Blue, Twist of Fate, Jack Of Hearts, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, If You See Her, Say Hello, Shelter From The Storm. There's a reason whenever Dylan releases an album they say "his best since Blood On The Tracks"
    • 7. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      On The Run, Time, Money, Time, Great Gig In The Sky. The Wall and Wish You Were Here are both classics but this is my favourite Pink Floyd album.
    • 6. Sticky Fingers by Rolling Stones
      Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Bitch, Sister Morphine. My favourite Stones album.
    • 5. Who's Next by The Who
      Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, My Wife, Pure and Easy.
    • 4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      Moving away from blues this album just showcased the whole band so well. Stevie Nicks had Dreams, Gold Dust Woman... Christine McVie had Don't Stop... Buckingham Second Hand News and Go Your Own Way. Awesome.
    • 3. Neil Young by Harvest
      Another fantastic album without one bad song... highlights would have to be A Man Needs A Maid, Are You Ready For The Country, Old Man, Alabama, Needle And The Damage Done and my favourite Young song Heart Of Gold.
    • 2. Let It Be by Beatles
      Dig A Pony, Across The Universe, I've Got A Feeling, Let It Be and the immortal Long And Winding Road.
    • 1. All Things Must Pass by George Harrison
      Both sides are fantastic. I'd Have You Any Time, My Sweet Lord, Isn't It A Pity, Behind That Locked Door, Beware of Darkness, All Things Must Pass, I Dig Love are just a few highlights. Fantastic from start to finish.

    This was harder than I initially thought it would be. The 70's had so much great great music...

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