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Hunt's Skillet Dinners, Comment by Sheri Ferguson on September 25, 2020 - Report this comment
Okay, fellow lover's of Hunt's Skillet Dinners, here is what I do for the Lasagna. Brown one pound of ground beef. Add to it, one can of Hunt's Herb Garlic spaghetti sauce.Add a little parmesean cheese to sauce. Add sugar to sweeten to what you remember and and add dried fennel(around a teaspoon). Plain and spinach noodles.( Green and white fettuccine.) Let simmer on low 20 minutes. I boil it separtely in another pan. For the white topping: Fresh Ricotta cheese in container. Add to it dried basil, a little oregano, and just a touch of garlic and salt. Place on top of noodles and sauce, like the package shows in four dollops! It will cure your craving! Now for the Barbeque one: I remember eating this one. Take Hunt's Barbeque sauce, plain or honey. I remember this one being quite sweet. Add to ground beef with Kidney bean added. Mix cornbread (not Jiffy)as sauce is already sweet. Dollop on top and simmer twenty minutes on low with lid on skillet. For skillet Hawaiian, find a sweet and sour sauce that tastes simular to what you remember, and a small amount of crushed pineapple to taste. Brown hamburger with chopped onion, green pepper, and a small amount of grated carrot and garlic and green peas (frozen) Add rice and simmer. Top with sliced almonds. I am obsessed with these. I am looking notes I have taken, including the ingredients, I strained my eyes for, off the packages on ebay. I with be posting some hints on making the other ones such as Oriental and Stroganoff and Mexicana. Enjoy!
Simba Soda, Comment by Raoul on September 24, 2020 - Report this comment
Simba was my favorite soda when I was a twelve year old in Oregon. I remember that it had a tart lemon flavor and was sugary. It had the usual brominated vegetable oil cloudiness that you find in Squirt and Mountain Dew. It didn’t taste quite like anything else in the market.
Pizza Hut Cavatini , Comment by Rob Lambert on September 23, 2020 - Report this comment
Dining in (YES, IN) at Pizza Hut...pandemic style. While most fast food chains are still squeamish about allowing indoor dining (or just ordering takeout), Pizza Hut does a yeoman's job in providing service. Virus related changes start with paying for food in advance, then they seat you. No fountain drinks, only bottles. Pizza served in a box. You get a paper plate instead of a dish. No buffet. Parmesan and peppers in packets instead of shakers. A few small inconveniences for the privilege of dining indoors. Hooray for the Hut!!!
Big Moon Cookies, Comment by B. Gipson on September 22, 2020 - Report this comment
I am looking for the Chief cookie, Moon cookie, or Jack cookie, whatever you wish to call it. I want it.
Square Boys, Comment by Jose on September 20, 2020 - Report this comment
I remember the square boys,,but no around me does,,,Anyone have a picture
Jeno's Pizza Snacks, Comment by Rob Lambert on September 20, 2020 - Report this comment
In Chicago, we had "Shock Theatre" (1967-73) Ch. 7. Also, "Screaming Yellow Theatre" with the original Svengoolie on WFLD, Ch. 32 (1973-76). Not to be confused with the Svengoolie now on MeTV Saturdays. To a lesser degree, "Hilarious House of Frightenstien" with Vincent Price (1971, syndicated).

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