Top Ten Songs of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 70s?

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    By: Billy Wickes
    • 10. Baba O'Reily by The Who
      I was thinking really hard about what song to give the last spot to, and then I realized that The Who's "Baba O'Reily" really deserved the spot.
    • 9. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      So, I am not a very big Queen fan, but Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely one of the greatest songs of the 70's.
    • 8. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
      Well I have become very fond of Baba O'Reilly lately, but Behind Blue Eyes has always been one of my favorite songs, so it gets the spot.
    • 7. Turn The Page by Bob Seger
      I have always liked this song, and always will like it. I had to think for a minute to decide where it would be placed, but I am pretty happy with this ranking.
    • 6. Imagine by John Lennon
      I love John Lennon and my favorite song to listen to is Jealous Guy, but in terms of his best song, Imagine takes the cake.
    • 5. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      So it didn't make #3, but it still is an amazing song and deserves to be in the Top 5.
    • 4. Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      When I saw them play this in concert I was amazed. No doubt one of the greatest rock ballads ever created.
    • 3. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      Ok, so for Floyd it was between this and Wish You Were Here (listed above) for the #3 spot. I realized that I like Comfortably Numb just a little bit better so it gets rated here.
    • 2. Dream On by Aerosmith
      I go to the Aerosmith concert every year just for this one song. It is the 2nd greatest song of all time and I can't get enough of it.
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      Ok, first off, this is the greatest song of all time. The way it builds into the most amazing guitar solo of all time just gets me. I love 'Stairway' and anyone who doesn't put it at #1 should be shot for blasphemy.

    My list is flawless so take time to study and love it. I wanted to put Jimi Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower" but I forgot when he did it. Anyways, Zeppelin rules.
    By: Daniel
    • 10. Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits
      Great song, great solo, a classic.
    • 9. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple
      This would get in for the riff alone but the rest of the song is also great.
    • 8. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      Powerful stuff.
    • 7. Layla by Derek & The Dominos
      Great song.
    • 6. Hotel California by The Eagles
      Haunting lyrics, great solo.
    • 5. Bad Boy Boogie by AC/DC
      Killer riff, Bon is on top form.
    • 4. Time by Pink Floyd
      Best song they ever made.
    • 3. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      Another one of those classics.
    • 2. Brown Sugar by Rolling Stones
      So much energy.
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      A classic. Has it all, great sweet intro, great solo, powerful ending. What more could you want in a song?

    Jimmy Page is a legend.
    By: Tommy B
    • 10. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel
      "Cold beer, hot lights. My sweet romantic teenage nights."
    • 9. Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John
      A little cheesy, but always brings the house down on karaoke nite!
    • 8. Smoke From A Distant Fire by Sanford Townsend
      I always loved that Beachy Motown je ne se quois...
    • 7. Running On Empty by Jackson Browne
      Is it just me, or does this song make you want to shoot yourself? Really moving in a non-sappy or maudlin way, "In '69 I was 21 and I called the road my own..."
    • 6. Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who
      Okay, so The Who had 2 signature Rock Anthems in the 70's!
    • 5. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
      One man's angst is another's fast-driving favorite. "Sprung from cages out on Highway 9, chrome-wheeled, fuel-injected and steppin' out over the line."
    • 4. American Pie by Don McLean
      If you're gonna be a one-hit-wonder, what better one hit than this intergenerational classic.
    • 3. Blinded By The Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band
      Nonsensical lyrics by Springsteen, but Mann made it another Rock Anthem.
    • 2. Money by Pink Floyd
      Big seller, but for a good reason: Dave Gilmour's soulful licks.
    • 1. Baba O'Riley by The Who
      THE quintessential Rock Anthem, "'s only teeage wasteland."

    Long Live the 70's - uh, musically, that is!
    By: Charles Javier
    • 10. Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry
      Proof that all disco was bad!
    • 9. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      The coolest, weirdest, most killer song that's not a novelty record.
    • 8. It's Too Late by Carole King
      Simple, elegant and impeccable.
    • 7. Love's Theme by Love Unlimited Orchestra
      Another excellent instrumental, conducted by Barry White of all people. Proof that the seventies didn't restrict formats.
    • 6. Brother Louie by Stories
      Very groundbreaking, even for it's time.
    • 5. Rise by Herb Alpert
      Great dance instumental.
    • 4. Dream Weaver by Gary Wright
      Gotta thank "Wayne's World" for that entry!
    • 3. Fame by David Bowie
      Proof that even a white dude like Bowie had soul.
    • 2. Kiss And Say Goodbye by Manhattans
      A great R&B ballad, very reminiscent of the early '60s soul groups.
    • 1. Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees
      Hate me for this; but this song defines the '70's.

    Love every aspect of seventies music; even the kitsch!
    By: Ben
    • 10. Cat's In The Cradle by Harry Chapin
    • 9. Life In The Fast Lane by The Eagles
    • 8. Layla by Derek & The Dominos
    • 7. Jumpin' Jack Flash by Rolling Stones
    • 6. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
    • 5. Hotel California by The Eagles
    • 4. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • 3. Iron Man by Black Sabbath
    • 2. American Pie by Don McLean
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

    By: Abix
    • 10. Tiny Dancer by Elton John
      Elton is the epitome of the 70's ... all that excess and flamboyance... He is a true genius though.. he and Bernie Taupin just rolled out the hits... Honorable mentions would be Rocket Man, Daniel, Mad Man Across the Water, Crocodile Rock, and on and on... Love him even still...
    • 9. My Life by Billy Joel
      This was the theme song for "Bosom Buddies" , that show with a then-unknown Tom Hanks.. I had a crush on him back then...
    • 8. Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks
      I loved this song when I was a little girl.. I knew it by heart. "We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun...."
    • 7. I Think I Love You by David Cassidy
      Ok... I was maybe 4 when this song was big.. and he was so darn cute!!!
    • 6. Best Of My Love by Eagles
      Honorable mentions would include Try and Love Again, I Can't Tell You Why, Lyin' Eyes, Desperado, After the Thrill Is Gone.. Hard to pick just one Eagles song.. They have so many greats....
    • 5. Time by Pink Floyd
      My favorite line of all time is in this song... Sums up life.. "The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older, shorter of breath, and one day closer to death." Honorable mentions would go to Wish You Were Here, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and Young Lust. FLOYD RULES!!!
    • 4. Thank You by Led Zeppelin
      If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. If mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me...
    • 3. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
      "Tramps like us.. Baby we were born to run" (honorable mention should go to Mary, Queen of Arkansas... Love that one also)
    • 2. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad by Meat Loaf
      It was either this or Paradise By The Dashboard Light... I chose this one because I can sing this one over and over.. I actually go on all night jags with this one...
    • 1. Angie by Rolling Stones
      Mick is divine on this one... Very Soulful...

    It's so hard to narrow an entire decade to just 10 songs.. the harder I try, the more songs I think of. A few more would be Lady - Little River Band, I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor, Fire- Ohio Players, Rocky- Austin Roberts, Smoke On The Water- Deep Purple, Paranoid- Black Sabbath, and so on and so on...70's Rule!!!
    By: Martin Gregory
    • 10. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      I have chosen this song for it's timelessness... A CLASSIC!!!
    • 9. Instant Karma by John Lennon
      Lennon knew what life is all about and expresses this knowledge here with humour.
    • 8. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
      This song is a masterpiece, composed like a piece of classical music.
    • 7. Hey Jude by The Beatles
      The most subtle yet soulful ballad of the 70's... GENIUS
    • 6. God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols
      I don't wanna hear no talk about no riots... Classic Rebellious Rock
    • 5. Waiting For The Sun by The Doors
      Crafty, enthralling song that haunts you right until the death.
    • 4. You're A Big Girl Now by Bob Dylan
      A masterpiece of epic proportions, explains loneliness better than ever.
    • 3. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? WOW!!!
    • 2. L.A. Woman by The Doors
      A Song of torment, torture, struggle and fear... Sheer Brilliance!
    • 1. Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix
      Masterpiece; attacks you in waves and never lets go... BEST LIVE RECORDING EVER!

    By: Andrew Bernard
    • 10. Southern Man by Crosby, Stills & Nash
      It is a great song about changing times.
    • 9. The Ocean by Led Zeppelin
      One of the great Zeppelin classics.
    • 8. Life's Been Good by Joe Walsh
      Amazing song about life.
    • 7. Teacher by Jethro Tull
      'Teacher' rocks!
    • 6. Money by Pink Floyd
      'Money' is awesome.
    • 5. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
      It is a song that everyone knows and is downright amazing!
    • 4. Baba O'reily by The Who
      A great song.
    • 3. Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull
      It is one of the longest songs ever made, 48 minutes. The lyrics are amazing, and many important topics are discussed.
    • 2. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      A song where Robert Plant came through.
    • 1. Aqualung by Jethro Tull
      Ian Anderson is the greatest songwriter and all-around musician of all time. His flute is amazing.

    Jethro Tull is better than Zeppelin lyrically, Zeppelin is better musically. Combine the two together and you have a pretty good little rock and roll band.
    By: Steven Nowak
    • 10. Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    • 9. Angie by Rolling Stones
    • 8. Highway Star by Deep Purple
    • 7. Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits
    • 6. Ready For Love by Bad Company
    • 5. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
    • 4. Dreamer by Van Halen
    • 3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan
    • 2. Uncle John's Band by Grateful Dead
    • 1. Fly By Night by Rush

    By: gurdonark
    • 10. Constantinople by The Residents
      The Residents now are accepted as commonplace, but they realized so much about the flaws in rock and the music industry long before the faux rebellion of punk reared its spitting retro head. "Constantiople" is both a discordant feel good song and an utterly eerie and lovecraftian. It works on so many levels.
    • 9. Us And Them by Pink Floyd
      Perhaps the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' defined the 70's in so many ways but and "Us and Them" captured a moment of melancholy realization in a timeless way.
    • 8. The Boys Are Back In Town' by Thin Lizzy
      This is the perfect summer song, sung by the perfect smooth summer voice, over the perfect late night driving guitar jag. I'm instantly transported to a time of huge luna moths circling giant lights on hot summer nights.
    • 7. On Saturday Afternoons in 1963 by Rickie Lee Jones
      Rickie Lee Jones's first two albums were simply amazing. Although "Chuck E.'s in Love" is the radio play single, this song catches all the romance and sadness inherent in this artist's fascinating repertoire.
    • 6. Young Americans by David Bowie
      In the middle of the Diamond Dogs tour, Bowie suddenly realize that his persona could flex and alter. The soul phase is a fascinating, tongue in cheek recognition of the power of the medium, but more importantly, "Young Americans" was the second phase of the great, long, artistic wink with which Mr. Bowie has now entertained us for decades. I love this song!
    • 5. Disorder by Joy Division
      Although the poignant "Love Will Tear Us Apart" got more airplay, "Disorder" showed Ian Curtis' lyric sense at its best. The morose description of waiting for a guide to come and take him by the hand and lead him to normalcy has a ring of despair and insight that is so 1979. Painfully, blissfully evocative.
    • 4. Candy's Room by Bruce Springsteen
      Springsteen mined the retro roots of rock, but leavened his mix with twin doses of poetry and working man empathy. But the melodramatic Boss always struck me as more fun than the "relevant" Boss, and the crescendo as the narrator exults " [ME!} tonight, oh and I love her so", is rock poetry at its quirky best.
    • 3. Julie With.... by Brian Eno
      Although one might argue that Roxy Music showed us graceful ways art rock could go, Eno's early solo work showed us how ambience, the single take, and thoughtfulness could combine to make unsentimental yet such endearing music. I listen to this, and like the narrator, "gaze out into the empty sky".
    • 2. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us by Sparks
      Kinks crossed with music hall, tinkertoy keyboards and ringing guitars, lyrics which modernized Gilbert and Sullivan, Wodehouse on helium. This band defined a moment in time, pre-punk, post-rock, when nothing really mattered but understanding how silly it all truly has proven to be. In a way, it's too bad the teenyboppers discovered and misunderstood this record, because Sparks would have been fascinating spending more years in this vein.
    • 1. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape by Be Bop Deluxe
      As the years pass me by, I'm more entranced by the naivety and genius of Bill Nelson's guitar work and lyrics on the live version of this song. The pacing just swoons with a sort of languor that perfectly captures the lyrical setting. 'Be Bop Deluxe' professed its youthful ennui in a very fresh, new time. It's an older world now, and that Yorkshire arguably is passing away, but the glissani-drenched live version keeps it all alive for me.

    No list of ten items can capture this fascinating decade, which began with art rock and ended with punk rock. So many artists, from Dobie Gray to Curtis Mayfield to Todd Rundgren, belonged on this list, too, but ten is far too few!

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