Top Ten Songs of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 70s?

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    By: Alan Elam
    • 10. Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold
      My theme song of sorts, and the first in a string of top 10 hits from the then-current Linda Rondstadt sideman and MEGA-talented multi-instrumenalist and singer-songwriter.
    • 9. Heaven On The 7th Floor by Paul Nicholas
      Good god! Now I KNOW I'm going to he** for putting this one on the list. A tune about getting some in an elevator that's stuck on the 7th floor(DUH!)...It is just one of those infectious and unitentionally goofy forgotten favorites which I must admit gets me out the dumps every time I put it on. By the way, if He** is a lot like Studio 54 was in its heyday, then SEND ME THERE RIGHT AWAY, St.Pete!!!
    • 8. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel by Tavares
      The Sound Of Disco in the late 70's did not get any better than this; another product of the hit-making merger between Freddie Perren and The Mom & Pop's studio in LA (which also produced hits for Gloria Gaynor, Yvonne Elliman, Peaches & Herb, etc.)
    • 7. Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick
      Just to let you know this will be one of the few really obvious choices you see on my list. This song, in my opinion, is all at once relaxing, tranquil AND romantically inducing, and the song I would most like to lose my virginity to.
    • 6. Channel Swimmer by 10cc
      Maybe not a well-known song, but another of my personal faves. This one appeared as a non-album B-side of "I'm Not In Love".
    • 5. How Do You Do? by Mouth & McNeal
      A bouncy and bouyant sing-along number from Dutch was their only US hit.
    • 4. I Hear You Knockin' by Dave Edmunds
      This funky reworking of an early 50's R&B favorite pretty much established this British pub-rocker as a bona-fide solo artist.
    • 3. Right Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale
      Not quite a one-hit wonder, this tune is actually vaguely reminiscent of the girl group and Motown sound from the decade before. An awesome single!
    • 2. Rock Your Baby by George McCrae
      A funky little anthem, as produced by K.C. and featuring backing by The Sunhine Band. (This was, of course, a couple of years before KC and his Sunshine boys hit it big with their own releases). Another hugely talented and unfortunate victim of the one-hit wonder curse!!!
    • 1. Magic by Pilot
      Yet another set of rightful heir apparents to the title of next beatles(second only to Badfinger in my book!),too bad they had to be relagated to the one hit wonder pile! that whole album(which spawned magic)was a gem!!!

    I know you might be liable to slam my choices, but I'll take the chance. As with my top 10 list of 80's songs, I saw too many obvious choices in the assembled lists, and therefore felt a need to be a little different and include mostly one-hit wonders and forgotten favorites.
    By: Ryan S.
    • 10. Money by Pink Floyd
    • 9. Layla by Derek & The Dominos
    • 8. Baba O'Reily by The Who
    • 7. Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • 6. That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • 5. Tiny Dancer by Elton John
    • 4. Piano Man by Billy Joel
    • 3. American Pie by Don McLean
    • 2. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
    • 1. Hey Hey, My My by Neil Young

    I'm only 16 and I really wish I could have grown up in the 70's. The music was way better.
    By: Adam
    • 10. Listen To The Music by Doobie Brothers
    • 9. Let The Good Times Roll by The Cars
    • 8. Come Sail Away by Styx
    • 7. More Than A Feeling by Boston
    • 6. Take It Easy by The Eagles
    • 5. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
    • 4. Two Tickets To Paradise by Eddie Money
    • 3. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
    • 2. Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
    • 1. Foreplay/Long Time by Boston

    I was born in I am 18 right now. I just want to say that the 70's music is sooooo much better than today's music. I listen to the 70's music all the time. IT'S GREAT!
    By: Beavis
    • 10. Baba O'Reilly by The Who
      Teenage Wasteland!
    • 9. Dream On by Aerosmith
      First and best Power Ballad.........ever!
    • 8. Dust In The Wind by Kansas
      Lyrics are magical....acoustic guitar is clean as can be.......
    • 7. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
      My very first album...ever! I played this song almost everyday after I got it.
    • 6. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
      Bruce has NEVER matched these lyrics.
    • 5. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      Thank God for 'Wayne's World'! I had no idea this song existed until I heard it in the movie.
    • 4. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      Why couldn't Waters and PF just get along? They could still be making beautiful music together.
    • 3. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      Love the dueling guitars solo.
    • 2. Hotel California by The Eagles
      Made me pick up the guitar...and I haven't put it down since.
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      LZ has influenced every band since (directly or indirectly)....This is their opus......and maybe the greatest song of all time!

    I could have named some Beatle songs, but they will always be the 60's to me. There are so many good songs to come out of this decade.....I wish disco didn't happen until 1980, because it always overshadows the 70's.
    By: Jenn
    • 10. Burning Sky by Bad Company
      Chill out song.
    • 9. Paranoid by Black Sabbath
      This song is really fun to listen to!!!
    • 8. Beth by KISS
      This is a really nice song...
    • 7. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      It's like 10 songs and an opera...what more can you ask for?
    • 6. High Hopes by Pink Floyd
      Puts me in a trance.
    • 5. House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals
      This is amazing.
    • 4. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple
      The Black Sabbath one is okay, too.
    • 3. Rock And Roll Is A Vicious Game by April Wine
      This is an amazing song.
    • 2. Renegade by Styx
      Awesome song!!!!
    • 1. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      The solo is amazing..David Gilmour is amazing..the song is amazing...

    I was only born in '87 but this is the music, man.....
    By: Joe Jay
    • 10. Dream On by Aerosmith
      Wish they could have stayed the Areosmith from the 70's.
    • 9. Tangerine by Led Zeppelin
      Short but sweet, great tune.
    • 8. Comfortably Numb by Pink FLoyd
      Gilmour's guitar work is unmatched.
    • 7. Turn The Page by Bob Seger
      Give the man some props.
    • 6. Mind Games by John Lennon
      A legend with a talent in writing poetry.
    • 5. Do You Feel Like We Do by Peter Frampton
      Amazing guitar work, and the voice box is great.
    • 4. Hotel California by Eagles
      Wouldn't we all like to live there?!
    • 3. Wish You Were Here by Pink FLoyd
      Lyrics do not get any better than this.
    • 2. Wild World by Cat Stevens
      Are you kidding me, Cat knew it all along!
    • 1. Nights In White Satin by Moody Blues
      Just a tad underrated!!!!!!!!!!

    By: Rafael Gonzalez
    • 10. In The Court Of The King by King Crimson
      Una de las piezas mas finas jamas escritas. One of the finest pieces ever wroted.
    • 9. Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney
      Simplemente no deja de causar sensaciones en mi cuando la escucho. It can't stop causing sensations in me when I listen to it.
    • 8. Vicious by Lou Reed
      La sensibilidad y delicadeza del autor convinadas con su fuerza y rebeldia. Author's sensiblity convenes with his rebel.
    • 7. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel
      En mi opinion una de las mejores canciones de pop. In my opinion, one of the best pop songs.
    • 6. Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie
      ¿Quien dijo que lo sencillo no puede ser genial? Who says that simple things can not be ingenious?
    • 5. Time by Pink Floyd
      Profunda y didactica, musicalmente perfecta. Deep and didactic, musically perfect.
    • 4. YYZ by Rush
      Nunca he escuchado una cancion mas poderosa que esta. I have never heard any song as powerful as this one.
    • 3. Firth Of Fifth by Genesis
      Simplemente resume en una cancion a genesis una obra de arte rodeada de polvos magicos. That song is Genesis's masterpiece sorrounded by magic.
    • 2. Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John
      Siempre me gusto pero desde que la escuche con Dream Theather se volvio irresistible para mi. I always liked it but since I heard it with Dream Theater, it became irresistable to me.
    • 1. Carnal Evil by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
      Compleja,delicada,armoniosa,dulce,poderosa,magica,elaborada, tiene todo a mi gusto la mejor pieza musical jamas escrita e interpretada. Complex, delicate,armonic, sweet, powerful, magical, elaborate! It got everything on my point of view...the best musical piece ever created and performed.

    I did my best with the English. I'm a 28-year-old from Mexico and the 70's are my favorite musical era. It was hard to decide.
    By: TomᚠDoležal
    • 10. Money by Pink Floyd
      Co vám mám povídat! Roger Waters byl prost? dobrej.
    • 9. The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd
      1973. Le rendez-vous avec la mort... Great voice of Clare Torry.
    • 8. Child In Time by Deep Purple
      1970. Rock anthem!
    • 7. Time by Pink Floyd
      1973. Gilmour's solo is great and Waters's text too.
    • 6. Imagine by John Lennon
      1971. Imagine all people living life in peace...
    • 5. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      1979. My favourite song from 'The Wall'.
    • 4. Echoes by Pink Floyd
      1971. This song is 23 minutes long, but any second in this song isn't boring.
    • 3. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
      1975. Very cool!!!
    • 2. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      1975. Roger Waters is the best songwriter. In my opinion, this one is the best 'Floyd' song.
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      1971. It's classic!!!

    A lot of songs could be added: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, Bohemian Rhapsody by The Queen, Iron Man by Black Sabbath, How Deep In Your Love by Bee Gees, One of These Days by Pink Floyd and so on.
    By: Buddy Babcock
    • 10. Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton
      I really want to ???? you.
    • 9. Detroit Rock City by KISS
      These guys ruled the 70's. Any list of 70's top tens should mention KISS.
    • 8. Cheap Trick by I Want You To Want Me
      The Rockford Boys
    • 7. 157 Riverside Avenue by REO Speedwagon
      Excellent jam, Gary Richrath pre-cheese.
    • 6. American Pie by Don McLean
      America's real anthem.
    • 5. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      I've heard 'Freebird' too many times...
    • 4. Rock 'N' Roll Hootchie Koo by Rick Derringer
      Did somebody say keep on rockin'?
    • 3. Runnin' With The Devil by Van Halen
      David Lee is a God.
    • 2. Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult
      Maybe I shouldn't have smoked that last bowl.
    • 1. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
      Bon Scott Lives!

    By: Greg
    • 10. Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin
    • 9. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
    • 8. Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen
    • 7. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • 6. Layla by Derek & The Dominos
    • 5. Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin
    • 4. Hotel California by Eagles
    • 3. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • 2. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

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