Top Ten Songs of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 70s?

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    By: Mike de Vries
    • 10. Aqualung by Jethro Tull
      A strange song, but still really awesome.
    • 9. All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople
      Not the Bowie Version, even though Bowie wrote the song and then gave it to Mott The Hoople to improve their band. To clear things up, Bowie did it second, even though he wrote it.
    • 8. Slaughter On 10th Avenue by Mick Ronson
      Great instrumental piece. Underappreciated.
    • 7. That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      Brings out the American in all of us.
    • 6. Stairway To Heavan by Led Zeppelin
      If I'd been alive in the 70's, I might have put it at the first or second spot, but it still is a good song.
    • 5. Highway Star by Deep Purple
      Good solo and opening. Better than Smoke On The Water.
    • 4. School's Out by Alice Cooper
      The song we all knew and loved as kids.
    • 3. Dream On by Aerosmith
      Really good song.
    • 2. Live Wire by AC/DC
      This song is only good live. Live at The Atlantic Recording Studios has the best version in my opinion. The regular version is too slow for AC/DC.
    • 1. Life's Been Good by Joe Walsh
      I've heard this song since I was young and still like it.

    I was born in 1991.
    By: Lauren
    • 10. Houses Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin
    • 9. Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band
    • 8. Leather And Lace by Stevie Nicks & Don Henley
    • 7. Me And Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin
    • 6. Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group
    • 5. Rock 'N Roll Fantasy by Bad Company
    • 4. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
    • 3. Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • 2. Casey Jones by Grateful Dead
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

    By: Mike
    • 10. Let It Be by Beatles
      The whole album is too freakin' good to ignore. They are simply the best band ever formed!!!!! And that's forever!!!!!
    • 9. Time Has Come by Chambers Brothers
      All 12 minutes of this is a psychedelic trip and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 8. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart by Bee Gees
      This one's for Maurice.
    • 7. Get My Rocks Off by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
      The dirtiest song of the time that you never heard of on the radio!!!
    • 6. In My Time Of Dying by Led Zeppelin
      Kickass hard rock!!!
    • 5. Reflections (Of My Life) by Marmalade
      The best depressing song I've ever heard!!!
    • 4. One Toke Over The Line by Brewer & Shipley
      Great freakin' tune.
    • 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd
    • 2. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      It just has to be on the list.
    • 1. Slow Ride by Foghat
      There's just something about this song that screams PARTY!!!!!!!!!

    The 50's, 60's and 70's had the most awesome and creative music ever made! The 80's and 90's and 2000's SUCK in comparison.
    By: Chris
    • 10. Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees
      Yah, I know disco sucks and everything... but songs are about a moment in time, and when this came out, little could match it. Add John Travolta and it's an instant classic.
    • 9. Dream On by Aerosmith
      Hell, if Eminem covered it, that settles it. LOL.
    • 8. Daniel by Elton John
      Is he singing about his boyfriend? Brother? Who cares? The man's a musical genius. As long as he keeps it legal and writes this calibre of music, kudos to him!
    • 7. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple
    • 6. Freebird by Lynryd Skynyrd
      Good southern rock...somewhere Dubya is listening to this song right now....
    • 5. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      There's an argument this should be ranked higher. So it's not. Bite me.
    • 4. Superstition by Stevie Wonder
      Great intro...'nuff said.
    • 3. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      Omg, another one! Wait, is this website sponsored by Focus on the Family or something? LOL. Well, don't blame me if not too many people like myself (straight) can write and perform this calibre of music.
    • 2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
      Okay, before you accuse me of being high on Elton John and add homophobic remarks, gay or straight, nobody could write a song like this guy. Nobody. Straight rockers wish they could write like this.
    • 1. Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John
      Why have 1 very talented person write a song when you can have 2. Bernie Taupin's lyrics are poignant in every sense of the word and of course Elton John's ability to write and arrange one of the greatest rock instrumentals of all time and splice it together with a great hard rock arrangement is pure genius.

    By: JCGP
    • 10. Quick Joe Smal by Kasenetz Katz
    • 9. Echoes by Pink Floyd
    • 8. In The Eye Of The Sun by Doors
    • 7. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
    • 6. Something by Beatles
    • 5. It's Only Rock And Roll by Rolling Stones
    • 4. Raised On Rock by Elvis Presley
    • 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd
    • 2. Child In Time by Deep Purple
    • 1. Les Marquises by Jacques Brel

    The Doors with Jim are definitely well above any other band.
    By: Mitchie
    • 10. Let Your Love Flow by Bellamy Brothers
      Tied with Peter Frampton!
    • 9. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
      Loved them!
    • 8. Witchy Woman by Eagles
    • 7. I Won't Last A Day Without You by Carpeters
      Gotta love the Carpenters -- they introduced a totally new sound.
    • 6. Crazy Horses by Osmonds
      Before you go critizing this song, listen to it now.
    • 5. We're An American Band by Grand Funk Railroad
      I couldn't get enough of this song.
    • 4. Slow Ride by Foghat
      Reminds me of 7th grade.
    • 3. Copacabana (At The Copa) by Barry Manilow
      Too much fun!
    • 2. I Am Woman by Helen Reddy
      Best feminist song ever.
    • 1. Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille

    Never will any other decade rise to the heights of the music born in the 70's!
    By: Mary
    • 10. Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees
    • 9. Rock The Boat by Hues Corporation
    • 8. I Think I Love You by Partridge Family
    • 7. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) by Bee Gees
    • 6. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac
    • 5. That's The Way (I Like It) by KC & The Sunshine Band
    • 4. We Are Family by Sister Sledge
    • 3. I Want You Back by Jackson Five
    • 2. Night Fever by Bee Gees
      The entire Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is classic!
    • 1. More Than A Feeling by Boston

    By: Gordon
    • 10. American Pie by Don McLean
    • 9. Imagine by John Lennon
    • 8. Words by Bee Gees
    • 7. Indiana Wants Me by R. Dean Taylor
    • 6. Takin' Care Of Business by Bauchman-Turner Overdrive
    • 5. We Will Rock You by Queen
    • 4. One Tin Soldier by Coven
    • 3. Billy, Don't Be A Hero by Paper Lace
    • 2. The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace
    • 1. Crazy On You by Heart
      Heart Rocks!!!!!!!

    By: Tom Kolde
    • 10. Witchy Woman by The Eagles
      One of my Eagles favorites...pure 70's for sure.
    • 9. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting by Elton John
      Many great classics on one album....probably his best works ever here!
    • 8. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper
      Who don't remeber this one?????
    • 7. The Captain & Me by The Doobie Brothers
      Defininately takes me back to the 70's.....great album.
    • 6. Suite Madame Blue by Styx
      Along with Kansas & REO, this is a must have 70's classic.
    • 5. Dust In The Wind by Kansas
      A true staple of 70's classics.
    • 4. Riding The Storm Out by REO Speedwagon
      Always a popular song from the 70's.
    • 3. Money by Pink Floyd
      Still on the charts, I believe!
    • 2. Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
      Just an awesome song altogether. True classic.
    • 1. La Grange by ZZ Top
      Foot stompin' rock. Timeless rock classic.

    This is such a hard list to compile. The 70's has UNLIMITED great music & I just BARELY scratched the surface...I coulda went on & on & on.......
    By: Jackie Blue
    • 10. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      Made immoralized by Wayne, this song proved skeptics wrong of Mercury's ability to make an opera song. Never underestimate a queen, ha.
    • 9. More Than A Feeling by Boston
      Corny, classic, you'd sing it with your best friends going down I-35.
    • 8. The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy
      Hot song, great sound. Makes me wanna shake what I got.
    • 7. Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton
      *both thumbs up*
    • 6. The Joker by Steve Miller Band
      "I really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree" AH, Great pick-up line, don't write 'em like they use to! This song makes me smile.
    • 5. Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath
      Just all-around great song from a great band.
    • 4. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      The Wall was a soundtrack for adolescent suicide, nonetheless, epic and a must-have. I feel obligated to also mention 'Wish You Were Here', which is equally depressing yet timeless.
    • 3. D'yer Mak'er by Led Zeppelin
      Need I say more?
    • 2. American Pie by Don McLean
      Had to put it up here, a moral obligation and my loyalties to Buddy. A sad song that always makes me misty. *tear*
    • 1. Imagine by John Lennon
      Romanticized, transcendilized, fantasized, idealized..a perfect world through Lennon's eyes. If only..

    AC/DC is up there with the rest also, probably the greatest rock band of all time. There's tons more, I'd never find the time.

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