Top Ten Songs of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite songs from the 70s?

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    By: Kim
    • 10. Long Train Runnin' by Doobie Brothers
      Great song from a great band.
    • 9. Crystal Ball by Styx
      Tell me, tell me where I'm going...
    • 8. Thunder Island by Jay Fergerson
      Makes me want to go to the beach again right now!
    • 7. Long Distance Winner by Buckingham Nicks
      If you are a child of the 70s like me, you'll like it, too.
    • 6. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      Our anthem here in the great state of Alabama. Roll Tide!
    • 5. I Can Hear Love by Tarney Spencer Band
      Another lost song that classic radio has forgotten about today.
    • 4. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      Hard to choose a single because their albums were all put together so well.
    • 3. Cindy Incidentally by Rod Stewart/Faces
      Edges out Stay With Me to represent Rod on this list.
    • 2. One Of These Nights by Eagles
      The Eagles could have their own top 10 list.
    • 1. Hot Summer Night by Walter Egan
      One of the greatest 70s songs ever - and nobody plays it on classic radio today.

    No fair. My leftover list is as good as the one I submitted! It is impossible to list only the 10 greatest songs of the 70s. Pop, R&B, Southern Rock, Acid Rock,Punk, Disco, solo men & women all need separate catagories. So do mega artists like Chicago, Three Dog Night, CCR, Led Zep, Sir Elton, Pink Floyd & MANY others. It was a great decade of music.
    By: Rodrigo A. Jara Ortega
    • 10. Locomotion by Grand Funk
    • 9. A Saucerful Of Secret by Pink Floyd
    • 8. Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles
    • 7. My Sweet Lord by George Harrison
    • 6. People Are Strange by The Doors
    • 5. Confusion by Electric Light Orchestra
    • 4. More Than A Feeling by Boston
    • 3. The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd
    • 2. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
    • 1. Echoes by Pink Floyd

    By: NONE
    • 10. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      HOw can u not like this song??
    • 9. Imagine by John Lennon
      Imagine...I wish we could live in the world you imagined
    • 8. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2 by Pink FLoyd
      I know I'm a little biased...but Pink Floyd is just too good...
    • 7. Thunderstruck by AC/DC
      Great guitar work...Young is a maniac
    • 6. Dream On by Aerosmith
      Such a great song...makes u think
    • 5. We Are The Champions by Queen
      Queen's greatest hit, in my continues to get a lot of radio play decades after its release...a true classic
    • 4. Voodoo Chile by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
      The first time I heard this song I thought I died...and went to heaven...Jimi is still the king and will always be the king...
    • 3. Time by Pink Floyd
      This song is my 2nd all time favorite song...EVER...Gilmour shows off for the first time his ability to make beatiful solos...definitely a classic
    • 2. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      Don't know much 'bout Led Zeppelin (I know I'm lame) but I gotta hand it to 'em...this is such a great song...and Jimi Page's guitar solo is in many people's opinion the greatest ever...
    • 1. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      Gilmour's solo(s) is without out a doubt top 5 on any all-time greatest solos list....the the a classic

    This is just my top ten...not necessarily everyone's
    By: Russ
    • 10. Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf
      C'mon now........Who does not have at least one memory like this song?......I knew
    • 9. Going To California by Led Zeppelin
      When you are done with Black Dog and Rock And Roll(same album), you need this one to bring you back down only to be taken up again by Plant's vocals.
    • 8. Eruption/You Really Got Me by Van Halen
      My first reaction to Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing and David Lee Roth on mic was total awestruck.
    • 7. Like A Hurricane by Neil Young
      You really gotta love the 6-minute guitar solo.
    • 6. Rock And Roll Song by Valdy
      My fav song from my fav Canadian artist.
    • 5. Chevy Van by Sammy Johns
      This song defines the later 70's.........vans with bubble can picture it...can't you?
    • 4. Showdown by E.L.O
      Don't care for them as sell-out disco performers.........this song happened to them way before Shine A Little Light.....uggh
    • 3. #9 Dream by John Lennon
      This is one of those 'after the bar at 3 am' songs.
    • 2. Imagine by John Lennon
      Wow.....who would have thought that song would have as much relevance today as it did in John's time...............Timeless classic
    • 1. Wild Horses by Rolling Stones
      The boys at their best.

    Thank you guys for giving real people like us a forum to also be heard.
    By: Hank
    • 10. Ready For Love by Bad Company
      Seminal sexy, powerful.
    • 9. Carry On by Crosby, Stills & Nash
      My favorite harmonies.
    • 8. Taxi by Harry Chapin
      I loved and miss Harry so much.
    • 7. Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who
      Rebellion at its finest.
    • 6. Hotel California by Eagles
      Just a classic.
    • 5. The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy
      This will always be one of the songs that defined the 70's.
    • 4. Year Of The Cat by Al Stewart
      Maybe it's just me..
    • 3. Money by Pink Floyd
      Best album of the 70's.
    • 2. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
      Lots of good memories on Saturday nights....
    • 1. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
      This song IS the 70's.

    By: Chuck
    • 10. Southern Man by Neil Young
    • 9. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
    • 8. Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
    • 7. Touch Me by The Doors
    • 6. Hotel California by The Eagles
    • 5. (Dont't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
    • 4. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
    • 3. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
    • 2. When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
    • 1. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

    These are really in no particular order but they all deserve a spot on the top ten list.
    By: Wayne
    • 10. Layla by Derek & The Dominos
    • 9. Johnny B. Goode by Johnny Winter
    • 8. Doctor Doctor by UFO
    • 7. Me And Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin
    • 6. Rivers Of Babylon by Boney M
    • 5. Free Me by Uriah Heep
    • 4. Down By The River by Albert Hammond
    • 3. Over The Rainbow by Billy Thrope
    • 2. Lyin' Eyes by Eagles
    • 1. Its All Over Now Baby Blue by Graham Bonnet

    By: deklan
    • 10. Touch Too Much by AC/DC
      Awesome song from begining to end, as always.
    • 9. The Rolling Stones by Sympathy For The Devil
      Definitely a defining song for the band...the lyrics still send those chills up my spine.
    • 8. Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who
      The Who can't be forgotten...they just rocked so much, though the band did die with Keith Moon.
    • 7. When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
      Excellent song. Buy the Album. It will change you forever.
    • 6. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      Although The Wall itself is an unbeleivable collection of songs, Dave Gilmour's solo on this has put it in the record books for sure.
    • 5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles
      George always wrote the best Beatles all time classis for sure.
    • 4. Dark Side Of The Moon (Album) by Pink Floyd
      Would be bloody hard to choose which songs off this album I would rank here, but stand outs definitely include Money, Time, Us and Them + Any Colour You Like
    • 3. Dazed And Confused by Led Zeppelin
      Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham all go off in this song, one of their finest out for sure. (Zeppelin would pretty much take up this list, so I'll go for a bit of variety from now).
    • 2. Gallows Pole by Led Zeppelin
      Well what more can I say? If you've heard it you'll understand; if you haven't then you haven't lived!
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      Possibly the greatest band on Earth (sorry John, George, Paul and Ringo!). Surely the greatest guitar solo of all time, and definitely the best song of all time.

    God that was hard! Not to be forgotten of course would be Eric Clapton, Hendrix, Deep Purple, and Alice Cooper!
    By: Douglas Pocock
    • 10. Wild World by Cat Stevens
      Its '68, but damn, it's close enough, and it means something to me.
    • 9. On The Hunt by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      I'm not 100% sure when this was made, but his time was the 70's so I'm going with it.
    • 8. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
      No-one beats the guitar, ever, and no one ever will.
    • 7. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
      Wow, I really like Zeppelin. Who doesn't want to listen to a song about the Vikings huh?
    • 6. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
      Great rock and solo, great song.
    • 5. Imagine by John Lennon
      Deep and moving.
    • 4. Wild World by Cat Stevens
      Softer, but a good song to sit and listen to and understand.
    • 3. Hotel California by The Eagles
      Great song. Everyone knows it and no-one complains when it comes on the radio.
    • 2. Speak To Me by Pink Floyd
      If I'm going to listen to Pink Floyd I'm gonna sit and let it flow through me, and what song is better for that?
    • 1. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
      There is a reason why this is everyone's favorite, I feel it's the perfect mix of the greatest range of music. (If you ever read this Kristy, 4504!)

    I wasn't around in the 70's, but it is the greatest music, nothing will match it, and I hope a time will come again in my lifetime that the music is half as good as the music played during this generation. Brilliance.
    By: Christopher Dues
    • 10. Fool In The Rain by Led Zeppelin
      Better than 'Stairway'
    • 9. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
      Thanks to Wayne and Garth
    • 8. Hey Hey What Can I Do by Led Zeppelin
      Better than 'Stairway'
    • 7. Dream On by Areosmith
      Wen u rock out for 4 decades u deserve it
    • 6. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen
      He had to make the top ten...he just had too
    • 5. Hotel California by Eagles
      Overplayed...but much deserved
    • 4. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
      I like drugs
    • 3. When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
      Better than 'Stairway'
    • 2. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
      Better than 'Stairway'
    • 1. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      3 guitar the greatest rock and roll song of all time

    You won't find 'Stairway' in this top ten

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