Top Ten Movies of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 70s?

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By: John Dog
  • 10. Network
  • 9. The Deer Hunter
  • 8. Jaws
  • 7. The Godfather Part II
  • 6. The Godfather
  • 5. National Lampoon's Animal House
  • 4. Dog Day Afternoon
  • 3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • 2. Apocalypse Now
  • 1. Taxi Driver

By: Christine
  • 10. Godfather 2
    Has to be mentioned since its as good as the first
  • 9. Ragging Bull
    Deniro is awesome. Also nice to see pesci in his earlier days
  • 8. Rocky
    Boxing Classic
  • 7. The Towering Inferno
    Little Bobby Brady. Newman and MaCqueen...........
  • 6. Poseidon Adventure
    Cant wait to see the remake with Kurt Russel
  • 5. French Connection
    Gene Hackman, car chase, unbelievable
  • 4. Enter The Dragon
    Bruce Lee, the most explosive martial arts star ever to move on the screen
  • 3. The Excercist
    Scariest movie of all time!!!!!!!
  • 2. Jaws
    Perfect time to make it,perfect location,imperfect mechanical shark, which really made the movie more suspensefull
  • 1. The Godfather
    Superb cast, great story. Stands the test of time

By: The Dude
  • 10. The Godfather
  • 9. Jaws
  • 8. Halloween
    That haunting music.
  • 7. Mean Streets
    I Can't belive no one has put this film on the 70's top.
  • 6. Dawn Of The Dead
    Greatest Zombie Movie.
  • 5. The Exorcist
    When I first watched this picture it didn't leave any trace. I even thought it sucked. After several years i watched it again and i was terryfied.
  • 4. Taxi Driver
  • 3. Apocalypse Now
    "The horrors, the HORRORS !!!"
  • 2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • 1. Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange
    FANTASTIC, best movie ever made. You can enjoy every second of it!!!
Don't Look Now,Star Wars, Animal House,etc.
By: Colin
  • 10. Star Wars
    How can I not put this movie here?
  • 9. The Spy Who Loved Me
    This is THE quintessential Bond-movie.It's got everything.Action,gadgets,a madman,music,stunts,Jaws,girls and a superb Roger Moore.
  • 8. The Warriors
    Sure it's a B-movie but what a ride.
  • 7. Barry Lyndon
    Possibly the most underrated movie ever.Beautifully shot,emotional story and Kubrick's best looking picture ever.
  • 6. Apocalypse Now
    Best Vietnam movie ever.The 70s came to a close with this brilliant movie.Superb cast.
  • 5. Taxi Driver
    Should have won best picture instead of Rocky.DeNiro is fantastic and so is the young Jodie Foster.
  • 4. A Clockwork Orange
    Forbidden in some countries but ahead of its time,no doubt.Malcolm McDowell was never better than in this.
  • 3. Alien
    Among the top3 scary movies ever.Great characters and superior to all its sequels.Giger created a monster unlike anything ever seen.Scary today.
  • 2. Jaws
    The first summer blockbuster,earning over 100million.I didn't like swimming months after seing this.Robert Shaw should have won an oscar.
  • 1. The Godfather 1&2
    Both masterpieces.Great acting,story,dialogue,portraits,photo,music.
Comedies like Monty Python and the holy grail,young frankenstein,blazing saddles.Cult movies like Duel,Enter the Dragon,DeathRace2000.Oh,and Dirty Harry too.Lots of other great movies that sadly didn't make top10 of mine.
By: Isaac
  • 10. Jesus Of Nazereth By Zefferelli
    I remember queueing for hours and it was something like 5 hours long, beats Gibson's Passion hands down!
  • 9. Live And Let Die!
    Loved the musical score by Paul McCartney and hey Bond is always fun :)
  • 8. Alien
    I still get indigestion thinking about it, wonder if pepto bismo can cure this alien onslaught :)
  • 7. Young Frankinstein
    You gotta love Marty, what a shame he died so young and we didn't get to share more laughs with him.
  • 6. Blazing Saddles
    In this case beans don't mean Heinz :)
  • 5. Grease
    Amazing how it still is the word!
  • 4. Saturday Night Fever
    Anyone want a bucket of paint :)
  • 3. Godfathers I+2
    Classics both of them.
  • 2. Jaws
    I still get goose bumps watching it!
  • 1. Starwars
    I'm a Sci-Fi fan what can I say:)
This was back in the days when it took about 10 years to see something on Irish TV channels so if you liked one you went back a second and third time. These days the DVD is out for sale when you leave the theatre :).
By: Cheyenne
  • 10. Saturday Night Fever
  • 9. The Omen
  • 8. Animal House
    had really cute guys in it
  • 7. The Exorcist
    scary movie
  • 6. The Fury(1977)
    Amy Irving was GREAT in this movie.
  • 5. Freaky Friday
  • 4. Rock And Roll High School(1979)
    the second best musical i have even seen!
  • 3. Grease(1978)
    best musical of all times!
  • 2. Halloween(1978)
    really great horror film!
  • 1. Carrie(1976)
    THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIMES AND BASED ON A GREAT BOOK TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all this movies came out over 10 years before i was born
By: Deborah L. D'Ambrosi
  • 10. Airport 1977
  • 9. Coal Miner's Daughter
  • 8. 9 To 5
  • 7. Beyond The Poseidon Adventure
  • 6. Papillon
  • 5. Superman
  • 4. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
  • 3. Earthquake
  • 2. The Towering Inferno
  • 1. The Poseidon Adventure
    If it had'nt been for this movie. I would never had been introduced to the incredible actor, Fred Sadoff who played Linarcos. He was perfect for the part: "Your business is to deliver this ship! Where we want it! When we want it!" Fell in love with him and this wonderful film ever since. I even built a website for him: This movie still reigns supreme.
Fred Sadoff rules!!!!!
By: sam
  • 10. Deliverence
  • 9. Watership Down
    really sad
  • 8. Serpico
    Pacino is really good
  • 7. Carrie
    crazy, scary film
  • 6. Saturday Night Fever
    "just watch the hair!"
  • 5. Apocalpse Now
  • 4. The Deer Hunter
  • 3. Mean Streets
    a really good film
  • 2. Taxi Driver
    De Niro is so good in this film!
  • 1. The Godfather
    Just Brilliant!

By: Cheyenne
  • 10. Ruby Or Blood Ruby
    good movie
  • 9. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
    good film form the early 70's
  • 8. When A Stranger Calls
    good movie
  • 7. Rock And Roll High School
    Great musical and P.j soles was in alot of movies in the late 70's
  • 6. Annie Hall
    the crab sene was Very fun
  • 5. Animal House
    i love the food fight sene
  • 4. Bad News Bears
    Very fun film
  • 3. Grease
    Amazing Musical
  • 2. Halloween
    Great movie
  • 1. Carrie
    best movie . the parts of the movie is the part were Sissy Spacek and Piper Lauire are fighting
I love movies from the 70's to bad I was born in 1991. no decade has better film at least not horror films like the 1970's
By: Chris Berry
  • 10. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    I seen this when I turned 9 and it still sticks in my head (more for the soundtrack)
  • 9. Deep Throat
    Didnt win an oscar but made just as much money
  • 8. The Deer Hunter
    Damn good movie Christopher Walken won an oscar that guy is weird
  • 7. The Godfather: Part II
    Best Picture of 1975 Robert De Niro won an oscar
  • 6. The Godfather
    Best picture of 1973
  • 5. The French Connection
    I would love to see a remake of this one also
  • 4. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
    I love this movi
  • 3. Apocalypse Now
    Charlie Don't Surf!
  • 2. Lady Sings The Blues
    I would like to see a remake of this with Jamiee Foxx, Halley Berry, and Don Cheadle Diana Ross .... Billie Holiday Billy Dee Williams .... Louis McKay Richard Pryor .... Piano Man James T. Callahan .... Reg Hanley Paul Hampton .... Harry Sid Melton .... Jerry Virginia Capers .... Mama Holliday Yvonne Fair .... Yvonne Scatman Crothers .... Big Ben Robert L. Gordy .... Hawk Harry Caesar .... The Rapist Milton Selzer .... The Doctor Ned Glass .... Agent Paulene Myers .... Mrs. Edson Isabel Sanford .... First Madame (more)
  • 1. The Mack
    This movie is awsome Max Julien .... Goldie Don Gordon .... Hank Richard Pryor .... Slim
American Graffiti (1973), Annie Hall (1977),Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977),M*A*S*H (1970),Taxi Driver (1976)

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