Top Ten Movies of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 70s?

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By: linzi
  • 10. The Godfather
  • 9. Superman
    Arh Superman what would we do without him?!
  • 8. Shaft
  • 7. Scarface
    Made to watch with BF and to be fair running out of choices. Say hello to my lil friend!!!
  • 6. Rocky
    I really wanted Rocky to win, almost to the point where you feel its quite feel and you are starting to get emotional when he gets hit again and again
  • 5. Star Wars
  • 4. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    I used to think it was weird but i was strangely attracted to it especially the sound track.
  • 3. Pippi Longstocking
    I used to get called this when younger so like it for personal reasons and before anyone asks no i am not ginger (not that theres anything wrong with that) but because i used to wear the hair in pig tails and came skipping down the hill with my bag swinging.
  • 2. Jaws
    The noise still brings fear, du duh du duh du duh hehe
  • 1. Grease
    Loved it, classic!!
Just a favour...does anyone know the title to the film i'm thinking of, its really annoying me. So i'll describe it, the main girl in it is a dancer and she performs in front of judges, she works at a machine type place and theres an infamous scene with her wearing a mask and holding a blow torch. Also i think JLo copied parts of the film in one of her music videos. She dances on stage at one point and pours water all over her body. The girls name in the film might possibly be Jennifer too. If anyone knows please let me know as i have searched everywhere. I thought it was made in the 80's but now not too sure could poss be 70's and thats the period of grease. Thanks linzi
By: Kyle Toberman
  • 10. Superman
    I put it cause I think Christopher Reeves courageous and it sucks hes gone. Plus it's really the only 1 I like he's in
  • 9. Taxi Driver
    Just cause Jody Foster's young
  • 8. Grease
    John Travolta kicks a--. Ilike the T-Birds
  • 7. Young Frankenstien
    Mel Brooks and this whole thing's hilarious
  • 6. Halloween
    K the first 2 were good, then there were 8 more
  • 5. Smokey And The Bandit
    Trans Ams ROCK!!!
  • 4. Star Wars
    Come to the dark side. Sweet special effects
  • 3. Rocky
    who could forget all that meat punching?Stallones great
  • 2. Godfather 1 And 2
    Marlon Brando at his best
  • 1. JAWS
    THE GREATEST. Still scares people out of the water. well acted too, and great music.

By: Tommy
  • 10. Papillon
  • 9. Omen I
  • 8. Close Encounter Of Third Kind
  • 7. The Man With Golden Gun
  • 6. Jaws
  • 5. Superman
  • 4. The Exorcist
  • 3. The Godfather
  • 2. The French Connection
  • 1. Star Wars
Saturday Night Fever,Midnight Express,One flew over the cukoo's net,and the funny one Blazing Saddles
By: Ernie chartrand
  • 10. The Amityville Horror
  • 9. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
  • 8. One Flew Over The Coocoo's Nest
    one of nicholson's best performances
  • 7. Enter The Dragon
  • 6. Star Wars
    george lucas's best sci fi's
  • 5. The Exorcist
  • 4. Jaws
  • 3. The Godfather
    the best mobster films to this day
  • 2. Superman
    the best of the superhero's
  • 1. The Phantom Of The Paradise
    brian depalma's first film

By: Joel
  • 10. The Conversation
    The second of the Hackman films in my Top Ten.
  • 9. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
    Jacky boy's finest. Chinatown is a masterpiece, but this just sneaks into the list.
  • 8. Lie And Let Die
    The best Moore flick, edges out Diamonds are Forever.
  • 7. Mean Streets
  • 6. Apocalypse Now
  • 5. The French Connection
  • 4. Star Wars
  • 3. Taxi Driver
  • 2. The Godfather II
  • 1. The Godfather
    Need I say more?

By: eddy edwards
  • 10. Enter The Dragon
    all martial arts movies are compared to this one
  • 9. Escape From Alcatraz
    second most underated movie ever
  • 8. Jaws
    only the first one. not the 18 made after
  • 7. Grease
    you could still remain tough despite singing and dancing
  • 6. Superman
    made boys want to fly long before michael jordan
  • 5. The Sting
    the most underated movie ever
  • 4. Star Wars
    the saga begins.....well in the middle
  • 3. One Flew Over A Cuckoos Nest
    acting. screenplay. emotion. superb
  • 2. Rocky
    you keep shadow boxing long after movie finishes
  • 1. The Godfather 1 & 2
    two parts of same movie. never will there be a collection of great actors at the peak of their powers again.

By: yavuz tamer
  • 10. Jaws
  • 9. The Deer Hunter
  • 8. Apocalypse Now
  • 7. Taxi Driver
  • 6. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
  • 5. Star Wars
  • 4. A Clockwork Orange
  • 3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo' S Nest
  • 2. The Gotfather
  • 1. The Gotfather 2

By: tom
  • 10. The Exorcist
  • 9. Taxi Driver
  • 8. Live And Let Die
  • 7. Apocalypse Now
  • 6. Superman
  • 5. Grease
  • 4. Jaws
  • 3. The Godfather Part II
  • 2. The Godfather Part I
  • 1. Star Wars

By: Brandon
  • 10. Dirty Harry
  • 9. Apocalypse Now
  • 8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • 7. Halloween
  • 6. The Exorcist
    Little girl possesed by the devil.
  • 5. Cool Hand Luke
    Paul Newman plays Luke, a wise guy who tries to escape from prison.
  • 4. Rocky
  • 3. Jaws
    Big Fish. Dead People
  • 2. Star Wars
    enough said
  • 1. Slap Shot
    Paul Newman plays Reggie Dunlop a coach and player on the losing Charlestown Chiefs hockey team.

By: LJ
  • 10. The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea (1976)
    The most erotic, haunting love story-EVER!
  • 9. Taxi Driver (1976)
    The epitome of a Scorcese movie-with not only DeNiro's best performance but also a surprising one from Cybill Sheperd
  • 8. The Godfather (1972)
    Need I say anything more?
  • 7. Black Christmas (1974)
    The forebear of all holiday themed horror movies. One of the scariest movies ever made.
  • 6. Citizen's Band (1977)
    The best ensemble dramedy since NASHVILLE -with a major performance by Ann Wedgeworth
  • 5. Shampoo (1975)
    Ending my 1975 quintet-this is the most sensual, sexual comedy of the decade. Warren Beatty has never been better nor has Goldie Hawn. With one of the most controversial scenes ever.
  • 4. Smile(1975)
    The most simple of stories told in a almost documentary style . A great tapestry of America in the 70s-with perhaps the decades most overlooked performance by Barbara Feldon who went from "99" to a 100 percent . Ive watched this nearly a dozen times.
  • 3. Dog Day Afternoon(1975)
    If there is such thing as a dramediller (drama/comedy/thriller) -this is it. An amazing character study-you're riveted from beginning to end
  • 2. Nashville (1975)
    The most complex, involving "musical" ever . The standout here -of many characters-is the heartwrenchingly hilarious Barbara Harris
  • 1. Day Of The Locust (1975)
    An amazing Karen Black performance in a year she gave 3- on tv in TRILOGY OF TERROR and supporting in NASHVILLE. Also has the most haunting ending...ever! A masterpiece
also: Godfather Part 2, Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, Magic, The Way We Were, The Man Who Would Be King, Death Wish, The Bad News Bears, The Fortune, Rolling Thunder, Two Minute Warning, Lipstick, Gable and Lombard

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