Top Ten Movies of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 70s?

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By: Big Herman
  • 10. Lisztomania (1975)
    Yeah, Baby! Yeah!
  • 9. The Driver (1978)
    There is only one Walter Hill under God!
  • 8. Un Homme Est Mort (1972)
    French Gangstermovie in Amerika. Tough stuff!
  • 7. Fedora (1978)
    Billy Wilder thinks abaout THANATOS. It's dark, out there.
  • 6. The Legacy (1978)
    The Devil is dying and Katharine Ross must follow her father. Great Shit!
  • 5. Up! (1976)
    Russ Meyer at his best!
  • 4. Coffy (1973)
    Black-Sister-Power, better than today's crap!
  • 3. Breezy (1973)
    Clint Eastwood's Midlife-Crisis-Superman.
  • 2. Demon Seed (1977)
    Julie gets pregnant of a!
  • 1. 1900 (1976)
    Bertolucci's "Once upon a time in AMerika", a communist epos!
TheRock's List is absolutly fantastic! So, my choices are the most freak-out-movies i've seen!
By: Billy
  • 10. Soylent Green
    It's been a while since I've seen this, but I do know that I loved it. Hmmm... I wonder if, in the future, food will be made out of people. Hey, they probably do it now and we just hadn't caught on yet.
  • 9. The Poseidon Adventure
    What's a scarier thought than being on a ship that capsizes in the middle of the ocean? Well, maybe stepping on a land mine or walking into a spiderweb. But, this movie is still a great film.
  • 8. The Shining
    Yes, another Kubrick film. I've read somewhere, if you're a die-hard Stephen King fan, you'd hate this movie. See, I'm not a DIE-HARD fan, but I AM a fan of SK. But, I prefer this one over the TV re-make, though that one was more faithful to the book, that just didn't make it better.
  • 7. A Clockwork Orange
    WOW! That's all I have to say. I'm a big fan of Stanley Kubrick, but this movie is one that gets you to thinkin'. About what? A bit of the ol' ultraviolence.
  • 6. Carrie
    Sissy Spacek's performance was so chilling and convincing as the tortured Carrie White. A girl with telekinetic powers, she ends up killing everyone at the prom, after a horrible prank was pulled. The prank? Pigs blood.
  • 5. Young Frankenstein
    "Vould you like a roll in ze hay?" This movie is a non-stop riot. I love it. Gene Wilder was at his best here.
  • 4. Dawn Of The Dead
    I'm a big fan of the Dead series. But, Dawn is my personal favorite. Then there's Night then Day. I remember several years ago, I saw a scene in a Dead movie, where a man was lying on the floor while zombies were pulling out his intestines. Before, I thought it was one of the many Night of the Living Dead movies, but after I bought Dawn on DVD, I found out it's this one. The re-make wasn't all that bad.
  • 3. Tommy: The Movie
    Based off of the rock-opera by The Who, this movie is still amazing to watch. Not one line of spoken dialogue. Either the actors and actresses are singing or there's only music. Great appearances by Tina Turner(I LOVE the Acid Queen), Paul Nicholas, Elton John, Eric Clapton, and even Jack Nicholson(who knew he could sing?).
  • 2. The Exorcist
    I'd have to say one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Linda Blair, who was only 12 at the time, was amazing. And the fact of how they got actress Mercedes McCambrigde to speak in that voice is cool.
  • 1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    I first saw this movie when I was 17. My mom bought it for me on video on December 12, 2002. Even though I've watched over and over and over again, I never get tired of it. Tim Curry in fishnets, a corset, garter belt, platforms, and make-up? *howl*
I wasn't born in the '70's but I thoroughly enjoy movies from then. I was born in 1985. And, yes, I have a greater love for the '80's, but the '70's was still cool.
By: David
  • 10. Bad News Bears
    This may seem a bit weak compared to the rest of the lineup(ha ha), but have you seen it recently? More than just a baseball movie, this is the true time capsule of 70's burdgeoning suburbia. It is completely politically incorrect. The manager (played by marvellous Walter Matthau) is a self loathing drunk. The kids are all diverse and completley adorable, but very real, unlike the standard in Hollywood today. The shortstop is a racist, the catcher is overweight with an attitude, the star outfielder an unloved thug. Throw in a girl pitcher, an abusive opposing manager, and the operatic score of Carmen, and you have a unique, and yet authentic picture of what the tough reality is like for kids in the world of america's great pastime, and competition in general. Not all win, some get hurt, but you learn to live to fight another day.
  • 9. The Warriors
    I don't know if it's just cause I first saw this as a kid, but whoah, what a movie. Some say it lacks authenticity of real gangland warfare, but I say who cares. It's in the mood and environment of this film that takes you away. A gangster film that is really fun to watch, fast paced action, and memorable music and dialogue. Full of futuristic morbidity, the gangs are scary, the colourful graffiti and uniforms are perfectly antithetical to the dark, silent, abandoned New York we encounter. Suspenseful storyline grabs hold of you and desperately holds your attention to our hero's plight to make it home. Fantastic sure, but who cares. Let's see Snake Pliskin get out of this one.
  • 8. Grease
    There's really nothing to not like about this dreamy revisionist musical comedy of the 50's. The music, characters, sweetness, and pacing are top notch and have made this a timeless classic. Pure fun, and much better, atlthough different, than American Graffitti in most aspects.
  • 7. Jaws
    Classic Spielberg suspense flic is in my opinion still his best. Forgotten about are the warm characters who bring this fishtale horror to life.
  • 6. Manhattan
    This film is better overall than Allen's Annie Hall, minus the adorable performance of Diane Keaton from that picture. In glorious black and white, underlining the upheaval of traditional American values in the 70's that Allen expertly dissects.
  • 5. Apocalypse Now
    Coppola's second greatest achievement. Martin Sheen's underrated performance is his best, and he's the glue that holds it all together. You'll never find better cinematography anywhere.
  • 4. Taxi Driver
    De Nero and Scorsese at their best really. Fascinatingly creepy, maybe the first real glimpse into how the mind of the urban outcast makes the leap to psychotic. Like Fever, another 70's New York time capsule.
  • 3. Saturday Night Fever
    Irresistable music and performance by John Travolta. Underappreciated tough story, that ties up ends nicely, after some tragic events and revelations by our hero. The movie where you watch Johnny grow up. The talisman of 70's New York culture.
  • 2. Star Wars
    Probably my favorite movie of all time. Absolute magic. This first film in the trilogy had no budget, so a lot must be said for Lucas and his team in terms of imagination and ingenuity.
  • 1. Godfather/Godfather II
    Like some other listers here, I think these two both need to be seen for the full experience. Part 2 is probably better but doesn't have Brando. This is the master Coppola at his best in terms of the grand scope of story, characters, music, suspense, and social relevance.
If I could have a number 11 it would be Looking For Mr. Goodbar. This is the heart wrenching flipside of Saturday Night Fever, exploring a young woman's exploits in her search for free love and independence. Diane Keaton is superb and you want to be the guy that she's looking for. Unfortunately, I think this could have had a different ending than the morbid one that it was given, and could have had a bigger social and cinematic impact. But it still has a great 70's soundtrack and Keaton at her engaging best.
By: Edin
  • 10. The Usual Suspects
    Excellent Movie. Who Is Keyser Soze? 8.3/10
  • 9. The Shining
    TERROR FROM WITHIN. "I am not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in" 8.4/10
  • 8. Goodfellas
    Robert De Niro's fourth film in the TOP TEN. True Story from the Mafia Life 8.6/10
  • 7. Raging Bull
    Robert De Niro proves right here why he is THE BEST Actor of all time!!!! 8.9/10
  • 6. The Deer Hunter
    A horrifying and shattering experience of three friends before, during and after the Vietnam war. The most horrifying scenes ever filmed. 9.1/10
  • 5. The Silence Of The Lambs
    Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress. Need To Say Anything Else? 9.1/10
  • 4. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
    Jack Nicholson At His Best. A Classic 9.2/10
  • 3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
    Jack Nicholson At His Best. A Classic 9.2/10
  • 2. The Godfather Part II
    The continuous saga of the first film, the best sequel of all time 9.6/10
  • 1. The Godfather
    The best movie of all time 9.9/10

By: bill
  • 10. Star Wars
  • 9. Jaws
  • 8. Deliverance
  • 7. Apocalypse Now
  • 6. Doctor Strangelove
  • 5. Rocky
  • 4. The Godfather
  • 3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • 2. The Shinning
  • 1. A Clockwork Orange

By: Juan Jurado
  • 10. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
    The 70's were maybe the best decade of the century for sci-fiction films!
  • 9. The Exorcist
  • 8. The Shining
    Thrilling, amusing, scary, one of Nicholson's best performance.
  • 7. A Clockwork Orange
    Kubrick's best!
  • 6. Alien
    My second favourite sci-fiction movie. (# 1: Aliens)
  • 5. Taxi Driver
    Certainly Scorcece's best movie.
  • 4. Star Wars: A New Hope
  • 3. The Godfather
    Some parts are boring but the rest is all good.
  • 2. The Godfather, part II
    Better than the first. Best sequel of all-time.
  • 1. Apocalypse Now
    Best movie i've ever seen. 10/10. Excellent job from Coppola, Brando and Martin Sheen.

By: Tony
  • 10. Day Of The Jackal
  • 9. The Deer Hunter
  • 8. Halloween
  • 7. Kramer Vs Kramer
  • 6. Star Wars
    A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away...
  • 5. Jaws
    We're gonna need a bigger boat.
  • 4. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
  • 3. Dog Day Afternoon
    Attica! Attica!
  • 2. The GodFather Part I
    I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.
  • 1. The GodFather II
    Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.
So many great films, how can one really come up with a top ten list? Other favorites: Midnight Express, Deliverance, Apocalypse Now, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Alien, The Excorcist, Patton. The 70's was definitely the greates era of filmmaking.
By: Darren
  • 10. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    It spawned a cult following, and, because it is still performed in back-alley playhouses to this day, I was groped in a theater while trying to fill a Societies credit requirement. Thanks a lot, Tim Curry.
  • 9. Deer Hunter
    Rolling Rock. That's good beer.
  • 8. Apocolypse Now
    I've never seen it, but it sounds pretty cool.
  • 7. Death Race 2000
    Stallone's first movie. With a whopping budget of $23.72, it keeps you glued to your seat (because $20 of that was spend on a roll of duct tape).
  • 6. Dirty Harry
    He hates n----rs, spicks, Jews, chinks.... but especially spicks. Do YOU feel lucky?
  • 5. Jaws
    I almost beat up Richard Dreyfuss's kid at a party once. This movie saved him (really).
  • 4. Godfather.
    It's pretty sweet.
  • 3. Taxi Driver
    Anything with a mohawk is cool. Taxi driver=cool.
  • 2. Blazing Saddles.
    The funniest movie in the history of motion pictures.
  • 1. Star Wars
    Are you kidding? Nothing better, ever.

By: Max
  • 10. To Kill A Mockingbird
  • 9. Casablanca
  • 8. Godfather 2
  • 7. Dog Day Afternoon
  • 6. It's A Wonderful Life
  • 5. Ferris Bueler's Day Off
  • 4. Rain Man
  • 3. The Graduate
  • 2. Godfather 1
  • 1. The Shawshank Redemption

By: sam
  • 10. Exorcist
    some people made such a huge deal about this film when it was released and some people still do , but in my eyes just a film which in some bits was scary but not a scary movie to be honest with you.
  • 9. Taxi Driver
    Another great movie for robert de niro and he plays a good part again , i like this movie alot because im a big fan of roberts work and he plays this part well , he really gets into character and thats hard to do.
  • 8. Alien
    alien is a huge movie now and it is considered to be one of the scariest movies ever , really good film to watch but it aint that scary.
  • 7. Halloween
    halloween was a more scary film back in the 70s because , u get to see what a serial killer is like and these days it takes it over the top , quite a good film .
  • 6. The Deer Hunter
    robert de niro play as marvellous part in this film , and the film was quite succesfull but not on of my favourites.
  • 5. Jaws
    quite intensly scary , never though that much of it as a kid , but still terrified to go back in the water , good film
  • 4. Grease
    its a good film with great acting and its alot of fun to sing along with u and its become hugely popular.
  • 3. Rocky
    this is a fantastic film and it shows how great sylvester stallone was back in those days , really good must see film .
  • 2. Star Wars
    this movie actually did nothing to excite me , kinda boring and i just dident like the way they acted , truly awful film
  • 1. The Godfather
    i think the godfather is the greatest movie of all time , infact i know its the greatest movie all time .
the films that are out now are not as good as these classics , some time i would like to see remakes of these fantastic films.

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