Top Ten Movies of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite movies from the 70s?

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By: Philip Gilpin
  • 10. The Towering Inferno 1974
    classic disaster movie
  • 9. Monty Pyton Quest For The Holy Grail 1975
    slapstick comedy.. Made in england
  • 8. The Warriors 1979
    cult gang movie with James Remar.. awesome
  • 7. Death Wish 1974
    What we would all like to do to those annoying people in your face all the time. Bronson was class
  • 6. High Plains Drifter 1973
    Anyone who paints a town red is my guy..
  • 5. Dirty Harry 1971
    Clint is awesome, again enough said
  • 4. Chisum 1970
    John Wayne again but the mans a god..
  • 3. Star Wars.. A New Hope
    enough has been said about this classic.
  • 2. Rooster Cogburn
    Classic John of his last. and best
  • 1. Jaws 1977
    " We're gonna need a bigger boat".... " Dont wait for me "... Heres to swimming with bowlegged women.. enough said
anything couldve made the list after all its just my opinion
By: jj
  • 10. God Father 2
    i shudder
  • 9. Dirty Dancing
    even worse
  • 8. Alien
  • 7. Apocalypse Now
  • 6. The God Father
  • 5. Star Wars
    i loved it
  • 4. Rocky Horror
    so hilarious. I love the song "in the window of the frankenstein house"
  • 3. Saturday Night Fever
    i loved dancing along
  • 2. Jaws
    it was sooo freaky
  • 1. Grease
    I love the charachters and when I was a kid i wanted to fall in love with danny

By: Tamara
  • 10. Harold And Maude
    An incredible love story told in such an eclectic and witty fashion. LOVE IT! A must see.
  • 9. Enter The Dragon
    Quintessential Bruce Lee, the Master of Martial Arts; he who introduced martial arts to American society. If you love action, there's plenty of it here.
  • 8. The Godfather
    An American family with a bit of a twist. Excellent performances by Pacino and Brando.
  • 7. Superfly
    Sexy Ron O'Neil sets the tone in the standard movie for all Blaxploitation films to follow. Cool, and really important in Black culture as far as films go.
  • 6. The Muppet Movie
    Nothing like 'em! Brilliant writing, lots of fun. And those CAMEOS! Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Carol Kane...the list goes on.
  • 5. Saturday Night Fever
    Put disco and Travolta on the map. Best soundtrack ever made.
  • 4. The Exorcist
    The SCARIEST movie I have ever seen in my life, even to this day. I still can't watch it from start to finish if I am alone.
  • 3. Grease
    Oh YEAH! It's so amazing when the film translates the story even better than the original stage production. This is one of the best films ever. Everything about the production is nearly perfect--from the actors to the music and everything in between; I never get tired of watching it.
  • 2. Jaws
    Phenomenal. Who knew that we would all be so affected by a movie about a shark?
  • 1. Star Wars

By: Jeff Leonhardt
  • 10. King Kong
    70's escapism. Big production and fun. Big World Trade Center scenes.
  • 9. Smokey And The Bandit
    Just fun entertainment. No oscars here, but a great film.
  • 8. Soylent Green
    Best ending since Planet of the Apes!
  • 7. Logan's Run
    Fun Sci-Fi. A classic.
  • 6. Poseidon Adventure
    Fantastic drama. Great idea, great acting. My first drive-in movie.
  • 5. Phantasm
    Great entertainment and memories. Low budget and yet well done. GREAT mucic. Don Cascarelli
  • 4. Halloween
    Most successful independent film of the 70's and 80's. Original and scary. Great music. John Carpenter.
  • 3. Jaws
    Created the summer blockbuster. Scared us to death. Steven Speilberg.
  • 2. Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind
    The flip side of Star Wars. Fills the viewer with awe and wonderment. Steven Spielberg.
  • 1. Star Wars
    Rekindled the Sci-Fi genre. Pioneering effects. A great story and universe. George Lucas.

By: rick parker
  • 10. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    personally i couldn't type enough words to say how much i love this flim which wasn't even a big screen movie but a made for t.v. movie. for me this was the "star wars" of horror flims in terms of impact. alot of us who where kids in the 70's strongly remember this if happpened to catch it. trust it is a classic.
  • 9. The Brood
    very much a cronenberg flim. this is another flim that captured my attention as a kid but to young and to scared to watch at the time,however, it is for all its low budget limitations very effective and is more about the story and images then alll out gore/blood factor.
  • 8. Carrie
    two words: 1.scary 2.awsome. one the most unforgettable/memorible scenes in movie history. the prom scene with the bucket of pig's blood and all unhappy results that follow even today at 32yrs old i still find that scene very creepy along with the cruifix with the glowing eyes.
  • 7. The Deer Hunter
    a very understated flim yet very well done. very much a "story" flim
  • 6. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
    this flim frightened me as kid in 77 , however, i have been able to enjoy it since then in it's proper perspective. thank goodness!!! a perfect combo of suspense, wonder, comedy, seriousness and majic.
  • 5. Rocky
    once again a often imitated winning formula that just couldn't be done as good again most of the martal arts actors of the 80's and 90's owe their careers to this movie and it's main theme.
  • 4. Superman
    still in THe best adaptation of a comic book hero on the big screen yet. although the fashions in the movie are very dated now the rest of the flim still holds up very well this movie should be viewed more often by sci-fi/fantasy producers and directers on how to make great special effects films without turning it into cartoon or video game.
  • 3. Sat. Night Fever
    any film that can so strongly influence music and fashion in the real world must be doing something right. a great flim despite a rather medicore story. will always love this flim.
  • 2. Alien
    this was "darker" side of the sci-fi expolsion. like star wars it was often copied in some way or another either on big screen or small screen and still a big influence on "dark" sci-fi flims to this day. also must be noted that the actual "alien" creature in the flim is in my opinion "THE" most frightening AND orignal concept of movie monster ever!
  • 1. Star Wars
    even without the rest of the trilogy this film would stand on it's own and have same impact it did. i was seven yrs old and will never forget the opening scene with the stardestroyer seeming to fly right over my head. unforgettable a timeless classic.
i know in making this list that i have omitted alot of other very worthy films such as the godfather, jaws, grease, the omen, deliverance etc. , however, this list is a personal one and reflects the flims that impacted me the most emotionally and have stayed with me the longest and also have the strongest apppeal in a sense of nostalgia
By: Giancarlo
  • 10. Kramer Vs.kramer
  • 9. Jaws
  • 8. Manhattan
  • 7. The Conversation
  • 6. Dog's Day Afternoon
  • 5. Taxi Driver
  • 4. The Godfather
  • 3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  • 2. The Exorcist
  • 1. Cabaret

By: Michael
  • 10. The Sting
  • 9. Saturday Night Fever
  • 8. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
  • 7. Grease
  • 6. The Omen
  • 5. The Exorcist
  • 4. The Godfather
  • 3. Superman
  • 2. Jaws
  • 1. Star Wars
    One of the greatest movies ever. beaten only by its sequels. I love it.

By: James
  • 10. Star Wars
    Even people who weren't fans of Star Wars were going around wearing Star Wars stuff in 1977.
  • 9. American Graffiti
    Not many movies have that many actors that went on to that much success. Great to watch this movie now and see Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, and even Suzanne Somers looking so young.
  • 8. Smokey And The Bandit
    Ok, not exactly a great cinematic achievment, but a lot of fun with some cool chase scenes. This movie also helped to spur the CB craze of the late 70's, for better and worse.
  • 7. Apocalypse Now
    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
  • 6. A Clockwork Orange
    Malcolm McDowell strapped to a chair with his eyes forced open wathing horrible images. That scene sticks with me more than any other.
  • 5. Grease
    Yes, I'm a guy. No, this is not on here by mistake. If nothing else, it earns a spot because of the soundtrack. John Travolta sings, Olivia Newton John acts, and you don't really think twice about it.
  • 4. Superman: The Movie
    Looking at it today, some of the special effects look cheesy, but the movie was ahead of it's time in many ways.
  • 3. The Longest Yard
    One of Burt Reynolds best movies when he was probably the biggest star in Hollywood.
  • 2. Young Frankenstien
    The first movie I have a memory of seeing in a theater. Mel Brooks being an early influence on my life really explains a lot.
  • 1. Animal House
    It made John Belushi a legend for some and spawned countless other movies with the same comedic feel. Interesting note: Donald Sutherland was offered a percentage of the profits for his role in the movie. He turned it down and chose to work for scale. DOH!

By: Daisy
  • 10. Love Story
    Yeah I know its sppy but I like it still.My parents live this movie because they watched during one of their dates.
  • 9. The Exorcist
    It used to scare the heck out of me when I was 15 but now (5 years later) I can watch it alone on a dark stormy night with the lights off.
  • 8. Annie Hall
    Its really cool.I like the ways Woody Allen explained his thoughts on ralationships.Innovative.
  • 7. American Grafitti
    Im not really a fan of the Star Wars films.But I really like this one.George Lucas should make more movies like this.The new Star Wars movies sucks anyway.
  • 6. Grease
    I like everything except when Olivia Newton John changed herself to please John Travolta.She's better off being the good girl.
  • 5. Kramer Vs. Kramer
    I wouldnt get sick of watching this one.My favorite scenes are when Justin Henry is attempting to eat the ice cream and Dustin Hoffman was getting angry,the other one is when Dustin was explaining to Justin that Meryll Streep is going to bring him home.
  • 4. Taxi Driver
    Great score,story,acting and cinematography.
  • 3. The Deer Hunter
    Tragic yet intriguing.
  • 2. Chinatown
    Unconventional,one of Polanski's classics!
  • 1. The Godfather 1&2
    Two of the greatest epics ever made but for me the first one is better than the second.

By: Stephen Imbriglia
  • 10. Animal House
  • 9. The Sting
  • 8. Slap Shot
  • 7. Star Wars
  • 6. Rocky
  • 5. Roller Ball
  • 4. Blazing Saddles
  • 3. Halloween
  • 2. Jaws
  • 1. Bad News Bears

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