Top Ten Albums of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 70s?

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    By: Daniel
    • 10. Paranoid by Black Sabbath
      HEAVY crunching doom metal gets it's first masterpiece
    • 9. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
      I know it's higher on others lists, but oh well...gotta love the echo and atmosphere of the whole thing...the guitar solo on time is my fav of all time
    • 8. Superfly by Curtis Mayfield
      Be a winner!! Curtis's positive message shines through on this soundtrack album that is super FUNKY, super soulful, and blows the muthas away...dig
    • 7. Band of Gypsys by Hendrix/BOG
      THE funk/rock album of all time. Just makes into the seventies, being recorded new year's day '70
    • 6. Van Halen by Van Halen
      Wow! Guitar playing would never be the same and DLR rocks on the first, most hardcore VH album
    • 5. Eat a Peach by Allman Bros. Band
      I guess you could say my fav allman bros. album. Mountain jam is amazing, blue sky and little martha stand the test of time
    • 4. Sticky Fingers by Rolling Stones
      I don't know if it should really be this high on my list, but oh well. Just a solid rock album.
    • 3. Manassas by Stephen Stills/Manassas
      Underappreciated album from stills and friends playing rockin' blues,latin,bluegrass,and folk music....awesome
    • 2. Santana (III) by Santana
      It was hard to choose this one. Santana's 2nd or 4th albums could easily be in my top 10 as well. This is probably the most fiery and intense of the initial santana albums....unbelievable....
    • 1. Who's Next by The Who
      Rock's ultimate album. Rock and Roll will save the world....

    Zep's third album shoulda been in the list now that I think of it. Other close calls include:Quadrophenia and Live at Leeds from the Who; the wall and meddle from floyd; the mahavishnu orchestra's fusion mindblower 'the inner mounting flame', and basically all zep albums from the 70s
    By: Greg Gale
    • 10. Let There Be Rock by AC/DC
    • 9. The Long Run by The Eagles
    • 8. Desolation Boulevard by The Sweet
    • 7. City to City by Gerry Rafferty
    • 6. A Day At The Races by Queen
    • 5. ELO by A New World Record
    • 4. Boston by Boston
    • 3. Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf
    • 2. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
    • 1. Hotel California by The Eagles
      No. 1 by a long way. Best album ever.

    By: Robert Grazer
    • 10. Fragile by Yes
    • 9. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
    • 8. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
    • 7. Boston by Boston
    • 6. Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull
    • 5. Relayer by Yes
    • 4. Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd
    • 3. The Yes Album by Yes
    • 2. Close to the Edge by Yes
    • 1. Animals by Pink Floyd

    By: Robert Grazer
    • 10. Fragile by Yes
      Overrated by some, but great nonetheless.
    • 9. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
      What's to say.
    • 8. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
      This is one of the most incredible pieces of music making ever. The surrounding "Shine on Your Crazy Diamons" are brillant. It is easy to see that those are probably the most heartfelt songs the band ever did. In the center we have "Welcome to the Machine," an atmospheric masterpiece that ranks as one of the best songs Floyd ever did. "Have a Cigar" is the happiest song on the album. "Wish You Were Here" is a great title track.
    • 7. Boston by Boston
      Every song here is a classic. My favorite is probably "Foreplay/Long Time," but they are all really great.
    • 6. Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull
      The famous one song album. Not half bad! It's great from start to finish, even if it takes forty-three minutes to get there.
    • 5. Relayer by Yes
      I love progressive rock. This is one of the best progressive albums ever. "The Gates of Delirium" is an amazing side-long.
    • 4. Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd
      The most underrated album of all time. Every song here is great. "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" is a little gross though...
    • 3. The Yes Album by Yes
      Yes' first progressive album is one to worshipped by everyone who likes prog rock.
    • 2. Close to the Edge by Yes
      All of Yes' best qualities compacted into a single album. Not one to miss.
    • 1. Animals by Pink Floyd
      The single most cynical, pissed off, hatefulk album ever made. The music is almost all Waters and he shows us how to make a classic.

    Pink Floyd and Yes are my personal favorites of the 70s as you may have already guessed.
    By: Nöla
    • 10. Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper
    • 9. Desertshore by Nico
    • 8. Kraftwerk by The Man Machine
    • 7. Diamond Dogs by David Bowie
    • 6. New Skin for the Old Ceremony by Leonard Cohen
    • 5. Drama of Exile by Nico
      recorded in 1979... delayed because she sold the master tapes for drugs, then released a couple years later. So, technically from the 70's
    • 4. Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan
    • 3. Heroes by David Bowie
    • 2. Songs of Love and Hate by Leonard Cohen
    • 1. The end by Nico

    It's my right to name the same people as many times as I want... get over it
    By: terry chambers
      probably not the first band to come to mind when you thinhk of the 70's in fact they probably don't come to mind at all. however every track on this little wonder is a gem. if you think my top ten is pants at least try to check this one out.
      this album was bought by everybody so why should i be any different.
      this album is a masterpiece.this was elo at their pinnacle. this album has to be in your 70's collection. this album has to be in any collection.this album is, well, pretty good.
      the best of paul post beatles.every track is superb and the who' who cover is brilliant.
    • 6. THE WHO by WHO'S NEXT
      never really liked them before this album or since come to think of it."won't get fooled again" has to be their best ever single and the strains of"baba o'reily" are magnificent.
      for all the same reasons as the previous caravan album on my list and anyway can you beat that title.
      these guys were the defining momement in my musicle life. if you ever want to get "lost" play this late at night with the lights down low.
      one of the best selling albums of all time.this is a classic masterpiece which can never be repeated. that incredible voice of clare torry on great gig in the sky. where is she now?
      his best album ever. who can forget that haunting piano from the title track. contains his funkiest hits jean jeanie and drive in saturday.
      the fist album i ever bought,marc bolan:god rock his soul. anyone who writes lyrics like "just like a car your pleasing to behold i'll call you jaguar if i may be so bold" is allwrite with me.

    By: enrique aguilar
    • 10. To all the albums I'm sure I'm spacing right now by Various Artists
    • 9. Modern Lovers by Modern Lovers
      While Jonathan has turned his back on this version of the lovers, this album is still the best work he ever did.
    • 8. Loaded by Velvet Underground
      Not their best stuff, but certainly their most mature.
    • 7. Los Angeles by X
      An extremely underated band.
    • 6. Al Green is Love by Al Green
      Al Green is love!
    • 5. Eternally Yours by The Saints
      So far ahead of it's time, most still haven't caught up. Aussie punks snubbing the noses at the sanctimonious English.
    • 4. Radio City by Big Star
      What you don't know is truly sad sometimes, and it is criminal that this band is relegated to the fringes of most peoples knowledge. Actually, any other their albums could have made this list.
    • 3. Horses by Patti Smith
      She rocks today, but she really ROCKED then. The bomb.
    • 2. The Clash (77) by The Clash
      This is the album that took punk away from the posturing of the pistols and gave it life. Sending a shout out to London Calling as well.
    • 1. Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan
      This album is simply one of the best ever recorded. Certainly Dylan's best.

    By: Stoli Lover
    • 10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) by Elton John
      "Love lies bleeding in my hand", "Grey Seal", & "Bennie & The Jets" are 3 songs that today still give me goose bumps. Very melodic, clear and dramatic songs.
    • 9. Rumours (1977) by Fleetwood Mac
      Who doesnt have this album in thier collection? 11 songs that almost all had readio play and several that were top 10 at 1 point or another.
    • 8. Whos Next (1971) by The Who (The Bloody Who to the purists)
      A rock and roll classic. A compilation that almost all were hits.
    • 7. Aqualung (1971) by Jethro Tull
      I head Aqualung once referred to as the "Rock & Roll Anthem" I have to concur.
    • 6. Dark Side Of the Moon (1973) by Pink Floyd
      On the charts until 1988! Thier lyrics are intense. Very skillfull musicians & song writers.
    • 5. Boston (1976) by Boston
      Not the most talented musicians or singers, but can anyone hear "More Than a Feeling" and not sing with the radio? I am from Cambridge MA, so I had to include this in the top 10. You know us yankees are loyal.
    • 4. We Sold Our Souls To Rock & Roll (1975) by Black Sabbath
      I'm not sure if it is appropriate to include a greatest hits album in the list, but i had to include this one. I loved B.S. and this encompassed so many of thier best songs. Especially "Only Fairies Wear Boots", "Paranoid", & "War Pigs" Such a poignant song wouldnt you say?
    • 3. Tie: 52cd Street (1978) The Stranger (1977) by Billy Joel
      "My Life", "Big Shot", "Honesty" "Movin Out", "Only the Good Die Young" - well written, well presented. I loved both of these albums equally.
    • 2. A Night At the Opera (1976) by Queen
      This is one of my favorite bands ever. So many of thier albums could have made this list in my opinon. (Lets forget about Hotspace if you please, but that was actually in the 80's so no harm no foul.) "My Best Friend" & "Bohemian Rhapsody" are 2 of my favorite songs. Rest in piece Freddie.
    • 1. Hemispheres (1978) by Rush
      I bet there are not many people listing this band, let alone this album on thier top 10, but the lyrics on this album are so deep and eloquent, the music so powerful and exceptional that it is my #1 all time 70's album. Permanent Wave (1980) just missed the cut by one year or it would have been #2 for me.

    A decade of bad clothes and great music. Some of my favorite memories as a child (I was born in 64) are brought back by the melodic sounds of the 70's. A top 10 list does not do the music of this decade justice. I could have easily come up with 25 viable "greats". By the way, the owner of this site has done a superb job with it! My best to all of you who peruse my top 10.
    By: Kyle McKey
    • 10. Aerosmith by Aerosmith
      The first album out of Aerosmith! 1973 was a musical year for Pink Floyd and Skynyrd. Add songs like 'Dream On' and 'Mama Kin' and you've got a year's worth of rock n' roll!
    • 9. Draw The Line by Aerosmith
      It isn't on par with standards like Toys In The Attic or Rocks, but it showcases some awesome guitar riffage. Songs like the title track and 'Kings And Queens' have great guitar solos.
    • 8. Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      Awesome record! It passes the test of time with flying colors. 'Money' is a song which is surely worth listening to.
    • 7. Rocks by Aerosmith
      Well, you probably know that I'm a huge Aerosmith fan by now...HUGE! Rocks was shipped platinum in early 1976. Make some trouble for yourself and buy it.
    • 6. Get Your Wings by Aerosmith
      While not as popular as 'Toys...,' '...Wings' proves to be an awesome effort. Any guitarists out there? It doesn't take a genius to realize that Joe Perry and brad Whitford are two of the best axe-men on the planet!
    • 5. Destroyer by Kiss
      In 1975, only ZZ Top and Aerosmith could compete with the success of Kiss. Destroyer chronicles Kiss's killer chops with songs like 'Detroit Rock City' and 'Shout It Out Loud'
    • 4. Boston by Boston
      Well, I know you probably own this one already. It is one of the best-selling albums ever. 5 million fans can't be wrong, can they?
    • 3. Live Bullet by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
      Anyone who says that LIVE music sucks should seriously take a listen to this one! The boys cook on an extended version 'Bo Diddley' and 'UMC.' While it lacks the essential Seger tunes of the late '70s and '80's, it is still awesome.
    • 2. Second Helping by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      The most essential Skynyrd album. It is a perfect follow-up to their debut album. With tunes like 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Call Me The Breeze,' you cant go wrong with this one.
    • 1. Toys In The Attic by Aerosmith
      Aerosmith at its very best! Check out the power groove of 'Walk This Way' or the ultra-funky 'Sweet Emotion.'

    By: Den
    • 10. Rocks or Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith
      I really enjoy these guys and still do.
    • 9. Led Zeppelin 4 by Led Zeppelin
      Led Zeppelin - what else can you say!
    • 8. Montrose by Montrose
      Outrageous and a little ahead of the rest as far as pure hard rock goes. Ronnie, Sammy, Bill, & Denny
    • 7. Strangers in the Night by UFO
    • 6. Van Halen by Van Halen
      What a great debut!
    • 5. One More from the Road by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      Another Great Album by the best Southern Rockers around!
    • 4. Frampton comes Alive by Peter Frampton
      Great Album
    • 3. Rock 'n Roll Animal by Lou Reed
      Incredible live album with a great band featuring Steve Hunter, Dick Wagner, Prakash John, Ray Colcord, & Whitey Glinn (all joined Alice Cooper)
    • 2. Highway to Hell by AC/DC
      Just a great band with one of their many great albums. Long Live Bon!
    • 1. Double Live Gonzo by Ted Nugent
      The quintessential rock 'n roller and album. Great entertainer and without drugs. Awesome!

    Lets not forget Alice Cooper, The Tubes, Blue Oyster Cult, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Sammy Hagar on his own, Pink Floyd, Frank Marino, etc...

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