Top Ten Albums of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 70s?

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    By: Frankie B from So Cali
    • 10. Outlandos d'Amour by The Police
    • 9. Tusk by Fleetwood Mac
    • 8. Grand Illusion by Styx
    • 7. Infinity by Journey
    • 6. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
    • 5. Day At The Races by Queen
    • 4. Crime Of The Century by Supertramp
    • 3. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
    • 2. Out Of The Blue by Electric Light Orchestra
    • 1. The Wall by Pink Floyd

    By: John Baldwin
    • 10. Piano Man by Billy Joel
      A great album from a man who does not know how to make a bad album.
    • 9. Big Bambu by Cheech And Chong
      Back in the 70's, comics made albums, instead of wasting all their material on a TV series. This was one of their best.
    • 8. Close To You by The Carpenters
      All of the Carpenters stuff deserves to make the list, but this was one of the first, and still one of the best. Karen is greatly missed.
    • 7. The Wall by Pink Floyd
      Another one I'm glad to have on CD.
    • 6. Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf
      Thank G-d for CD's, because I've worn out 2LPs and 2 cassettes of this classic album
    • 5. Barry Manilow Live by Barry Manilow
      As a huge Barry fan, I had to put one of his in there somewhere. This was his best selling.
    • 4. Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack by Various (mostly the Bee Gees)
      Another defining moment in the 70's. Back when disco was great.
    • 3. Breakfast In America by Supertramp
      Defines the late 70's.
    • 2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
      Elton's Best Album. Enough great material for 3 albums, still wonderful today.
    • 1. Boston by Boston
      The whole album is just awesome! One of the best.

    I truly miss the 70's -- the pioneering spirit of so many of the recording artists and producers. Today it's all programmed glam. I miss the old stuff.
    By: Jairaj Singh
    • 10. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
    • 9. Greatest Hits by Bob Dylan
    • 8. Sultans Of The Swing by Dire Straits
    • 7. Greatest Hits by Simon & Garfunkel
    • 6. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles
    • 5. Classic Velvet Underground by Velvet Underground
    • 4. Songs Of Leonard Cohen by Leonard Cohen
    • 3. Led Zepplin IV by Led Zepplin
    • 2. The Wall by Pink Floyd
    • 1. Morrion Hotel by The Doors

    Well I personally haven't put the according to the numbers. these are just some of the few people that simply rock.
    By: mariusz herma/exodus
    • 10. The Koln Concert by Keith Jarret
    • 9. Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh by Magma
    • 8. Symphonie Pour Le Jour Ou Bruleront Les Cites by Art Zoyd
    • 7. Third by Soft Machine
    • 6. Br?es Schattens - S? Des Lichts by Popol Vuh
    • 5. Meddle by Pink Floyd
    • 4. Starless And Bible Back by King Crimson
    • 3. Robert Wyatt by Rock Bottom
    • 2. Selling England By The Pound by Genesis
    • 1. Islands by King Crimson

    Best regards from Poland and thanks for the votes above!
    By: Dominick Peti
    • 10. London Calling by The Clash
      i am not a fan of punk but i hear it's big
    • 9. Morrison Hotel by The DOORS
      Weird choice of songs but The DOORS always have good albums
    • 8. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
    • 7. Abbey Road by The Beatles
      come on it's The Beatles,it has to be good
    • 6. Stick Fingers by The Rolling Stones
      Another BLUES album from The Stones
    • 5. Working Man's Dead by The Grateful Dead
      Brilliant,especially the song 'Uncle John's Band'
    • 4. Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stone
      BLUES,BLUES and more BLUES,this is an excellent album,thats all i can say
    • 3. Who's Next by tThe Who
      Sweet Jesus....... Baba O Riley makes this album,this album defined The Who in the 70's
    • 2. Let It Be by The Beatles
      Only The Beatles could make this work
    • 1. American Beauty by The Grateful Dead
      GREAT......... unbelievable everyone should listen to this album

    The Grateful Dead are excellent
    By: Matt Carlson
    • 10. Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller
    • 9. Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
    • 8. Double Fantasy by Lennon
    • 7. Dark Side by Pink Floyd
    • 6. Boston by Boston
    • 5. Comes Alive by Frampton
    • 4. Rocks by Aerosmith
    • 3. Zo Sos (4th album) by Led Zeppelin
    • 2. Band On The Run by McCartney and Wings
      The Beatles (or a form of them) had to be mentioned
    • 1. Strangers In The Night by UFO
      Schenker at his peak, great improv-all and all-the best ever guitar rock album

    By: mike
    • 10. III by Led Zeppelin
      The Zeps most acoustic album contains some beauties such as"Tangerine", "Thats the way" and "Bron y Aur stomp". Though it does contain some electric riffage, the opener "Immigrant song" and "Out on the tiles". Great album.
    • 9. Houses Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin
      This pips III to number 9 due two breath taking songs, my favourite Led Zeppelin songs, "Over the hills and far away" and "The Ocean", Zep fans will know what i mean when i say its zoso good, ah i crack me up.
    • 8. Whats Goin On by Marvin Gaye
      After readingf my list you may find this choice suprising, but this album is amazing, Marvin was the king of motown, whos career streched from 50's doo wop to 80's soul, thats how good he was. The title track is one to download.
    • 7. A Night At The Opera by Queen
      Classic album, many good songs "Death on two legs" and the ledgend that is "Bohemian rhapsody" feature.
    • 6. Animals by Pink Floyd
      I always thought of Animals as a stronger album than Darkside (which i think is overrated) and the wall, its just great, Dogs, Pigs, Sheep amazing.
    • 5. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
      Although i think Back in Black was a better album, this contains , Girls got ryhthm, my personal fave "If you want blood youve got it" and of course Highway to hell.
    • 4. 1 by Van Halen
      Features some of my favourite stuff, "Aint talkin....", "You really got me" and the breath taking "Eruption"
    • 3. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
      A great album, "Kashmir", "In my time of dying" and "Ten years gone" are some of my favourites.
    • 2. Let It Be by The Beatles
      Ive never really got into the Beatles, and considering i come from Liverpool, some may find that suprising, but this album deserves to be in this list, the fact it appears so hig up is due to its quality.
    • 1. IV by Led Zeppelin
      The best album of the 70's by the best rock band whoever lived, need more of a reason?, didnt think so.

    Can you guess how my favourite band are?
    By: record man 2004
    • 10. Devo by Q: Are We Not Men. A: We Are Devo
      Released in 1978. D.E.V.O. MongoLoid.
    • 9. Deja Vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young
      1970. WoodStock, Deja vu, Our House, Carry On, OTHER SONGS
    • 8. After The Gold Rush by Neil Young (Crazy Horse)
      1972. SOUTHERN MAN. Neil Young is a JERK, but this album rules.
    • 7. Saturday Night Fever Sountrack by The BeeGees, The Trammps, others
      Staying Alive. (Don,t Touch The Hair) (Did You see that hot farah fewcett poster in Jhon Travollitia's room in the movie. 1977
    • 6. Framption Comes Alive by Peter Framption
      Great Live Album. 1976. This is before he was on that movie where he pretended he was one of The Beatles. Stupid. (Don't Ruin The Beatles)
    • 5. Aqualung by Jethro Tull
    • 4. Boston by Boston
      Bostons best album. 1976.
    • 3. The Cars by The Cars
      Released in 1978. BEST FRIENDS GIRL, MOVING IN STERIO, JUST WHAT I NEEDED, BYE BYE LOVE, GOOD TIMES ROll, I,M IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WORLD, and other great early new wave songs.
    • 2. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      This is Pink Floyds best album if you don't count Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn which was released in 1967. Pink Floyd was never as good without Syd Barret, but this album is a true masterpiece, and is their best selling album. Released in 1973 it is a great concept album.
    • 1. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      This is the second album featuring Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckinghum in Fleetwood Mac. Released in 1977 This Record featured the Hits GO YOUR OWN WAY, DREAMS, YOU MAKE LOVING FUN, GOLD DUST WOMAN, DON,T STOP, SECOND HAND NEWS, and other great tracks. This id considered to be Fleetwood Macs best album, and I agree.

    By: Tome Phillis
    • 10. Fleetwood Mac by Fleetwood Mac
      When Stevie, Lindsey, Christine, John, and Mick joined forces to dominate the late '70s.
    • 9. Some Girls by The Rolling Stones
      Best Ronnie Wood involved Stones album. "Beast of Burden" has to be the greatest Stones song of all-time.
    • 8. Talking Heads '77 by Talking Heads
      Greatest art rock album ever.
    • 7. Arrival by ABBA
      One of the greatest "guilty pleasure" albums of all time. It may be kitsch in retrospect, but pop music doesn't get any better than this.
    • 6. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC
      Big Balls. Ride On. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Nuff said.
    • 5. Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
      Great hard rock.
    • 4. Frampton Comes Alive by Peter Frampton
      The best live album, ever!!
    • 3. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
      One word. BRUUUUUUUCE!!!!
    • 2. Saturday Night Fever by Bee Gees
      I don't consider this disco, this is WHITE FUNK.
    • 1. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      Simply the best album of the 70s. Everyone had it. Everyone loved it. Still holds up. YEAH, STEVIE!!!!!

    By: Jeremy
    • 10. Boston by Boston
    • 9. Abraxas by Santana
      A solid album from one of the greatest guitarists of all time.
    • 8. Live At Fillmore East by Allman Brothers Band
    • 7. Hotel California by The Eagles
    • 6. Led Zeppelin IV & Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin
      I couldn't decide which was better, so they tie.
    • 5. Saturday Night Fever by Various Artists
      The breakthrough album that pushed the BeeGees into Superstardom and Disco into a phenomenon. Too bad it lasted only a few years.
    • 4. Who's Next by The Who
    • 3. Let It Be by The Beatles
      A chilling and breathtaking end to the greatest band to ever exist.
    • 2. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
    • 1. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      Brilliant. The best album ever made.

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