Top Ten Albums of the Seventies

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 70s?

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    By: Stephen Johnston
    • 10. Deguello by ZZ Top
    • 9. Van Halen by Van Halen
    • 8. Tres Hombres by ZZ Top
    • 7. Rio Grande Mud by ZZ Top
    • 6. Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin
    • 5. The White Album by The Beatles
    • 4. Over-nite Sensation by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of On Invention
    • 3. Tejas by ZZ Top
    • 2. Aqualung by Jethro Tull
    • 1. ZZ Top's First Album by ZZ Top

    I love the Top
    By: Rev. Bob
    • 10. Family Entertainment by Family
      My favorite is the first lp, but their entire career produced some of the best rock out there. Another band that a lot of people miss.
    • 9. Motorhead by Motorhead
      Lemmy got kicked out of Hawkwind and started Motorhead, this is their first official album (the first is actually On Parole)....and it is a classic.
    • 8. Sing Brother Sing by Edgar Broughton Band
      I prefer their '69 lp Wasa Wasa, but the next few albums are stunning too. A highly underated band on the Harvest label. They rock folks.
    • 7. Space Ritual (live) by Hawkwind
      I love all of their golden studio albums, but this is where I started. It is a fine example of the magic that is Hawkwind.
    • 6. Camembert Electrique by Gong
      If you have not heards Gong, this predates the Teapot Trilogy or Steve Hillage's contributions, but it has remained my favorite none-the-less.
    • 5. Tibet's Suzettes (or Self Titled Sometimes) by Traffic Sound
      One of the best bands I have ever heard. They are from Peru, but don't let that stop you, they are amazing.
    • 4. In The Hands Of Karma by The Electric Toilet
      Combine gospel and space with a new kind of religious expression and you get a sleeping classic.
    • 3. Tago Mago by Can
      I am sure you have heard of them by now. This is a masterpiece of theirs and easily one of the best records ever made.
    • 2. Yeti by Amon Duul II
      One of the least known, best rock bands in the world. German/Krautrock. Many of their albums would be on this list....but I am trying to be diverse. So this great album can also represent the others, and it is a great place to start.
    • 1. The Evil One by Roky Erickson And Blieb Alien
      After Rusk mental hospital got through with one of psychedelia's greatest voices he obviously was doing better...ahem, anyway, this album is one of a kind.

    This is a best of list, yet I could go on with hundreds of great albums. Of course Dylan is a favorite, Marc Bolan, Bowie, Lou, on and on. After looking at your lists present though I wanted to add some that I thought needed to be put out here. There are many more. I get very bored with the same old so-called classics being listed despite some mind blowing, lesser heard albums that everybody that likes rock owe themselves to give a chance.
    By: Bernard Shakey
    • 10. Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
      One side acoustic, one side electric. Great, great songs.
    • 9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
      Elton could do nothing wrong on this album.
    • 8. Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie
      Bowie's masterpiece.
    • 7. Songs For Beginners by Graham Nash
      The guy known as the "weak link" of CSNY made one of the members best solo albums ever.
    • 6. A New World Record by E.L.O.
      This was playing while I got laid the first time, so it definitely deserves a top 10 spot :-)
    • 5. Crime Of The Century by Supertramp
      Never really cared for anything else they did, but this album is brilliant.
    • 4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      Divorce can obviously be a good thing...
    • 3. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      Pink Floyd at their peak.
    • 2. Stephen Stills Manassas by Stephen Stills Manassas
      Stills mixes all his influenses and masters them all.
    • 1. Zuma by Neil Young And Crazy Horse
      Young reunites with Crazy Horse after a few years in the "ditch". Classic Young.

    By: Mike Lewis
    • 10. Folusm Prision by Johnny Cash
      even thoug it was 1968, i did not get it until 1970, and I still listen to all the time
    • 9. Elton John by Elton John
      If you go see him in conert he plays Your song, take me to the piolt, border song, the cage....
    • 8. Filmore East by Alman Bros.
    • 7. Street Surviors by Lynard Skynard
    • 6. Funk To Heaven In '77 by Parlement Funkadelic
      Tear the roof of the sucka
    • 5. Sticky Fingers by Rolling Stones
      I liked how the album separated and you could see Mick's underware
    • 4. Concert For Bangledesh by George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar
      A must for Geo. fans
    • 3. Made In Japan by Deep Purple
      I liked the cover as a 10 yearl old and bought it. Today I still listen to it.
    • 2. Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy by Elton John
      Not as many hits as other Reg albums but the every song is great
    • 1. Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon
      Imangine, need we say more

    By: shane campbell
    • 10. Slade Alive by Slade
      now we're really burnin !
    • 9. Cold Chisel by Cold Chisel
      doin it the hard way!
    • 8. Sailin Shoes by Little Feat
      do yourself a favour
    • 7. Foghat by Foghat
      lets party more !
    • 6. Exile On Main St. by Rolling Stones
      party time !
    • 5. Scheherazade by Renaissance
    • 4. Novella by Renaissance
      are you listening yet ?
    • 3. Ashes Are Burning by Renaissance
      you have to listen !
    • 2. At The Sound Of The Bell by Pavlovs Dog
      need I say more ?
    • 1. Pampered Menial by Pavlovs Dog
      there is no other!

    By: chad
    • 10. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
      A great ride. this one almost doesnt need to be mentiond
    • 9. Destroyer by Kiss
      The first studio album to capture kiss in ther element
    • 8. Frampton Comes Alive by Peter Frampton
      Another one that sums up an era! "ELLO SANFRANCISCO"
    • 7. Boston by Boston
      This album just sounds like the 70's and it layed the foundation for the way albumms were recorded in the future.
    • 6. Never Mind The Bollocks by Sex Pistols
      This one changed the way rock was played yet once again.and was what i played amidst all my teenaged angst.
    • 5. At Budokan by Cheap Trick
      One of the best 70's albums in existance.and definately one of the best live albums.AAALLLLL RIGHHHT TOKYOOO!!!
    • 4. Hotel California by The Eagles
      This is the epitome of what the eagles were all about.
    • 3. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
      I dont know of another album that can make me feel the way I do as this one does when I put it on.Simply a classic
    • 2. Animals by Pink Floyd
      a great album and very underrated
    • 1. Alive by Kiss
      This album captures the best tracks off the first three albums performed the way they were meant to be heard. in raw my opinion this was a band with something to prove and you could hear it.

    honorable mention goes to zeppelin . deep purple . black sabbath. and sweet
    By: Bob
    • 10. Shaved Fish by John Lennon
      An early John Lennon compilation that is very sharp.
    • 9. At BudoKahn by Cheap Trick
      Memorable pop music.
    • 8. Endless Summer by The Beach Boys
      The great compilation that introduced the Beach Boys to a new generation of fans.
    • 7. Blast From Your Past by Ringo Starr
      Ringo's hits from the early 70's are here.
    • 6. 4th Album Zoso by Led Zeppelin
      What can you say about this classic lp that has not already been said?
    • 5. Greatest Hits #1 by Elton John
      The first blast of Elton I heard.
    • 4. Hot Rocks by The Rolling Stones
      A very cool Stones best of, released around 1971.
    • 3. Band On The Run by Mccartney And Wings
      Great album full of classics.
    • 2. Shake Some Action by The Flamin Groovies
      Pop music as good as The Beatles from this incredible 70's band!
    • 1. Raspberries Best by The Raspberries
      Wonderful Beatlesque pop!

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    By: BDuke
    • 10. Closing Time by Tom Waits
      Ol' 55
    • 9. Good Old Boys by Randy Newman
    • 8. Highway To Hell by AC/DC
      The most memorable guitar licks in rock history... with foot stomping rhythm... amazing album... so good, the songs even sound great live with Brian Johnson singing them.
    • 7. 461 Ocean Boulevard by Eric Clapton
      Introduced the world to Bob Marley... how important is that?
    • 6. Who's Next by The Who
    • 5. London Calling by The Clash
      These guys could play and write.
    • 4. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie
    • 3. Saturday Night Fever by Bee Gees & Various Artists
      No denying it.
    • 2. Transformer by Lou Reed
      Only thing that tops this in my book is 1989's "New York"
    • 1. Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan
      Buckets of Rain!!

    O.K. O.K. I left of Led Zepplin. It is their fault. The box set sums it all up with much better quality. Once I pulled all the best songs to about three discs.. I didn't have a favorite album anymore.
    By: Ilya
    • 10. A Night At The Opera by Queen
    • 9. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
    • 8. Foxtrot by Genesis
    • 7. Greatest Hits by The Eagles
    • 6. Dire Staits by Dire Straits
    • 5. The Wall by Pink Floyd
    • 4. Machine Head by Deep Purple
    • 3. Boston by Boston
    • 2. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
    • 1. Led Zeppelin VI by Led Zeppelin

    Wish You Were Here, Acid Eaters, 2112, Slayed?, London Calling, The Doors, LA Woman, Fragile
    By: Andy Bay
    • 10. Hotel California by The Eagles
      Just an awesome album.
    • 9. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
      This awesome show's what Led Zeppelin could do. It's an amazing album.
    • 8. Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull
    • 7. American Beauty by Grateful Dead
      Im not a huge Dead fan but this album is just awesome. It's the perfect album to listen to when you're driving.
    • 6. Meddle by Pink Floyd
      This is the PF album I listen to the most it kicks so much arse.
    • 5. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
      Elton is the man, and this album rocks!
    • 4. Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan
      The first time I heard this album I was blown away!
    • 3. Bitches Brew by Miles Davis
      THE best fusion jazz album of all time
    • 2. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
      Awesome album. Great to listen to when falling asleep. You'll have the weirdest of dreams!
    • 1. (Untitled) by Led Zeppelin
      You simply can not beat this album. the suckiest band that ever was.

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