Seventies Clubs & Radio Shows

This is a list of radio stations which play 70s nights, and 70s hours, etc. which will appeal to the 70s addicts out there. I also list out night clubs which hold regular 70s nights.

The page is broken into the continuous 50 states un the US, Internet, Syndicated, and International for anything outside of the US.

  • Internet - Internet only, not that it's a list of stations with webpages.
  • Syndicated - The same program is available on various stations (much like Casey Kasem's weekly top 40, every station that carries it, plays the same thing).
  • International - Isn't in the United States

This page had a lot of inaccurate information, and was started over from scratch, May 18th, 2007.

Is there a local 70s nostalgia program or club in your area?

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