Timeline of the Seventies, 1976

This is a list of important events the occured during 1976. Exact dates are listed when known.

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  • Soweto uprising in South Africa

  • First artifical gene
    Capable of working in a living cell, it was the first living cell created entirely in a test tube without any other gene as a template.

  • Apple Computer is launched

  • Legionnaire's disease strikes 182, kills 29
    The first appearance of the flu like disease struck at an American Legion convention in Philadelphi

  • Tall Ships celebration in New York Harbor
    To celebrate the bicentennial of the country.

  • CB radio popularity peaks
    656,000 CB radio applications were filed each month 1976

  • Courts allow removal of life support
    Karen Ann Quinlan had been in a coma for over a year before her parents won the right to remove the life support equipment keeping her alive. It took 9 years for her to die afterwards.

  • First Cray Supercomputer

  • Betamax and VHS VCRs released

  • Doctors protest increase in mapractice insurance

  • Mao Tse-tung died
    The communist leader of China died in 1976 after over 25 years of rule.

  • Concord Supersonic Airliner
    First Concord (Supersonic Airliner) to make trans-Atlantic commercial flight.

  • Entebbe Air Raid
    Israeli commandos stormed hijacked Air France plane in Uganda's Entebbe Airport, releasing 103 hostages held by a pro-Palestinian terrorist group.

  • Ebola Outbreak
    First Ebola outbreak in Africa, marked beginning of an epidemic that still plagues African countries today.

  • Bicenntenial
    The United States of America's 200th Birthday.

  • The Viking Probe lands on Mars
    In July the Viking Probe set down safely on Mars and sent back pictures of rocky terrain.

  • West Point admits women
    West Point military academy started accepting women.

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