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Small Sweetart-like candies made from the Fruit Stripe Gum makers but used a striped lion instead of the striped zebra
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Waxy - June 30, 2007 - Report this comment
God, how I miss Sour Bites! I preferred them to SweeTarts as they didn't seem to shred the inside of my mouth the way the latter did. When I was a kid the family would take a road trip up to NH to see relatives every summer. I can recall one return trip where I bought a pack at a NJ Turnpike rest stop. I slowly sucked each one, stubbornly resisting the urge to chew them up, and that pack lasted me all the way to our home in MD. Ah, memories...
Waxy - July 24, 2007 - Report this comment
Also, I could swear that Warner-Lambert made them, and that there was no connection to Fruit Stripe gum, but I could be wrong on both counts...
Lea - January 30, 2008 - Report this comment
I miss them, too. The cherry ones were great; much better than SweeTarts. I remember the lion, too, and I think BeechNut made them.
lupe - February 18, 2008 - Report this comment
I remember them fondly. They were my favorite treat from the local quick mart, growing up in Chapel Hill, NC. I loved how the package was like a white metallic and how the sour bites themselves were debossed with the various animal images. I wish I could still buy them -- I think I could eat about 100 right now -- my mouth is watering. Nothing can compare to Sour Bites -- not Sweet Tarts, not Fun Dip, not Neccos.
Danita - March 06, 2008 - Report this comment
Oh how I remember Sour Bites - I have trying to find them - My daughter was in Pasa Robles, CA at this Sweet Shoppe (Powell's Sweet Shoppe)and they said that they carried them, but were out - I'm still trying to find them - If anyone knows where they can be brought - PLEEEEEASSSE, let me know
TGV - March 24, 2008 - Report this comment
AH! Thank you! There are other sour bite fans out there! they were in a tear open foil type paper package. and the animals were etched into the candy. yes. much better than SweeTarts! I ate them in Bowling Green,KY. Smallhouse Rd Market.
dave - August 10, 2008 - Report this comment
man i would pay 10$ for a pack of thoes right now. they must of had some kind of durg in them.
elizabeth - August 11, 2008 - Report this comment
i'm obssessed with sour bites! they were delish! where can we get them?
George from AZ - August 18, 2008 - Report this comment
Man, I didn't know there were so many Sour Bites fans out there. I have to agree, nothing compares to them. Our rural school in Liberty, AZ had a small candy store and that's were my first love affair with them happened.
Tammy - September 06, 2008 - Report this comment
My daughter was eating sweetarts the other day and I had a complete flash back to my childhool only it was sour bites I was remembering. My uncle and I would walk to a small corner store not far from my grandparents home and sour bites would always be my treat of choice. I wish I could find them so my daughter could have that wonderful experience, she would convert from a self proclaimed sweetart junkie I know she would.
Lynn - September 13, 2008 - Report this comment
Oh, I loved Sour Bites when I was a little girl. I remember their taste to this day! No candy has or ever will come close to joy a package of those small treasures could bring!
Jenny - September 15, 2008 - Report this comment
Sour bits were so much better than Sweetarts, so why don't they make them anymore? I'd pay just about anything for a package!!!
Lori - October 17, 2008 - Report this comment
I would LOVE to find some too!! I haven't found anything that comes close to tasting like them!
Angie - October 21, 2008 - Report this comment
I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND THIS! I have been thinking about them for YEARS and no one I ask ever seems to remember them - I was starting to think I was crazy! I was asking a friend today about them and she remembered them too! Everytime I go to a gas station/grocery I hold my breath and look for them! I can still remember how they taste!I would buy the whole box if I could!!!!! Has anyone found them?????
Sugar Daddy - December 05, 2008 - Report this comment
I'M IN HEAVEN !!! I have been racking my brain trying to remember those unbeleivably good candies from the '70's....I knew they were "Beechnut", but I kept thinking they were called "Tiger Tarts" or something. SOUR BITES !!!! That's IT !!! I LOVED THOSE THINGS !!! Sweet tarts and spree, tart n' tiny's etc all are a distant second to SOUR BITES! I giess I was thinking Tiger Tarts because of all the inprinted cat faces, etc. PLEASE SOMEBODY START MAKING THEM AGAIN !!! YOU HAVE A LEGION OF FANS HERE !!!!
Brenda - December 10, 2008 - Report this comment
I can't believe I found this site either!! I LOVED Sour Bites. My most favorite candy. Better than Sweet Tarts and Tiny Tarts were my second fav. In fact, I saved a Sour Bites wrapper from the 70's (to give you an idea - I graduated high school in '77, haha) and have it in a keepsake book I kept during high school. I so wish they'd start making them again...I would buy them for sure...brings back so many memories!
Steeler Fan - December 13, 2008 - Report this comment
The last time I bought sour bites was in the early 80's at Hill's Department Store for Halloween and i did not give them out. When I was a kid my mom would take me to the dairy mart and me and my brother would always get a pack. I remember them in a flat pack like razzles. Some one need to make these again they put sweet tarts to shame!!!!!!
CB - December 27, 2008 - Report this comment
Sour Bites ruled, indeed. In the Late 70s I would leave high school and go directly to the grocery store, not passing go, not collecting $200, and buy four or five packs which I would eat while (simultaneously) reading Lord of the Rings and listening to Boston. Good times, good times.
Joey - December 31, 2008 - Report this comment
I don't know what made me think of Sour Bites today, but a quick Google search and I found this place. Whoever has the formula could make some money, looks like, by reviving these. I make do these days with Sprees, but my memory tells me Sour Bites were even better!
M.R - January 10, 2009 - Report this comment
Ah, I loved them too! I WANT MY SOUR BITES AND I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!
pn - February 27, 2009 - Report this comment
The red Spree when chewed tastes like a cherry Sour Bite. The red ones have a new coating on them.
DAK - March 05, 2009 - Report this comment
I was allergic to any kind of nut when I was a kid, so SweetTarts, Sugar Babies, and Sugar Daddies were really good. But the BEST were Sour Bites; I used to buy them at 7-11 for 25 cents. My favorite flavor was orange with the tiger!
Peach - March 12, 2009 - Report this comment
I must have you all beat, I started on sour bites in the 60's to the early 80's. Somebody should be making them agin so we could enjoy the great sour flavor that was the best.
Teresa - March 17, 2009 - Report this comment
This is truly amazing that so many of us still remember and crave those magnificant morsels of pleasure. I fondly remember going to Chesapeake Bay Seafood House restaurant in Marlow Heights, Maryland every Sunday after church and after stuffing myself with all you could eat crablegs going to the K-Mart which was in the same shopping center buying five packs of Sour Bites to last me throughout the week. Cherry was my favorite. OMG!!! If anyone ever finds them again please let us all know. We would probably pay almost anything :).
Suzanne - April 05, 2009 - Report this comment
We used to ride our bikes to the dime store where the flat packs of Sour Bites were only five cents. Obviously, they were good or I wouldn't be on this site! The flat packs of SweeTarts were only a nickel. They have ruined those by changing the original flavors. If you're interested, one good childhood food is back. You can get Alpha-Bits cereal at Walmart & it is still the same!
JONMANKUTA at aol dot com - April 14, 2009 - Report this comment
BRENDA, I would be interested in BUYING that empty wrapper from you...please email me a price. I collect old candy wrappers from the 1970s and early 80s... - April 26, 2009 - Report this comment
Somebody PLEASE sell me an empty wrapper from these candies...I will make it WELL worth contacting me if you have one...
Laura, OH - April 26, 2009 - Report this comment
I loved them as well. I thought the package had the outlines of a couple of a generic cats (lion?, tiger? housecat?)these cats had zig-zaggy metalic stripes across the front. Does this ring a bell. Or am I hallucinating.They were much better than sweet-tarts, their cherry flavor was awsome.
Tambra Riggs - April 29, 2009 - Report this comment
I have yearned for Sour Bites for years! I grew up in Texas and they were always my favorite, followed by Tart'n Tiny, Smarties, and Fizzies or Fizzles (anyone remember those - they were packaged like Smarties? I'll never forget those little embossed tigers and animals on them - so cute and sooooo delicious! Can't someone bring them back, PLEASE!!!!
Waxy - April 29, 2009 - Report this comment
Wow, I guess Sting had it right, I'm not alone ing being alone! Teresa, I miss CBSH as well! It's been so long, I was beginning to fear nostalgia was exaggerating the pleasure in my mind. NOT!!! =:oD The biggest surprise is seeing that bit about them existing in the 60s. That would make their extinction (pun intended) 100 times the crime! Did a quarter century of nationwide joy count for nothing?
Waxy - April 29, 2009 - Report this comment
Brenda, is there any trace of SB scent in that package? If you say yes, I think I might cry like a baby! ;oD
Waxy - April 29, 2009 - Report this comment
Brenda, a more serious favor to ask, if you read this - if possible, can you please confirm the name of the maker?
Miss Lou - June 16, 2009 - Report this comment
I miss my sour bites, I hunt and I hunt the Internet but nothing. They were the BEST CANDY EVER!!! I would love to be able to share some with my grandkids..some not all...I love my orange tigers!!!
cathy Levari - July 03, 2009 - Report this comment
They were called Tiger babies and I loved them to. Every time my father would go out of town on business he would come home with a packet for me. They were made by beechnut
BobM - July 08, 2009 - Report this comment
We used to go to the local drug store now & then in MD and I would BEG my mom for a pack of Sour Bites. They were my #1 candy. I wish I could find them now (I'm 44) and share some with my kids. Does anyone know if they're still being made??
Dee K - July 26, 2009 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were the best. I used to save my babysitting money and order a box from a lady who did the candy ordering at my neighborhood drugstore. I would give almost anything to have Sourbites back again. I always wondered why they stopped making them. They seemed really popular.
Amy - July 27, 2009 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were my favorite candy! I have tried to explain to my children that cute safari animals were etched in them. My mom and dad would buy me an entire box at Christmas. I loved the aluminum pouch (like the gold sweetarts pouch). In 1980 they went on sale and then disappeared. I graduated in 1983 with a BA in advertising and moved to NYC. I was a Researcher and had access to brand information. I found out that the company was sold to Pillsbury in 1981, and sadly, would not be produced fro consumption! I wished that I had kept just one package for memories and to shaw with my children!
Jerry - October 01, 2009 - Report this comment
Oh my God I cannot believe there are other people who have such wonderful memories of this candy. I used to eat them all the time as a child when I went to the old movie houses. That cute little striped tiger on that foil pack, WOW what a memory!! I agree someone needs to bring them back yesterday!!!!
Giselle - October 10, 2009 - Report this comment
I was so psyched to find this site. I had a vague memory of a sweet tart like candy with animals embossed on it in a package like Razzles. No-one knew what I was talking about. Wish they still made them!
Waxy - October 27, 2009 - Report this comment
Amy, should I get a DoughBoy doll and stick some pins in it? ;-)
Tom - October 28, 2009 - Report this comment
Loved these things - not quite as much as the original Love Hearts and Fizzers (and double lollies) by swizzle matlow . . . but these were my favorites by far. Can order Love Hearts, Fizzers and Double Lollies from the U.K. Expensive, but worth it!
Valerie Christine - November 11, 2009 - Report this comment
I loved these things as well; I remember when I was a little girl I would retreat to my room with several foil packages of Sour Bites (cutest animal candy mascot ever, BTW) and watch Man From Atlantis (Patrick Duffy), Gemini Man, and Dr. Who reruns on our PBS station. The orange and the green Sour Bites were my favorites. :)
Patty - November 21, 2009 - Report this comment
Wow! This is so cool! I loved those candies too and also thought they were called Tiger Bites or something like that. I'm in San Antonio - haven't seen that candy in at least 30 years...anyone find out if they are still made?
Teresa - November 28, 2009 - Report this comment
I have also been looking for sour bites for years, I have done searches on my computer and everything I could think of and look for them at every store I go to. Until now I couldn't remember who made them but if anyone finds them please let me know at thanks - January 24, 2010 - Report this comment
****I'm STILL looking to buy an old Sour Bites wrapper...I will pay GOOD MONEY for one...I collect vintage candy wrappers from the 1970s...please somebody sell me one!
Jon - March 05, 2010 - Report this comment
Just thought I would add my two cents worth. Incredible, ABSOLUTELY the best candy. My sister and I have searched for years with no luck. I was a truck driver and have checked every state including Alaska and Hawaii (on vacation). I would buy'em by the case if I could.
James - March 31, 2010 - Report this comment
Nice to know I'm not the only one who loved/loves these. They still make some of the old stuff that isn't even half as good. I wish someone would make these again.
Terry - April 02, 2010 - Report this comment
according to youtube, beech nut produced these tasty candies. they have a 1960 commercial which put a smile on my face. visit beech nut sour bites candy on google & enjoy this from the past. now we just need them to start production.
Sharon - June 12, 2010 - Report this comment
I really really wish that they would make these again. I miss them so much. They looked like tiny aspirin tablets... one side was white, the other side the flavor color with an animal face. They were the best tasting sour flavored candy ever!
debbie - July 20, 2010 - Report this comment
i contacted beech nut and begged them to produce sour bites again. My cousin loved them too and i was trying to get my hands on some till i found out they've been discontinued. maybe if you would all contact them too it might start the production going.
Robin - July 25, 2010 - Report this comment
I LOVED THEM!!! I thought they were called Tiger Bites. The flavor was so different from the other Tart candies. I remember the flat foil packaging. Opening the pouch and the scent of the candies. Perhaps if there is enough of us, we can petition Beechnut to make them again. BUT, would the recipe be the same????
MH - July 26, 2010 - Report this comment
How can we petition Beechnut to start production again. I have been searching for them for years. Did not know anyone else was missing them as well.
Lei - July 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Funny, and here I thought they were called Zebra Bites. Gotta love re-seeing the commercial now out on youtube (search under "Beech Nut Sour Bites Candy" 1960s TV Commercial).
RJ - October 08, 2010 - Report this comment
I remember I used to blow my Cub Scouts dues money on Sour Bites, then got in trouble for not paying my dues. Child of the 70s...
HGM - October 27, 2010 - Report this comment
Like all of you I too have been searching to see if they still make sour bites. I have a story. I am 51 yrs. old and used to get them in Connecticut in the late 60s, maybe early 70s. Then after I was out of college I went into a quick stop style gas station shore (don't even remember the name of the store) in the mid 80s and found a case of them on the shelf. I couldn't believe it. The case was open and they were selling the individual packages. I didn't hesitate. I picked up the entire case(box) and brought them to the counter. Told the guy there that I would buy any that they had in the back. There were none. Pestered him to check with the other stores, but they never found any more. I believe I must have bought the last ones ever sold. Haven't seen them since.
Kal - November 08, 2010 - Report this comment I want my Sour Bites!!
Janis N. - November 09, 2010 - Report this comment
These were my absolute favorite candies. I've been writing to distributors of nostalgic candies asking them to work with their manufacturers. Someone has to hear our plea!!
Froggy - November 14, 2010 - Report this comment
I remember gettin them at our local IGA....and when I wasnt gettin out, my dad would ask, "u want anything from the store?"....AND, OF COURSE, i would say SOUR BITES.....they were a hit at my slumber parties..... i remember a purple fish, and of fav....the orange tiger....WE HAVE TO FIND THIS CANDY!!!!
Waxy - December 01, 2010 - Report this comment
HGM, living (albeit briefly) the dream! :-) Squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I'm posting again. Beech Nut will also be hearing from me :-)
HGM - December 03, 2010 - Report this comment
I believe that Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, Inc. would be the company that would now have the rights to the candy. I have submitted a comment on their web site and I would urge everyone else her to also submit a comment. I gave them the link to this site. I'll post any reply I receive.
HGM - December 06, 2010 - Report this comment
Follow up from Wrigley: Wrigley wrote back and advised that Hershey has the rights to Beech Nut candies. I have now written to Hershey and I'll let you know what they say.
HGM - December 09, 2010 - Report this comment
Hershey wrote back as follows: Thank you for contacting Hershey Canada Inc. We do not manufacture Beech Nut. Please contact: Beta Brands 101 Alexdon Road Toronto, ON M3S 2B5 Phone: 1-888-32 CANDY It would appear that one of the problems is that maybe whoever has the rights to Sour Bites doesn't know they have the rights. I also wonder if anyone even has the recipe. I will keep going and let you know what I find. Now I am on a mission. We will find the company with the rights to our Sour Bites and get them made again!
Lori B. - January 15, 2011 - Report this comment
This is crazy! I never imagined finding so many other people that would love to find Sour Bites candy again. I have searched around the internet for years and obviously several others have now. I also thought they were so much better than Sweet Tarts.
GT - January 26, 2011 - Report this comment
As a kid I used to get those at a local IGA store. One day they just stopped selling them. I'm still twitching from
Waxy - March 07, 2011 - Report this comment
By looking up "Fruit Stripe" on FB, I learned that it is now made by a company called Farley's & Sathers. Perhaps they're a good tree to bark up at this point?
Tracy A. - March 28, 2011 - Report this comment
Yay! I'm not crazy! They really did exist!
Chandler - July 06, 2011 - Report this comment
From Farley's and Sathers customer service 7/6/11, "We did acquire Fruit Stripe® in September 2003. However, we do not have any information regarding sour bites." Grrrrr.
Barry - July 21, 2011 - Report this comment
I used to get my Dad to buy Sour Bites for me when I was a kid. We would go to the "Midnight Market" in Middlesboro Ky. where we lived. They were my favoite candy of all time. I look for them in every store I go to. I really miss my Sour Bites and fear I will never taste anything that good again. SweeTarts were the next best thng, but NEVER even came close to the flavor of Sour Bites.
Waxy - July 26, 2011 - Report this comment
@Chandler - GAH!!!! [smacks head against brick wall]
Spud - August 01, 2011 - Report this comment
Back in 1969 my family was passing through Pocatello Idaho in our '64 chev station wagon. We stopped for gas and while there my little brother happened to buy one of those foil 'sour bite' packages. He shared one with me, and I spent the next two hours begging him for more. I only had a few of them once in my life, but I can still remember how fantastic they were! Whoever brings these things back to life will be a millionaire.
Nancy - September 04, 2011 - Report this comment
The airport shop at the Indianapolis Airport was the only place where we could get Sour Bites candy. We lived two hours away, and I waited every year to be able to go there and get some when we traveled to visit relatives. They were SO much better than Sweet Tarts. I only wish someone would still make them.
Amy - September 08, 2011 - Report this comment
I commented back in 2009 about my passion for Sourbites and cannot believe that this post is still thriving! How can we get them to come back??? I dream of a warehouse filled with pouches of this wonderful candy! I should contact Wonka candy and tell them they need to make them. They would be an unbelievable hit!
Tommy - September 27, 2011 - Report this comment
I remember them from the concession stand at the pool in the early 1970s. I loved all the embossed animals on the candy, but the tiger was my favorite. Wow, wouldn't it be great if someone could actually track down the holder of the rights...
Granted - December 08, 2011 - Report this comment
Last time I had those was boot camp in '81. My mom sent them to me in a care package. Because they were flat, they got by the food inspection gods and I had the whole pack to myself. God I miss 'em.
Cindia - February 09, 2012 - Report this comment
Nobody is mentioning their counterparts: Hot Bites - they were awesome good - spicy but not TOO hot. I always bought both - and could never make up my mind which I liked best!
Waxy - March 09, 2012 - Report this comment
@Amy - I take some comfort in the fact this passion is a shared one. I'm doing my part to keep the fire going! @Tommy, amen!
Gigi - March 09, 2012 - Report this comment
Still no revival? No one I ever mentioned Sour Bites to ever remembered them. And if they did I'm sure they would would have the same memories everyone here has!!!!
kathy - April 02, 2012 - Report this comment
I had a really old bulletin board at my parents house and I had posted it on my facebook and everybody was guessing who is that ect ect. Then I started thinking about sour bites and I wasnted to post on my facebook if anybody remembered them. When I got the idea to google it. Lo and behold here we all are thinking about something that will probably never be the same again. No more than skinny's in Goldboro will ever have the twin jet burgers. At least some of us have some really fond childhood memories. I guess that is all it is childhood memories. I am 52 years old and I have never forgotten sour bites. What has our lives become hahahha. I will let you know if I get a response on my facebook page.
Chandler - April 14, 2012 - Report this comment
OK, now we're just going in circles. Sour Bites were definitely Beech-Nut. I emailed the Beech-Nut website and got this reply: Dear Mr B------, Thank you for writing to BeechNut. From searching on-line the best information I can find is that the Sour Bites were part of the Life Savers product line and that is now owned by Wrigley. Sincerely, Beech-Nut Nutrition Consumer Services Received information: 4/7/2012 6:14:40 PM "Searching online"! Like I hadn't thought of that! *sigh* To dream the impossible dream... Chandler
Mike - May 07, 2012 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were my favorite candy. Like you all I have fond memories of the simple life and finding pop bottles and cashing them in for money for my Sour Bites. I am 53 and still miss them! Nice to know other folks are out there that miss them also.
Dottie - June 18, 2012 - Report this comment
OK Sour bites.. not a dream Loved!!! Best candy ever!!! I would love to have just one more packet. 49 and still missing them!! Not sure why I was thinking about them tonight.... Just found a sight that people remembered them too!!!
JONMANKUTA at A O L dot com - June 20, 2012 - Report this comment
I am STILL looking to buy one of these 1970s empty wrappers from this candy...I'd pay at LEAST $100 cash for JUST an empty wrapper. Please email me at my screen name...!!!
Ann - June 30, 2012 - Report this comment
My father carried Sour Bites at his store when I was growing up. I would eat 100 of them today if I could find them. You would think in this day of money-hungry moguls just one would resurrect this heavenly candy.
Patty - July 22, 2012 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were part of Life Savers now owned by Wrigley (thanks Chandler)...should we start flooding Wrigley with emails? Stranger things have happened!
Chandler - August 07, 2012 - Report this comment
Patty, Wrigley already denied knowing anything about Sour Bites (see HGM's comments above). *BIG sigh*
xploding_grrrl - September 08, 2012 - Report this comment you can watch a vintage commercial for them here! They were made by Beech-Nut, and I loved them better than Sweet-Tarts. The orange flavour tasted like baby aspirin! Also loooooooved the Big Buddy bubble gum. Ahhhhh... the good ol' days.
LanceTann - January 16, 2013 - Report this comment
The commercial says Beech-Nut, people.
DonnaM - February 27, 2013 - Report this comment
The last time I found Sour Bites was at a Piggly Wiggly store in New Boston, TX...If I had known they would eventually be discontinued I would have bought them out. The orange ones were always my favorite and I miss them so much. I was always more of a sweet tart type person than a candy bar person and my mother would tell me that I was going to turn into a sweet tart one day.....and I did! lol
Jason - March 21, 2013 - Report this comment
Hi, I recently did a write-up, bringing together all currently known images and information for Beech Nut's Sour Bites over at CollectingCandy dot com.
Budd - March 27, 2013 - Report this comment
Hello everyone!These were my favorite candies too!even better then M+M`s Last time I had them was back during the 60`s!Someone out there has the recipe!sell it to a candy maker and make us all happy!:-)
Wax Frog - August 04, 2013 - Report this comment
At the time of this posting, Fruit Stripe gum (the "sibling" product) is being made by Ferrara USA, and yes, I wrote them a polite and heartfelt request :)
Wax Frog - August 05, 2013 - Report this comment
Naturally they'd prove to be useless too... *sigh*
Franco - August 06, 2013 - Report this comment
About a year or so after they stopped making them and they became impossible to find I found a box of them at a Mom and Pop pharmacy. I bought the entire box and rationed them but they are of course long gone.......if only I had kept one more pack to prove thier worthiness to some candy maker.
Woodie - February 25, 2014 - Report this comment
Friday night movies, when they cost 50 cents to get in, always had a coke and sourbites. Been looking for them for over 35 years now. I hope when Ferrara Pan started putting vintage candy back on the market that sourbites would reappear. Sadly, it has yet to happen. As long as I am above ground I will keep searching and hoping. I feel like Woody Harrelson in Zombieland except I want sourbites not some stale Twinkie.
Woodie - February 25, 2014 - Report this comment
Friday night movies, when they cost 50 cents to get in, always had a coke and sourbites. Been looking for them for over 35 years now. I hope when Ferrara Pan started putting vintage candy back on the market that sourbites would reappear. Sadly, it has yet to happen. As long as I am above ground I will keep searching and hoping. I feel like Woody Harrelson in Zombieland except I want sourbites not some stale Twinkie.
Kim - March 03, 2014 - Report this comment
I have asked everyone I know if they remember sour bites and none of them do so it is so awesome that all of you do they were my favorite candy back in the day wish I could find them
Sue - June 07, 2014 - Report this comment
I loved Sour Bites! Used to get them at Walgreens. Seems we all have such fond memories! Too bad we can't relive this one!
Wax Frog - July 15, 2014 - Report this comment
I see my first post was made 7 years ago. The craving has only intensified since... Keep the faith!!!!!
GT - February 22, 2015 - Report this comment
My first post was 4yrs. ago...I will keep waiting as well !
Wax Frog - March 29, 2015 - Report this comment
One of the good things about getting older is that maybe we'll start taking over as customer base for throwback-candy sellers. Maybe Sour Bites will be resurrected almost by default. Dare I hope?
leigh - September 11, 2015 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were my all time favorite candy!! I was so happy to see the commercial, boy did it bring back memories! I wish so much that they would bring back sour bites as well as one of my other favorite retro foods which was General mills breakfast squares that came in chocolate vanilla and cinnamon! Somebody has to bring sour bites back and they would sell like mad!! Yipes Stripes its Sour Bites!! :)
jim - May 13, 2016 - Report this comment
i would buy enough to make the company RICH!!!
Kasey - August 04, 2016 - Report this comment
loved these as a kid. Would love to have some now. Think about them sometimes and just relive the good old days. Fav candy of all times.:)
Paula - December 04, 2016 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were my favorite candy also. Now 53 years old, I remember only finding them in the Edgars store in the Swansea Mall in Swansea, Massachusetts. I distinctly remember the elephant imprint. Yellow and orange were my favorite flavors. I love that all of you remember my favorite candy also!
melissa - February 02, 2017 - Report this comment
I think they elephants, lions and giraffes.. I positive thought!!!
melissa - February 02, 2017 - Report this comment
I always got them at Hick's store in Elfers, FL and a lickety split (like s push up but like s iccee push up>>>:)...good times!!!!
Unique Panda - May 16, 2017 - Report this comment
Sour Bites were the best candy on the planet. I would love to find them again.
Bill - September 17, 2017 - Report this comment
Hey Guys! Don't let this thread die! Does Anybody know anything about a modern day source for the greastest candy ever made! Sour Bites! "Bite 'em!"
Wax Frog - September 22, 2017 - Report this comment
Keep the faith, Bill 😀 There'll be no thread death. Too many heartbroken lovers with too much passion!
Jan Taylor - February 04, 2018 - Report this comment
These were my favorite and I️ used to get them at the grocery store with my mom as a treat. I’ve been thinking about these for years and wondering why you can’t find them anymore. They were the best!
Bill - April 28, 2018 - Report this comment
OK Sour bites fans, lets get a group project going to invest in the rights and recipe and resurrect the king of tart candies. To have any hope of tasting Sour Bites again, We need to track down who has the formula and the legal ownership. Maybe its been long enough that there is no intellectual property issue: in which case we only need the formula and maybe the de-embossing method for the little animal faces. There was nothing like these little gems in the 70's. I'm salivating! Hey Chandler, you've done the most research. What do you say? Crowd source investment? I'd be in for initial funding. We just need to retain a candy attorney. Any thoughts?
Rob Lambert - April 29, 2018 - Report this comment
From the Sunday morning cartoon vault, an early TV spot showing a simple-looking dad who seems thoroughly shocked that Sour Bites has animal heads etched in them. Twin lion cubs "Yipes! Stripes! on package. This aired on "Bullwinkle" over ABC (9/18/66). Beech Nut currently only makes baby food. Ownership is the Hero Group in Switzerland. An American plant still may be operating in Florida, NY (some 60 miles NW of NYC). TV show also had Peter Paul, General Mills and Ideal Toys for sponsors. Network promos for "Green Hornet" and "Monroes" (western series).
Donna - October 26, 2018 - Report this comment
I liked Sour Bites, but they also had a product called "Hot Bites" that I liked even more as a kid!
Michelle - September 25, 2019 - Report this comment
My father worked at a packaging company in Waldwick NJ that packaged Sour Bites in the early 70’s. We had tons of them for free! Kids loved to go trick or treating at our house!! Haven’t had them since!!
Bill - November 02, 2019 - Report this comment
Bumping the thread. I’m also “in” on reinvesting in the reincarnation of SOUR BITES. The best candy ever. As I recall the little tiger symbol on one side and “Bite’em” on the other. We must bring these back!
Russ - April 07, 2020 - Report this comment
The BEST movie time candy ever made? Didn't one have the face of a hippo on it?
Waxy - July 26, 2021 - Report this comment
Doing my part to keep the flame lit!
Angie - May 10, 2022 - Report this comment
Still craving these!!!!! I still look like a crazy person every time I see a racks of candy in gas stations and at my grocery store. If I found them I would likely make such a scene LOL

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