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Fruit-filled toaster pastry, not frosted yet. Came in Strawberry and Blueberry only.
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Neil - June 20, 2008 - Report this comment
Yes, and when they first came out they didn't have frosting on them. Another product we pestered mom to buy, and when we first tried them (without the frosting) they tasted like cardboard with jam. But they sure smelled good when they were toasting.
Stewie - September 07, 2008 - Report this comment
I actually prefer Pop-Tarts without the frosting. My favorites are strawbery, chocolate fudge but I like most of them. I just wish they'd bring back milk chocolate with its graham coated feel and taste.
Paul M - February 13, 2009 - Report this comment
Yeah, the frosting that they attempt to claim is there might as well not be. It is a thin sham of a coating that is quit a joke as far as I am concerned. The filling used to be much more than it is these days also. I don't buy them anymore because now they just are kind of generic in quality.
Amanda - April 20, 2010 - Report this comment
True, the original ones weren't frosted, but they started making some frosted ones by the 70s, possibly before. Does anyone remember one where the pop-tart dough was chocolate, the filling was white, I think coconut-flavored, with white frosting?
Rob Lambert - June 29, 2012 - Report this comment
Kellogg's Pop Tarts go back to 1960. 1971 was when these were first made with frosting. 1973 was when Milton the Toaster (voiced by William Schallert) became the mascot for about a year.
Rob Lambert - April 30, 2015 - Report this comment
Found an early Frosted Pop Tarts TV commercial, aired during a segment of "In the Know," a five-minute educational filler CBS ran after each Saturday morning cartoon show. Sponsored by Kellogg's, "In the Know" was hosted by the cartoon Josie and the Pussycats during the 1970-71 season. The segment became "In the News" in the fall of 1971. Commercial, using trick photography, showed a miniature older man peddling a tricycle/wagon of Pop Tarts up to a giant-sized boy. Boxes of Frosted ones were shown as new. While "In the Know" was more topic-based, "In the News" focused on current events. Commercial from 1/16/71.
Rob Lambert - September 20, 2015 - Report this comment
From the Saturday morning cartoon vault: A Kellogg's TV commercial block. First, for concord grape Pop Tarts showing a mother toasting them up for her kids. Second, featuring Josie and the Pussycats. Josie (voiced by Janet Waldo) presents two sets of "Groovy Gifts." These being: First, five different erasers, for pencils, of Pussycat characters (Alex, Allan, Josie, Valerie, Melody), with one inside boxes of Sugar Pops (cowboy with whip on box). Second, six different plastic character spoons (same characters, plus Sebastian the cat) inside Sugar Smacks (American Indian chief riding horse on box). These aired on the "Sabrina/Groovie Goolies" cartoon show (10/17/70, CBS). The network's way of letting kids know that the "Josie" cartoon show would be on next.
Lea - June 02, 2018 - Report this comment
I wish they would go back to the thicker foil packaging, from the 70's, I'd like to see them to bring back the dutch apple flavor. And I'd like to see a unfrosted cherry , like the strawberry.
Rob Lambert - June 02, 2018 - Report this comment
That's right. The thicker foil with the string you'd pull across to open each twin pouch of Tarts. The frosted ones sold better, thus discontinuation of several unfrosted flavors.
Rob Lambert - June 03, 2018 - Report this comment
From the prime time TV vault, more Pop Tarts fun. First commercial with Bill Dozier reading promo script (in usual, campy style) for six different Batman mini-comics inside Pop Tarts (these were reprints of comic stories from DC Comics in late 1940s). This aired on "Batman" over ABC (10/12/66). Corn Flakes (Jimmy Durante), Ban Deodorant and Life Savers Candy also sponsored. Network promo for "F Troop." Second commercial, with game show host Dennis James giving a video tour of the plant in Battle Creek. This aired on "Hogan's Heroes" over CBS (9/17/66). Other sponsors were for Sugar Frosted Flakes, Tide detergent, and Parliament and Marlboro cigarettes by Philip Morris. Network promos for "Ed Sullivan" and "Garry Moore" shows.
Rob Lambert - June 19, 2018 - Report this comment
From the Saturday morning cartoon vault, a later TV spot with Milton the Toaster. Leaving on a trip, a little girl asks, "Why don't you come along?" Milton replies, "I'd need an extra long extension cord." This aired on "Partridge Family 2200 A.D." over CBS (9/14/74). Many characters were voiced by the original actors from the 1970-74 series. Exceptions were Shirley (Sherry Alberoni), Keith (Chuck McLeland) and Reuben (John Stephenson, though Dave Madden is credited). Most of the stories in the 16-episode series center around Danny's (Bonaduce) antics.
Rob Lambert - July 10, 2018 - Report this comment
From the Saturday morning cartoon vault, this TV spot had Milton the Toaster chatting with a boy about to leave for baseball practice. Cherry and blueberry frosted Pop Tarts shown. This aired on "Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space" over CBS (9/23/72). The show was a sequel to the 1970 cartoon, with all the voice actors returning to do their Archie Comic-based characters, including Janet Waldo (Josie), Sherry Alberoni (cynical Alexandra), Casey Kasem (Alex) and as (so-called "dumb blonde") Melody, Jackie Joseph. Recently saw Jackie Joseph's 1960 movie, "Little Shop of Horrors," over the net. Among her TV credits, "Doris Day Show" as well as "F Troop" and "Andy Griffith Show." Now 84 years young.
Rob Lambert - July 21, 2018 - Report this comment
From the Saturday morning cartoon vault, Milton the Toaster tries to encourage a girl who hates taking piano lessons. The girl says, "OK," then hits a sour note, making Milton cringe. "Practice, Kid," he says. This aired on "U.S. of Archie" over CBS (10/12/74). This patriotic, pre-Bicentennial cartoon time-warps the Archie gang to focus on different events in American history. These include joining Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders in Central America, and observing the Wright Brothers' first flight. 15 episodes made the series by Filmation.

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