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Little pieces of licorice inside a semi-hard sugar coating.
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crazy amy - September 08, 2008 - Report this comment
CHARLIE says-love that good and plenty. catchy little jingle from the 50's or 60's i think but it served them well into the 70's-they still have them and they still taste the same.
Paul M - February 13, 2009 - Report this comment
I think the character from the 70's was called Choo Choo Charlie and he was a train engineer.
Chomper01 - September 06, 2011 - Report this comment
Here are the actual words sang in the 50s, 60, and 70s to Good-n-Plenty candies: "One upon a time, there was an engineer..Choo - Choo Charlie was the name we hear. He had a choo-choo engine, and it sure was fun; and he used Good-n-Plenty to make the engine run. Charlie says, 'Love my Good-n-Plenty'..Charlie says, 'It really rings the bell'. Charlie says, 'Love my good-n-plenty.. Don't know any other candy that I love so well.' Good-n-Plenty, Good-n-Plenty, Good-n-Plenty, etc., etc." (ends)
Rob Lambert - August 15, 2012 - Report this comment
I have a black-and white Good N Plenty TV commercial, which aired during the "Tom and Jerry" cartoon show (1/8/66, CBS). There were minor variations in which the commercials were done. Color ones began in 1967. Choo Choo Charlie and the girl with the funny hat were dropped in 1972.
Rob Lambert - February 28, 2015 - Report this comment
Found a copy of the Choo Choo Charlie comic book, published by Gold Key, from Dec., 1969. In mid-grade, cost $20. A difficult one to find.
Bill L - September 02, 2015 - Report this comment
Who was the voice of Choo Choo Charlie around 1970? Andy Devorine!
Rob Lambert - September 02, 2015 - Report this comment
Another good product with a long history. From 1893 to 1972, Good & Plenty was produced in Philadelphia by the Quaker City Confectionery Company. Production was suspended briefly toward the latter year of WWII (sugar and labor shortages). Early TV commercials, featuring the half-pound Family Size box, began airing in 1957. The first Choo-Choo Charlie ad (the famous one) first aired on the "Alvin" cartoon show over CBS in 1964, and continued being aired until 1966. In new color commercials, an animated piece of Good & Plenty was the star. Choo Choo Charlie returned in 1968, running for president. After that, we saw little of him. Good & Fruity was introduced in 1970. Hershey Foods now sells this product.
I♡R.Lambert - September 03, 2015 - Report this comment
I hated Good-N-Plenty because I do not like the taste of licorice...Jager..Nyquil..EW! But I sure do like Rob Lambert and all his info on food and drink of the 1970's! Great memories!
Rob Lambert - September 03, 2015 - Report this comment
Thank you, the person who texted last comment. Licorice is far from my favorite also. I always try to make this site more interesting for everyone. Much of what I comment on comes straight out of childhood memory...especially TV commercials from the 1960s and 1970s on Saturday morning cartoon shows. I rely on sources like Wikipedia to look up the history of products. I appreciate your comment, whether or not you like the product.
Rob Lambert - September 06, 2015 - Report this comment
After some digging, I found an airdate for the early Choo Choo Charlie TV commercial. 9/24/64 on the "Alvin" cartoon show over CBS. Along with Clyde Crashcup "inventing" baseball, this episode had lots of Alvin in it. One commercial for Soaky (bath soap by Colgate-Palmolive) Chipmunks bottle. Also, a minute-long PSA for Smokey Bear (a funny one) with David Seville and Chipmunks (first aired in 1963). Rest of commercial time was filled with network promos (Tennessee Tuxedo, Quick Draw McGraw, Linus the Lionhearted) and the first Kool-Aid ad with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. The "Alvin" show left CBS in 1965, going into syndication. NBC revived it for a half season in 1977.
Robb Lambert - December 25, 2015 - Report this comment
Found a TV commercial with Choo Choo Charlie trying to entertain passengers on a pretend train, until the girl in the funny hat can bring him more Good N Plenty. Simple magic tricks are printed on back of box. This aired in March, 1971 over WFLD in Chicago, during the "B.J. and Dirty Dragon" (aka: Bill Jackson's Cartoon Town) kid show, which featured character puppets created by Jackson, who played the mayor of Cartoon Town, wearing a matching blue blazer and derby hat (called "Billy Blue Suit" by his puppet enemies).
Paul D - February 20, 2018 - Report this comment
I see the posts here are somewhat old . The voice of Choo Choo Charlie was Dick Beals Dick voiced Speedy, Davey[Davey And Goliath]
Rob Lambert - February 21, 2018 - Report this comment
Paul: Remember the "Roger Ramjet" cartoons from 1965? Dick Beals voiced two of the American Eagle kids, Dan and Yank, who assisted Roger (Gary Owens) in fighting baddies like Noodles Romanoff and the Solenoid Robots (Dave Ketchum, who also narrated each episode).
Paul D - March 16, 2018 - Report this comment
I sure do Rob. Another show i found on youtube is Chatter the chimpanzee. Brings back memories of my childhood.
Paul D - March 16, 2018 - Report this comment
Rob: You might be able to help me, For a short time the Good N Fruity jingle was sung by Elaine Mc Farlane.(Spanky And Our Gang]. I swear it was her singing. The commercial ran for a short time from the NY City area.
Paul D - March 16, 2018 - Report this comment
Rob: I found another masterpiece by Dick Beals, Cracker Jack. Jack Guilford is in it of course.
Rob Lambert - March 16, 2018 - Report this comment
Paul: YouTube has a 1970 radio commercial with the Good N Fruity Rainbow Band. Sounds like Elaine McFarlane, backed by studio musicians. I think the audio was sped up some, distorting it. Video has still pictures of the candy, plus Peace symbols and other stuff. I also believe it was Beals who sang the Cracker Jack song, as well as the Roger Ramjet song in the cartoon opening and closing. Good N Plenty was made in Philadelphia, so it all adds up.
Paul D - March 17, 2018 - Report this comment
Many thanks Rob!!!!!!
Rob Lambert - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
To Paul: I did some more digging on Dick Beals. While he rarely voiced any girl characters, he must have done the girl who rode with Choo Choo Charlie on the Good N Plenty train. Beals voiced several kids in the 1963 cartoon, "Funny Company," and sang the open and close songs. The only other notable voice was Hal Smith (Otis on "Andy Griffith") as Belly Laguna. I'll next cover Beals's work with Art Clokey. In 1960, the Lutheran Church in America (now ELCA) hired Clokey to crank out "Davey & Goliath" stop-motion cartoons that gently taught kids about morality. Dick Beals voiced Davey in the first two sets (1960 and 1962), plus a 1964 Christmas special. Afterward, Norma McMillian (voice of Casper the Ghost in 1963) was hired to to voice Davey for the 1971 set of cartoons. Also, for one or two cartoons, Clokey may have used Beals to voice Gumby in the early 1960s. In the 1956-59 set, Gumby was voiced by Dallas McKennon, who later voiced Archie Andrews for Filmation, plus co-star on "Daniel Boone." Starting in 1964, Norma McMillian voiced Gumby, doing so in the 1967 set. McKennon returned to work in the 1984 set of cartoons. Of other note, Art Clokey voiced Pokey, and Hal Smith did extensive work for him, as Davey's dad, John, among the characters.
Paul - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
Thanks for the info Rob: I read the info awhile back about Art Clokey.I used to watch shows as a child. I am in my 60's. This is what i like about being older. I remember Funny Company. Wonderful info presentation Rob, Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!
Yugerf - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
I bought some recently and it seem to me that pieces are way smaller than I remember in the 1970s. Or is it I just got bigger. Does anyone know if the made the candy pieces smaller now.
Paul D - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
Good possibility Yugerf. Rob should have that answer.Same thing was done to pasta in the store.
Rob Lambert - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
Yugerf, a change in ownership started the decrease in quality regarding Good N Plenty. In early years, it was Quaker City. Succeeding companies responded to higher sugar prices in the 1980s and later. In order to maintain quality, and feasibility, the candy size was reduced, and nominal consumer price hikes also happened. Not only Good N Plenty, but the entire food industry. Paul, I'll keep in touch here if I find more on Dick Beals. There should be more.
Paul D - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
Thanks Rob I read about his hobby flying planes , and a special vehicle to get himself around. YouTube has an interview with him. Neat to watch.
Paul D - March 19, 2018 - Report this comment
Walter Tetley was another great: [Peabody And Sherman]
Rob Lambert - March 20, 2018 - Report this comment
Yeah! His real name was Walter Tetzlaff. He lived from 1915 to 1975. A medical condition prevented his body from fully growing. Tetley began work in radio in 1938. As Sherman, his canine mentor, Mr. Peabody, was voiced by Bill Scott (1919-84), who partnered with Jay Ward in producing Bullwinkle and so many others. Also, Paul, found another TV commercial with Dick Beals as one of the Smacking Brothers twins for Kellogg's Sugar Smacks The twins are in football uniforms, and Gary Owens narrates. It aired on "Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Hour" over CBS (9/27/69). The Smacking Brothers would hit each other with boxing gloves, pillows and the like They represented Sugar Smacks from 1967 to early 1970.
Paul D - March 20, 2018 - Report this comment
Thanks Rob regarding Walt Tetley, I see he voiced Reddy Kilowatt.YouTube has a video with Tetley sitting a table with a girl. George Reeves is in it to.!950's- 1970's Kellogs cereal. Genius is the author. nov 28 2010 was the date. it first shows stills of Tony The Tiger and then goes to commercial. I do remember The Smacking Brothers. Dick Beals made a commercial for Bugles.
Rob Lambert - March 20, 2018 - Report this comment
I'll look up that George Reeves-Tetley video. Incidentally, "Superman" was never on network TV, only syndicated. The first season, 1951-2, was unsponsored. Kellogg's expressed interest in sponsoring season two. The hang-up Kellogg's had was that season one was too violent for its tastes. Simulated murders were in about 1/3 of episodes. Kellogg's wanted "Superman" to be less violent, more family-friendly. It happened, and Reeves (mainly as Clark Kent) appeared in many commercials until production ended in 1957.
Rob Lambert - April 21, 2018 - Report this comment
eBay has a Choo Choo Charlie board game (Milton Bradley) from 1968 selling for $40. Fairly simple game for kids under 12 years. Charlie, the girl in older women's clothes, and a dog printed. Game rules printed on inner box tray. Object was to be first to reach the Good N Plenty box space, possessing three matching pink or white candy cards. From the Saturday morning cartoon vault, this was pictured with other M-B games in a sponsor billboard, airing on "Top Cat" over NBC (6/26/68). The main M-B commercials were for Twister and Life games.
Paul - April 23, 2018 - Report this comment
Thanks Rob!!!!!!!!!
Rob Lambert - April 23, 2018 - Report this comment
Paul: Found another Dick Beals commercial from 1965. The cartoon Oscar Mayer wiener one with several kids marching, and the lone dissenter who got confronted by the girl leader. It's on YouTube.
Paul - April 23, 2018 - Report this comment
I saw it Rob Thanks!!!!!!
Rob Lambert - April 29, 2018 - Report this comment
Paul D: Another TV commercial with Dick Beals, with a little twist. For Beech Nut's Hot Shots candy and stick gum. Four cartoon kids with Beatle wigs dance around with instruments. After Beals recorded the jingle, it was slowed some in post-production, meant to make the boys sound a bit more like 11 or 12 years old. YouTube has 30-second and minute-long versions. I've got a kinescope of one which aired on a Saturday "Milton the Monster" show over ABC (11/6/65). The Hal-Seeger-produced show featured Bob McFadden doing most of the voice work. Along with Milton, "Fearless Fly" and "Stuffy Durma" (millionaire hobo) were filler cartoons. ABC ran "Milton" until 1968. Hot Shots came in a canister with a fuse you'd pull out to get the candy.
Paul - April 30, 2018 - Report this comment
Saw the commercial Rob, Thanks !!! The announcer sounds a lot like Dan Ingram WABC radio New York.
Paul - April 30, 2018 - Report this comment
Milton The Monster Show. I used to watch it. Music by Winston Sharples. Winston wrote the theme song.
Rob Lambert - May 01, 2018 - Report this comment
Yeah. Winston Sharples did all the theme and background music for Paramount, starting around 1946. His music was also on Popeye and Harvey cartoons, among others. Hal Seeger hired the studio to animate his cartoons. Other "Milton" show fillers were Penny Penguin and Lucky Luke. Cap'n Crunch, Daisy Air Rifles, Milky Way bars and Florida Citrus Growers were other sponsors in the 11/6/65 episode of "Milton."
Paul - May 01, 2018 - Report this comment
As a child, i loved listening to the trumpet on the King Leonardo Show. Another gem by Sharples.
Paul D - May 01, 2018 - Report this comment
Another Sharples piece i like is the orchestral intro for King Features, Beetle Bailey, Barney Google.
Rob Lambert - May 01, 2018 - Report this comment
Found the Sharples bio. He lived 1909 to 1978. His early work included the 1939 "Gulliver" film for Max Fleischer. After the Fleischer Brothers left Paramount (1943), Sharples had a lengthy career, until Paramount closed its cartoon studio in 1967. Other studios contracted him when Paramount had no work. Don't forget the Krazy Kat-Ignatz Mouse-cartoons from 1963. They were bundled for King Features also.
Paul D - May 02, 2018 - Report this comment
Little LuLu: For years i was curious of who sang the theme song. Thanks to YouTube someone wrote about The Satisfiers.I have their album with that song .Not like the studio version, but close. Sammy Timberg had his hand in the music besides Winston.
Rob Lambert - May 12, 2018 - Report this comment
More Choo Choo Charlie premiums. From 1968, two "mod" posters. One has the phrase "Chew-In." These were offered for 50c and a Good N Plenty box panel. From 1969, a Charlie sweat shirt selling for $1.50 each. From 1970, two Charlie tote bags for 35c and a box panel. From 1970, a set of six (different color) Good N Fruity whistles with key rings selling for 75c and a box panel. All premiums required customer to mail to a distributor in Palisades Park, NJ (Jersey residents had to include sales tax). Also saw vinyl bendable figures of Charlie and the girl who rode on his pretend train, around 1970.
Paul D - May 12, 2018 - Report this comment
Rob: You got me!!!! I do not remember those offerings at all.
Rob Lambert - May 12, 2018 - Report this comment
Those items were mail-in premiums. The offers were printed on back of boxes. Images of most of them can be found on Pinterest. Quaker City Candy Co. had an east-coast novelty outlet manufacture them. The offers usually lasted six months, depending on how well they sold. The bendable figures are a mystery. They may have been Canadian made. The Topps bubble gum company offered similar, cheap novelties, printed on the Bazooka Joe comic slips.
Rob Lambert - May 14, 2018 - Report this comment
From the Saturday morning cartoon vault, a non-Choo Choo Charlie TV commercial. It featured Oodle, an animated piece of G&P candy that interacted with live-action kids, to present simple magic tricks that were printed on back of box (secret to tricks on inner flap). The catch-phrase "Moodleagic" was created. This aired on "Alvin" over CBS (5/15/65). Kenner, Nestle and Quaker Oats were other sponsors. Network promos for "Tennessee Tuxedo" and "Mister Mayor" with Bob Keeshan, a one-season replacement for the Saturday "Captain Kangaroo." Also, Ad Council/Green Cross PSA for traffic safety.
Paul D - May 14, 2018 - Report this comment
Rob: You got me again lol.!!! I don't remember that one either.
Rob Lambert - May 14, 2018 - Report this comment
YouTube has a compilation video titled GOOD & PLENTY COLLECTION SO SWEEET. It has the commercial I mentioned, along with one from 1958, and the Choo Choo Charlie For President ad. Also, a second commercial with Oodle and a pink girl candy piece. It teaches kids the "Oodle language" (printed on back of box). That one aired on "Mighty Mouse Playhouse" over CBS (1/30/65).
Paul D - May 15, 2018 - Report this comment
Well Rob, You win. Another one i do not remember. I saw the Youtube ones you described.I am chuckling while i type this. I saw the bonomo candy commercial for taffy. I remember the jingle big time.
Rob Lambert - May 16, 2018 - Report this comment
The Oodle character was obscure and not a fan favorite. Yet, Quaker City stuck with it throughout 1965. Choo Choo Charlie was brought back in 1966, in a color version of the original commercial, which is currently unavailable. Charlie was even more popular after his comeback, and Quaker City began offering premiums in 1967. None of the premiums were sold in stores, nor widely advertised. You had to buy the candy and mail in money and box panels to get them.
Paul D - September 03, 2018 - Report this comment
Hey Rob Stopped in to say hi!!
Rob Lambert - September 03, 2018 - Report this comment
Happy Labor Day, Paul! Not much new old stuff on Good N Plenty has come up lately, but so much else has in the food and toy world. Thanks for the chime!
Paul D - September 03, 2018 - Report this comment
Sure has Rob Necco candies has shut down.
Rob Lambert - September 03, 2018 - Report this comment
New England Confectionary Co., started in Boston, later moved to Cambridge and ultimately Revere, Mass. Wikipedia has a detailed article on Necco. Check it out.
Paul D - October 29, 2018 - Report this comment
Hey Rob Saying hi, and no news from the candy industry here.
Rob Lambert - October 30, 2018 - Report this comment
So right, Paul. It has slowed considerably. I check often with YouTube and Pinterest for more commercials or images. Presently, my focus is on the Big Mac 50th anniversary. and some of the TV shows that aired those commercials. Thanks for the chime!
Paul D - October 30, 2018 - Report this comment
Hi Rob; I remember children singing Mc Donalds is the kind of place commercials. Talk about being bombarded with them back then.
Rob Lambert - October 30, 2018 - Report this comment
That's right! 1968 to early '71, it was "Your kind of place," followed by "You deserve a break today," then, "We do it all for you," 1975 to '80.
Paul D - December 16, 2018 - Report this comment
Hey Rob.!!!
Rob Lambert - December 17, 2018 - Report this comment
Happy holidays, Paul! Came across another old basement tape (reel to reel) made by somebody in central Wisconsin. On it was the second Good N Plenty commercial with Oodle (the Oodlemagic one), recorded during the "Hector Heathcote Show" on NBC, around June of 1965. Nestle Quik, Kool Aid (Bugs Bunny & Elmer), Trans O Gram's Trik Trak racing set and Kellogg's Rice Krispies were other commercials. By Terry Toons, filler cartoons were Silly Sidney (an elephant) and Hashimoto (family of Japanese mice). Sound on tape quite muffled, but I was able to identify. Otherwise, not much else new on the G&P grapevine.
Paul D - December 23, 2018 - Report this comment
Happy holidays Rob: you mentioned Terrytoons. Roy Halee singing the Mightymouse theme song.
Rob Lambert - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
That's right, Paul! "Mighty Mouse Playhouse" began on CBS in 1955, using Ray Halee and three a capella background singers instead of using instruments. CBS ran "Mighty Mouse 12 years, including one with older cartoons sandwiched between newer "Mighty Heroes" in 1966-67. Go to YouTube and type Mighty Mouse/Mighty Heroes to see clips of an original network kinescope from 3/25/67.
Paul D - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
Phil Scheib at the helm in the music dept.
Rob Lambert - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
Yes! Also found the last Mighty Mouse short made by Terry Toons in 1960, "Mysterious Package." The operatic gimmick became passe by the late 1950s. Tom Morrison became the speaking voice of Mighty Mouse, in TV commercials as well as show bumpers and in "Mysterious Package." Post cereals, Bristol-Myers and Colgate-Palmolive sponsored "M.M. Playhouse" prior to 1963. Watch "Mysterious Package" on YouTube. Cool cartoon!
Paul D - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
Cool cartoon. I have seen it before.Thanks for telling me about it. I saw Ralph Bakshi in the credits.
Rob Lambert - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
That was early in Bakshi's career. His role in production was limited, including his work in "Mighty Heroes." He had no creative control then. Only after he produced the X-rated "Fritz the Cat" (1972) did he gain prominence (for that? Weird!). Then came the 1989 "New Adventures of M.M." series, where our hero was construed as snorting coke from a flower.
Paul D - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
Colgate-Palmolive Ajax 1948 Shamus Culhane animation. Paul Frees, June Foray. Saw it on YouTube Good piece of advertising for the time. I checked the accuracy of that commercial,for that year, and it was the real deal. Real catchy.
Paul D - December 24, 2018 - Report this comment
Mighty Mouse Krakatoa. The singing was performed by Helen Carroll , and The Satisfiers. Same group from my previous post with Little Lulu.Great cartoon.
Rob Lambert - December 25, 2018 - Report this comment
Found another funny, later Mighty Mouse cartoon. "Outer Space Visitor" from 1959. The only other short featuring Tom Morrison. M.M. is called to fight the daddy of an infant, robotic alien who landed in Mouseville. On YouTube, Paul.
Paul D - December 25, 2018 - Report this comment
Just saw Outer Space Visitor. Amazing how we have that computer tech around us. Ralph Bakshi: I guess he wanted to be different.I saw part of his movie Coonskin, Pieces of it are no different than Krakatoa. The risque drawings allowed back then are the same as Betty Boop.
Rob Lambert - December 25, 2018 - Report this comment
Here's one more hilarious Terry Toon. "John Doormat in Topsy TV" from 1957. Typical wimpy husband-bossy wife story. One in a short theatrical series. Allen Swift voice and Gene Deitch directed.
Paul D - December 25, 2018 - Report this comment
Thanks Rob Never saw that one before. It is so true!!!! I got such a good laugh from it. Thanks!!!!!!
Paul D - December 25, 2018 - Report this comment
Here's one Rob: Bob Keeshan working with CBS, and Terrytoons. Lariat Sam. It was shortlived. I wasn't that keen about the cartoon. And another one:Spunky And Tadpole featuring Joan Gardner, and Don Messick.
Rob Lambert - December 25, 2018 - Report this comment
"Lariat Sam" was Bob Keeshan's brainchild. He had creative control. He wanted "Lariat Sam" to be non-violent (like "Tom Terrific") and suitable to run on "Captain Kangaroo." "Lariat Sam" 5-part episodes were made in 1961-62. Toward 1970, Action For Children's Television influenced Keeshan to stop running cartoons, and to emphasize more on education. More on Ralph Bakshi. On video, I saw the end credits to "Deputy Dawg" and "Hector Heathcote," Bakshi was part of the animation team at Terry Toons, starting in 1962. His work was on made-for-TV cartoons, not the older theatricals. Bakshi also worked on "Astronut" (1963-65) and "Possible Possum" (1966-68). "Spunky and Tadpole" wasn't aired in my area when I grew up. I'll have to look it up.
Rob Lambert - December 27, 2018 - Report this comment
Here's another funny Terry Toon, Paul. Silly Sidney (the elephant) in "Banana Binge" from 1962. Dayton Allen voiced all characters including Stanley Lion (mimic: Ned Sparks) and Cleo Giraffe (mimic: Carol Channing). On YouTube.
Paul D - December 27, 2018 - Report this comment
Dayton Allen was good. So was his brother Bradley doing Chumley.
Paul D - December 27, 2018 - Report this comment
I saw the cartoon. Good satire!!!!
Rob Lambert - December 28, 2018 - Report this comment
Yes! He was credited as Bradley Bolke. Did many "dim-wit" characters, including Fatso, one of the Ghostly Trio in the 1963 "Casper" cartoons (made by Paramount).
Paul D - December 30, 2018 - Report this comment
Sandy Becker. Bloopers, and all on youtube. Let know what you think
Rob Lambert - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
Saw the video, Paul. Becker would've been fired if those F and S bombs had gotten on air (on a kid show, yet). Looked from around 1957. Becker lived from 1922 to 1996. Did voice work for Total Television cartoons. This included the "Go-Go-Gophers" chief and the cavalry sergeant, plus sung the opening theme. He also voiced Mr. Wizard in the "Tooter Turtle" cartoons His full name was George Sanford Becker.
Paul D - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
Hey Rob:Sandy did a bumbling news reporter called Sam Scoop.He wore a hat with the brim folded up on one side.He had me laughing so hard with that gag.
Rob Lambert - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
That Becker news skit may have been a visual jab at Walter Winchell (the hat). Some more YouTube cartoon fun. First, a Cheerios commercial (1964) with Underdog (Wally Cox), Simon Bar Sinister (Chuck McCann) and Sweet Polly (Norma MacMillan). Simon disguised as a robot. Second, The Mighty Heroes in "The Shocker" from 1966. Dayton Allen (Tornado Man, Rope Man), Herschel Bernardi (Diaper Man, Shocker) and Lionel Wilson (Strong Man, Cuckoo Man). Shocker causes a blackout in the city. The heroes set out to restore it.
Paul D - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
Too bad there are no kinescopes, or tape or Sam Scoop.Could be a jab at Walter Winchell. Chuck Mc Cann i remember.The rest you mentioned in the post remembering for sure Officer Joe Bolton with Dick Tracy cartoons, and the Three Stooges from the New York area.
Paul D - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
There is nothing regarding Sam Scoop I will keep looking. TV might have some info.
Rob Lambert - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
Here's another cartoon. Bat Fink in "Goo Goo A Go-Go" from 1967. Hal Seeger produced. Frank Buxton voiced Bat Fink. Len Maxwell voiced Karate and Police Chief. Biggest flaw of this series was repeated use of animation, over and over. Buxton (b. 1929) hosted a game show, "Get the Message" (1964). Also hosted "Discovery" educational show (1963-66). Co-produced "Hot Dog," (1970) an educational show with Jonathon Winters, Woody Allen and Jo Ann Worley. "Bat Fink" parodied "Batman," to certain lengths. Bat Fink encounters Hugo A Go Go, who uses baby dolls to rob banks.
Paul D - December 31, 2018 - Report this comment
Rob Lambert - January 01, 2019 - Report this comment
Another great cartoon, Paul. Cool McCool in "If the Hat Fits...Watch It!" from 1966. Featured villains were Dr. Madcap and Greta Ghoul. Produced by Al Brodax for King Features. Voices. Bob McFadden (Cool and Madcap), Chuck McCann (No. 1 and Riggs) and Carol Corbett (Greta). On YouTube under heading, Cool McCool Season 1 Episode 2. Madcap invents a derby hat that flies and steals money. Cool uses offbeat means to stop him. Originally aired on NBC 9/24/66. Among other characters, McFadden (1923-2000) voiced Milton the Monster, Lovable Truly and Rory Raccoon from "Linus."
Rob Lambert - January 01, 2019 - Report this comment
Here's a quickie. An Ad Council PSA for Smokey Bear with David Seville and Chipmunks, trying to record a radio commercial. Alvin, as always, steals the show. First aired in June, 1963. YouTube has 30 and 60 second (recommended) versions. Aired every Saturday until 1965. Voice work by Ross Bagdasarian.
Paul D - January 01, 2019 - Report this comment
Saw them both. Cool!!!
Paul D - March 17, 2019 - Report this comment
Hello Rob.
Rob Lambert - March 19, 2019 - Report this comment
Hi, Paul! I was offline for a week. Just started catching up on stuff. I'll search around for more video you'll enjoy.
Rob Lambert - March 20, 2019 - Report this comment
OK, Paul. Found a few. All on YouTube. First, "Video Ad Reel." Very end of video has a Savings Bond PSA with Dick Beals voicing the boy who carries a flag mast with a $75 Kennedy bond. Aired on "Honey West" over ABC (11/5/65). Next, "Kool Aid Commercial 60s Bugs Bunny Elmer Fudd New Pre Sweetened Kool Aid." This aired on "Bugs Bunny Show" over ABC (2/13/65). Hal Smith voiced Elmer. Multiple Kool Aid packs laugh (Bugs pictured on packs). Next, "Frost O's Commercial Tennessee Tuxedo & Friends." Don Adams did not voice Tennessee. Chumley and Bald Eagle in it. Aired on "Tennessee" over CBS (3/20/65). Last, "1964 Ad Council PSA Bambi Smokey Bear." This scared the heck of me at 3 years old. Animated by Disney. Aired on "Bugs Bunny" over ABC (10/17/64). Enjoy!
Rob Lambert - March 21, 2019 - Report this comment
Here's another, Paul. "Beagles Cartoon Show The Man In The Moon Part 1 1966." A year after the "Beatles" cartoon show premiered on ABC, Total Television/Leonardo Productions presented "The Beagles," airing on CBS. Main characters were humanized dogs. Scotty (Kenny Delmar), the manager. Stringer (Mort Marshall), the smooth-talking guitarist. Tubby (Allen Swift) , the high-strung bassist. The concept emulated Martin & Lewis. Swift also voiced the little man appearing in bumpers. Video has show intro, first commercial (Johnny Speed remote controlled car by Topper Toys) and first cartoon. Aired on CBS 10/15/66. Enjoy!
Paul D - March 21, 2019 - Report this comment
Saw both Rob: I see Ed Wynn's character in the Beagles Show. Also loved the commercials. Thanks!!!!!
Rob Lambert - March 21, 2019 - Report this comment
Ironically, Ed Wynn died late in 1966, as "The Beagles" aired. There also was a 12-song Beagles LP. Hard to find, and pricey.
Paul D - March 23, 2019 - Report this comment
Hey Rob:Bosco commercials. Remember them like yesterday.
Paul D - March 23, 2019 - Report this comment
Toys: Monkey Division. Nylint, Ideal brand.
Paul D - March 23, 2019 - Report this comment
Remco sold Monkey Division i see. That company put out some very neat stuff.
Rob Lambert - March 23, 2019 - Report this comment
Quite true, Paul. Remco put out toys and games by the ton. Found images of Monkey Division Whirlybird copter and Okinawa Pistols. Many licensed TV show stuff. "Lost In Space" robot (1966). Also, two games from 1965 based on teenage music shows. "Hullabaloo" Electric Teen Game (dancers pictured). and "Shindig" Teen Game (Jimmy O'Neill pictured). Bosco commercials were sporadic in the 1960s. Bosco was frugal, rarely advertising on network TV. You'd see them more often on local or syndicated programs. Here's another commercial for you. "Classic Honey-Comb Commercial." This featured Archies cut-out records on back of boxes. Aired on "Monkees" over CBS (1/24/70). Another for Alpha Bits with "Jingle Jangle" set in a kiddie disco tech. Aired on "Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour" over CBS (12/27/69). Type: Post Alpha Bits Archies records 1969.
Paul D - March 23, 2019 - Report this comment
I sure remember what you described.The cut out records were neat when i was in child. Thanks Rob.!!!!
Jon Koons - June 27, 2019 - Report this comment
Just FYI, the current package for Good n Plenty was designed in the early late 1960s or early 1970s (can’t pin it down exactly) by Irv Koons of Irv Koons Associates Inc. How do I know? He is my dad. He died a couple of years ago at almost 96 years old. This iconic candy package is one of very few now for sale at the new TWA Hotel at JFK!
Rob Lambert - June 27, 2019 - Report this comment
Quaker City Candy Co. did little advertising prior to 1955. The box design by Mr. Koons (the big circle) went back at least that far. Quaker City was frugal with print media, but began advertising on TV during the period. Occasionally, trade magazines ran Good and Plenty promo ads aimed at retailers or wholesale people. Paul D, if you're out there, Hi11
Paul d - June 30, 2019 - Report this comment
Interesting story guys.Sorry of your dads passing Jon. Hello Rob
Paul D - July 01, 2019 - Report this comment
Another one of my childhood memories. Cocoa Marsh.
Rob Lambert - July 01, 2019 - Report this comment
More 60s cartoon fun for you, Paul, courtesy of YouTube. First, "1968 Yogi Bear PSA." For the American Cancer Society, an ant-smoking ad with Yogi and Boo Boo. At the end, a guy coughs and hacks...then, his head pops off his body and bounces, leaving a bloody neck bone. Aired on "Fantastic Four" over ABC (9/28/68). Next, "Roger Ramjet Episode 11 Drafted." Roger and the boys stop Solenoid Robot (Dave Ketchum) from intercepting all TV stations. Gary Owens and Dick Beals, 1965. Also, "Wackies Cereal Commercial." By General Mills. Wackies was like Lucky Charms, only the marshmallow bits were banana flavored. A kid and gorilla companion. Commercial aired on "Underdog" over NBC (2/20/65). Enjoy!
Paul D - July 01, 2019 - Report this comment
Roger Ramjet episode 10 Doodle gets drafted into the army. Good puns and wisecracks A little adult humor with it. I saw episode 11 . Good, but not as good as 10..I will see the others soon.Thanks Rob.
Rob Lambert - July 02, 2019 - Report this comment
Yeah. Episode 11 was mistitled. Another mistitle is "Episode 27 Skydiving." Roger is sent a gorilla, who helps stop Noodles Romanoff from robbing banks. 104 Ramjet cartoons were made in all. YouTube removed some, including the Red Dog (pirate) ones. A Beatles parody is Episode 18 Cockroaches, where Romanoff and gang kidnap the real group, taking stage as Roger and kids watch. David Ketchum, the narrator and Solenoid Robot voice, now 91 years young. Starred in the juvenile "Camp Runamuck" sitcom. Played Agent 13 on "Get Smart," and played a gym instructor on "Odd Couple" (Fat Farm episode, 1972). YouTube has "1967 Don Adams Pepsodent Commercial" with Ketchum (inside a toothpaste tube). Aired on "Get Smart" over NBC (1/21/67).
Paul D - July 04, 2019 - Report this comment
Hi rob: I have seen Cockroaches before.Flintstones had one about NO MORE BUG MUSIC!!!! Good satire.The psa with Yogi and Booboo, they deleted the scene with the bloody neckbone.
Rob Lambert - July 04, 2019 - Report this comment
The video titled "1968 Yogi Bear PSA Full Version" shows the guy's neckbone. to see it, pause video at the right moment. On the "Flintstones" show, there was that, plus "The Way-Outs," a Beatle copy that had Bedrock thinking aliens were invading. On tape, I have kinescope of the "Shinrock A Go Go" episode which aired on ABC (12/9/65), the "Shindig" parody, with Jimmy O'Neill(stone) and the Beau Brummel(stones). Original commercials for Planters Peanuts, Royal Gelatin, Cheerios (Bullwinkle) and Welchade with Fred and Barney.
Rob Lambert - July 05, 2019 - Report this comment
Here's a couple more quick commercials, Paul. First, "Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies Ogg" with the clumsy caveman (Paul Frees). Aired on "Road Runner Show" over CBS (2/10/68). Second: "Josie and the Pussycats Groovy Gifts Offer." Aired on "Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour" over CBS (11/3/70). Kellogg's Sugar Pops had character pencil erasers (shame having to use them...quite collectible). The 3 Pussycats, Alan and Alex. In Sugar Smacks, one of six plastic cereal spoons (including Sebastian the cat). Cartoon Josie (Janet Waldo) hosts the commercial. In early 1971, records were offered on a mail-in basis.
Paul D - July 05, 2019 - Report this comment
Saw them Rob.thanks. Collectors pieces.Just like Mad Magazine in the future.
Rob Lambert - July 07, 2019 - Report this comment
Want some vintage Josie cereal stuff, Paul? Type Josie Pussycats Cereal eBay to see them. One is an auction item. four of the six cereal spoons (missing Josie and Sebastian). Another is an Alan spoon, still sealed in clear cello, $18 (an eraser's worth about the same). The biggie is an unused, flat Froot Loops box with the record offer on back, selling for $1100 (time payments offered). The record offer was also on Frosted Flakes boxes.
Paul D - July 09, 2019 - Report this comment
Rob Lambert - August 03, 2019 - Report this comment
YouTube has a short video titled, "Good & Plenty Jingle." A radio commercial from 1961, a rock n roll version with lots of sax, and a singer sounding like Bobby Rydell. Recorded in Hollywood for J. Korn & Sons, the ad agency that worked for Quaker City Candy Co.
Rob Lambert - August 03, 2019 - Report this comment
More videos for Paul D. First, "May 6, 1965 commercials My Three Sons." Intro, breaks and ending from a kinescope, as aired on ABC-TV. Quaker Oats and Hunt-Wesson sponsored. Next, "January 21, 1964 commercials." Mistitled, actual airdate was 1/25/64. Commercial breaks, bumpers and ending from the "Bullwinkle" show (Broadway look) as aired Saturday morning on NBC. Also, "December 22, 1965 commercials," from a CBS kinescope of "Green Acres." Commercial breaks and ending. Proctor & Gamble and General Foods sponsored. Enjoy!
Paul D - August 07, 2019 - Report this comment
Good N Plenty jingle sounds a lot like Bobby Rydell.My three Sons: I remember the days when Bill Frawley was Bub.Many thanks Rob!!!!
Rob Lambert - August 08, 2019 - Report this comment
Right, Paul! Frawley left midway through season five due to failing health. Frawley and his replacement, Bill Demarest, were old Vaudeville rivals (over a woman). Frawley was allowed to sit in on the filming after he had quit "My 3 Sons." The welcome was short-lived, as Frawley and Demarest relived that rivalry in heated fashion, causing major distractions for cast and crew. Tim Considine was nearing the end of his role, and Barry Livingston became the third son in season six.
Rob Lambert - August 08, 2019 - Report this comment
Found another raw "My Three Sons" network clip. "My Three Sons Original Opening Color Intro." From 1966 on CBS, starting with Fred MacMurray, the opening and sponsor catch for Hunt-Wesson Foods. During season seven, the alternate sponsor was Toni Home Permanent (women's hair products). Also, "Kool Aid Olympic Commercial 1966 Bugs Bunny." The first color Kool Aid ad, and the last one with Elmer Fudd (Hal Smith), who competes against Bugs in a few quick events. Aired on "Bugs Bunny Show" over ABC (1/29/66).
Paul D - August 09, 2019 - Report this comment
Rob: You can tell by now that i am close to my mid 60's I am having a ball talking to you about nostalgic tv commercials, etc. As a child , i remember Sardo products, Tackle acne medicine.Vitalis,Heet muscle liquid the cigarette ads.Let's keep it going.
Rob Lambert - August 09, 2019 - Report this comment
I'm nearing 60 myself, Paul. Not far behind you. Let's play some Twister on the Tube! First, "May 18, 1968 commercials" from "American Bandstand" on ABC. Midway through video is a Twister Game ad set on a beach. Also, a peppy Dr. Pepper spot, plus Dick Clark for Breck Shampoo. Next video: "Original 1966 Twister Game Commercial." This aired on "Top Cat" over NBC (5/20/66). Next video: "1968 Commercials Heinz Great Shakes others.." From "American Bandstand" (12/30/67). The Great Shakes ad has a snappy tune and lots of trick photography. I call it "Three Teens and a Tree," you'll see what I mean when you watch it. If you access the Great Shakes category within this site, you can check out comments I've made on the product.
Rob Lambert - August 10, 2019 - Report this comment
Here's some earlier "Captain Kangaroo," Paul. First, "CK 1967." From an early color show (CBS didn't colorize "Kangaroo" until Jan. of '67), Keeshan and Mr. Moose promote Kellogg's Rice Krispies. There's also a 30-minute show from 1956 (no commercials) and a full hour show from July, 1961, no commercials but a PSA for libraries. "Captain Kangaroo" sponsors before 1965 included Continental Baking (Wonder Bread, Hostess) and Schwinn bicycles. Kellogg's became a loyal sponsor in 1965.
Paul D - August 10, 2019 - Report this comment
Saw the Great Shakes comments Rob. Very good!!! I will see the commercials you described. soon.
Paul D - October 22, 2019 - Report this comment
Hey Rob
Rob Lambert - October 23, 2019 - Report this comment
Hey, Paul! Remember when Charlie Brown and gang were on TV even before the first special in 1965? YouTube has: "1961 Ford Falcon with Characters From Peanuts." It aired on "Wagon Train" over NBC (10/60). Ford hired Charles Schultz to draw the animated kids in different car commercials between 1959 and '65. It aired shortly before the death of Ward Bond, the wagon master. In 1958, Bond appeared for Ford to promote a "win a live pony" sweepstakes. The Peanut commercials were filmed in color, though only 10% of households owned color TV sets, and "Bonanza" was the only color show then. Another video is a PSA: "U S Savings Bonds 1962 3 3/4%." The first to feature the boy (Ernie, voiced by Dick Beals) in the 3 corner hat, leading a clumsy marching band through a town to promote Savings Bonds. Aired on "Bugs Bunny Show" over ABC (3/7/64). Also, if you're into high school yearbooks, check out Look up a city, high school and year, likely they have it! Enjoy!
Paul D - October 23, 2019 - Report this comment
You got me Rob. I don't remember any of what you described I remember the Falcon, and the bond drives. I rode in a 61 Falcon as a child.
Rob Lambert - October 24, 2019 - Report this comment
I was very little when the Savings Bond ads were on. Try these: Soaky bath soap (by Colgate) bottles of cartoon characters. First, "Soaky Toy Dick Tracy Muskie>" It aired during "Tennessee Tuxedo" on CBS (2/27/65). Everett Sloane, the voice of Tracy, killed himself later on sleeping pil;s. Musky (Lionel Wilson) swipes eggs. Also, "Donald Duck Porky Pig Soaky." It aired on "Mighty Mouse" over CBS (2/6/65).
Paul D - October 24, 2019 - Report this comment
Calvin And The Colonel cartoons I have a replicated poster of the promotion
Paul D - October 24, 2019 - Report this comment
Soaky Donald Duck Porky Pig ad says dick Beals as the kid. Sounds more like Walter Tetley to me
Rob Lambert - October 25, 2019 - Report this comment
Right, Paul! "Calvin & the Colonel" aired Sunday nights on ABC, 1961-62. The two guys who voiced Amos N Andy on radio (Godsen, Correll) voiced the pair. Paul Frees and June Foray also contributed. Primary sponsor was Lever Brothers (Pepsodent toothpaste, others), YouTube may have a cartoon commercial with Calvin and Colonel. Somewhat controversial, the cartoon lasted one season, many complained it resembled "Amos N Andy" too closely. Also, two more crossover cartoon spots for Soaky. First, Tennessee Tuxedo (NOT voiced by Don Adams) and Superman. It aired on "Alvin" over CBS (3/20/65). Second, Popeye (Jack Mercer), Brutus (Jackson Beck) and Olive (Mae Questel). It aired during "Hector Heathcote" on NBC (4/10/65). Also, Alvin & Chipmunks. It aired on "Alvin Show" over CBS (11/21/64). The kid kinda sounds like Beals.
Paul D - October 25, 2019 - Report this comment
You got me again Rob. I never heard of Soaky until you mentioned it. Who can't forget Mr. Bubbles.Youtube has full cartoons of the colonel.
Rob Lambert - October 25, 2019 - Report this comment
Here's some original Alvin, Paul. "Alvin Show Commercials General Foods and Soaky." The "Alvin Show" was first in prime time on CBS (1961-62), then Saturday mornings (1962-65). The 6-minute video is a montage that includes show bumpers and commercials for Jell-O and Post Cereals. There's also a full half hour kinescope. "Alvin Show November 1 1961." Included is the myopic inventor, Clyde Crash Cup (Sheperd Menken), who invents the wife. Sponsored by Jell-O. Colgate discontinued Soaky by 1967, unable to secure licensing rights to more cartoon characters.
Paul D - January 18, 2020 - Report this comment
Hello Rob
Rob Lambert - January 20, 2020 - Report this comment
Hi, Paul! Here's more cartoon commercials you might like on YouTube. First, "Post Super Sugar Crisp Blob and Son Litter Bugs" plus "Air Pollution" and "Water Pollution." These aired during "Cattanooga Cats" on ABC (3/28/70). Sugar Bear becomes ecology nut, and stops The Blob from destroying the planet in petty ways by air, water and ground. Also, "Vintage Animated Kool Aid Commercial Bugs and Elmer's Favorite Drink." Aired during "Bugs Bunny Show" on ABC (10/2/65). Bugs sneaks into Elmer's house to swipe Kool Aid, also introduces Kool Pops with an owl. Also, "Milky Way candy Bar Ed Wynn," aired during the "Beatles" cartoon show on ABC (11/6/65). Filmed about a year before Wynn's death. Lastly, "Bugs Bunny Show Commercials>' A short compilation of ads for Tang, Post Alpha bits and sugar Crisp which aired during the prime time edition of "Bugs Bunny Show" from 1960-62. Gunfire was part of the humor in these ads.
Paul D - January 20, 2020 - Report this comment
Saw them Rob Thanks. I also saw the Milkyway commercial with Buster Keaton
Rob Lambert - January 21, 2020 - Report this comment
Oh, yeah! Keaton's trademarks were the straw hat and baggy pants. His Milky Way commercial was from 1961, about the time he co-starred with Stanley Adams in the "Twilight Zone" episode about time travel. On audio, I came across another Sugar Crisp commercial from 1962 with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam playing baseball. Sam pitches and Bugs hits a home run. Sam gets pissed, and starts firing a rifle (in the crowded ball park). A Roger Maris bat is offered as commercial ends. Not currently on YouTube.
Paul D - June 11, 2020 - Report this comment
Hello Rob.
Rob Lambert - June 12, 2020 - Report this comment
Hey, Paul! Hope you've gotten through the virus OK. Still doing internet from different restaurants. The Tube has more great TV. First, "Sinclair Oil Gas Pump Transistor Radio" from 1967. They were four bucks then. Radios were red with silver trim. Second, "Happening '68 With Monkees." Hosted by Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay of the Raiders. Full show with most commercials, aired on ABC in June, 1968. Peter Tork had left The Monkees by then. Third, "1970s Hardees Commercial Retro," from 1974. The hero, Marshal Hardee, opposes Super Mouth, a villain in superhero's garb. Fourth, "Quake Visits Planet Q," unknown to him, Quisp resides there. A travel agent sends Quake there. Aired during "Mighty Heroes" on CBS (3/25/67).
Paul D - June 12, 2020 - Report this comment
Hello Rob: Thanks for the comeback. Never got sick from from the virus.The things you described in the post, i don't remember.Sinclair company i do.The family has the oil company up for sale.I will start looking for what you described on YouTube.Thanks.
Rob Lambert - June 14, 2020 - Report this comment
Try these titles, Paul: "The Monkees On Happening 68." "Hardees Cartoon Commercials 1970s," includes two with Marshal Hardee and Super Mouth. Also, "Quisp And Quake Cereal Commercials Vol 1." This montage has the Planet Q ad toward the end. Featured is Quake as a miner. In 1968, he became a cowboy-superhero. Also, "Flintstones Welchade commercial," with Fred, Pebbles and Wilma, aired on ABC (10/7/64). YouTube did some reshuffling of its videos since January. Instead of individual ad videos, many were redone in montage form.
Paul D - June 14, 2020 - Report this comment
Hello Rob Saw the Sinclair radio. Cool!!Saw the Monkees on Happening with Paul Revere. Welchade:Fred and Barney at the golfcourse.Besides Barneys' voice by Mel Blanc, Mel voices Tyrone, and the man serving Welchade. Sounds very close to Daffy Duck Saw some Hardees commercials to.
Rob Lambert - June 17, 2020 - Report this comment
Here's some more. First, "New 3 Stooges Cartoon Show Souper Man" from 1965. It's just the cartoon, without live-action wraparounds. Joe De Rita as the second Curly, who tries convincing Moe that the soup he cooks can give them superpowers. Second, "Bugs Bunny For Kool Aid Doin' The Kool." Aired during "Bugs Bunny Show" on ABC (12/17/66). Includes Warner Bros. shield intro and sponsor short. Also bought a working Sinclair gas pump radio for fifty bucks. They were a hit on the beach (of Lake Michigan). Production ended in 1969.
Paul D - November 15, 2020 - Report this comment
Hello Rob saying hi
Rob Lambert - November 16, 2020 - Report this comment
Hey, Paul! Let's start with "Roger Ramjet Hollywood" on the Tube. Roger stops Noodles Romanoff from sabotaging the movie industry. Second, "Roger Ramjet Episode 14." The Solenoid Robots kidnap all the human Miss America contestants, so a Robot can win. Roger dons a wig to stop them. Next, New 3 Stooges in "Noisy Silent Movie." The boys become organists at a theater. Live action wraparounds included. Also, "General Electric Fantasy Hour." This video has all original commercial breaks from the first ever airing of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," from 12/6/64 on NBC. Enjoy!
Paul D - November 18, 2020 - Report this comment
Hey Rob I saw ,the Three Stooges cartoon. The music and the organ sounds a lot like a Wurlitzer theater organ.The cartoon shows the organ. I am a big Wurlitzer fan of carousel organs,etc. Their 200 series electric piano which you have heard on songs.Roger is next.
Paul D - November 18, 2020 - Report this comment
Roger Ramjet: that cartoon was made for adults[beauty contest] The satire about Bert Parks made me laugh The scene with Roger in the park was adult themed also. Good adult cartoon. I saw the movie industry one also.Three Stooges I see Emile Sitka was in the wraparound.
Paul D - November 18, 2020 - Report this comment
GE commercials for Christmas. Brings back memories of my childhood Thanks!!!!!!
Rob Lambert - November 19, 2020 - Report this comment
Right, Paul! I remember when the "Rudolph" special aired in 1965, the commercials were made in color (not available). G-E made no toys at the time. The housewares Division sponsored the special until 1966. Emil Sitka, to my knowledge, never appeared in a Stooge short with Curly. Only with Shemp, Joe Besser and DeRita (feature films). The Roger Ramjet cartoon series was never on network TV, but standards were such that some considered certain stories suitable for kids. There was no "political correctness" in 1965. When Cartoon Network revived Ramjet in 1995, He was on "Adult Swim." If you haven't seen it before, check out "New 3 Stooges Souper Men." Curly Joe really believes that soup can turn a weakling into a superhero. He even has cynical Moe convinced for a short time.
Rob Lambert - November 19, 2020 - Report this comment
One more, Paul. "Roger Ramjet Hassenpfeffer." A mixed parody of local kiddie shows and Bugs Bunny parody. The American eagle kids love Hokey Hassenpfeffer, which makes Roger jealous. While watching the show, they notice Noodles Romanoff posing as a kid. He takes Hokey hostage for ransom. Roger is none too willing to rescue him, until the Eagle kids coax him.
Rob Lambert - November 20, 2020 - Report this comment
Another Stooge cartoon, Paul. "New 3 Stooges The Littlest Martian." The Stooges have a neighbor boy named Willie (Dick Beals). His friend is Johnny (Hal Smith). Using a toy TV camera, the boys cut into the Stooges' TV signal, pretending to be a Martian and threatening to invade Earth unless the stooges bring him a truckload of candy. Watch for surprise ending.
Enid R - March 11, 2021 - Report this comment
I got to this conversation because when I was younger (probably in the early/mid 1960's) I met a man who I'm pretty sure was a relative. He said his daughter was the voice in the Good & Plenty commercial. I've been trying to figure out who relative that was. My family was from Philadelphia, so that seems to make sense. I'm pretty sure she did the "Charlie says..." part. I'd love to find out her name, or the name of her father who I assume was in the advertising business.
Paul D - March 15, 2021 - Report this comment
Great Enid I'm curious also. Thanks!!!!
Rob Lambert - March 15, 2021 - Report this comment
Hey, Paul! How's tricks? YouTube's got a huge series of old TV videos. Hundreds of them. Found some you may like. First is: "WOC Tape 0107 Commercial Compilation F Troop 1960s." This has opening, commercials and closing from an "F Troop" episode telecast on ABC (1/25/66). Ads for Quaker Oats, Salem cigarettes and Ken L Ration dog food with Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Frank DeKova in costume. Second video is: WOC Tape 0102 Commercial Compilation The Monkees. A collage of ads from 1966-67 on NBC. The 8:00 mark has a funny Apple Jacks ad, "Boss Bully." Other ads for Kellogg's and Yardley cosmetics and fragrances. Third video: WOC Tape 072 Commercial Compilation Green Hornet. From 9/23/66 on ABC, Viceroy cigarettes and Vanquish. End credits included. Enjoy!
Enid R - March 16, 2021 - Report this comment
Paul - I'll definitely get back here if I find out. I'm currently doing a family tree on Ancestry so maybe I'll get in touch with someone who knows something.
Paul D - March 18, 2021 - Report this comment
Hello Rob, and Enid. Saw the commercials you mentioned Rob. Jimmy Durante, Dawes Butler, Bill Scott.[Quisp cereal]Very good!!!! Thanks

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