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Description: Like the racing car drivers suits. Shiny and lightweight in material usually pastel shades and very flattering. A zip had the full length at the front. More seductive if the zip came down to ceavage level.
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putch - May 16, 2015 - Report this comment
Turtle Necks - July 08, 2017 - Report this comment
Shellsuits really stand out with the white turtle neck.
Swishy - July 13, 2017 - Report this comment
These suits were still popular in the late 90's which was when I was in primary school. After I started kindergarten, I was seeing my friends and teachers wear these suits a lot and after hearing them swish around, I decided that I wanted to be in windsuits too. My parents bought me a bright pink suit and a dark pink suit to wear to school. I wore my bright pink suit to school and I enjoyed hearing myself swishy. I decided to wear both of my suits every week because I wanted to be able to swish around school with my friends. At Christmas that year, I got a bunch of windsuits. I was really excited to go back to school after Christmas break because I decided that I was going to wear a windsuit to school everyday all through winter. I usually kept my jacket zipped up to the cleavage level since I wore turtlenecks with my suits most of the time. The following year, I started wearing my suits every day at the end of October. My teacher didn't allow to wear any type of jackets in the classroom and sometimes she'd make me and the other kids hang up our wind jackets. I always felt naked having to walk around in my turtle neck or long sleeve tee shirt and my wind pants. But, I eventually got used to it because I'd still be able to hear myself swishy when I was walking down the hall, got up to sharpen my pencil, at recess, and during gym class. At the end of that year, me and my best friend loved wearing our windsuits and wanted to be able to hear ourselves swishy every day. So, we told our parents that we only wanted turtle necks, tee shirts, windpants, and windsuits to wear to school during second grade. During the warmer weather we wore black or navy windpants with a pink tee shirt. When it got colder we were in pink windsuits with a white turtle neck, or we wore a navy or black windsuit with a pink tee shirt or a pink turtle neck.
Loved these suits - July 16, 2017 - Report this comment
I loved these suits as a kid. I wore them every where I went. When I wore these suits, I always wore a turtleneck.
gym class outfit - July 19, 2017 - Report this comment
At my primary school, we had PE twice a week. On the days we had PE we were required to wear tennis shoes, a shellsuit, and a tee shirt to school. Our suits had to be red, blue, black, navy, or purple. And our tee shirt had to match the colors of our suits.
Swishy 2nd Grader - October 05, 2017 - Report this comment
After seeing my teachers and classmates come to school in shellsuits and shellsuit pants during kindergarten in first grade, I wanted to wear them too. When I went school clothes shopping I tried on a lot of little girl versions of shellsuits. And my parents purchased me some suits to wear to school. I decided that was going to wear a shellsuit to school as soon as I got a chance. During the first month of school, there was a day when it was pouring down rain and my parents told me I could wear a shellsuit to school. Since it was my first time in a shellsuit, I decided that I was going to stand in the mirror and see what I looked like in my suit and then I was going to walk around in my room for a little while because I wanted to hear myself swishy, like everyone else did when they were in their suits. I wore a pink and purple shellsuit with a pink, purple, and white striped tee shirt. I put the pants and tee shirt on first because I wanted to enjoy the first time I'd hear myself swishy in my shellsuit pants. As soon as my pants were on I started walking around my room for several minutes and I loved hearing myself swishy. Finally, I put my jacket on and stood and looked at myself in my shellsuit for awhile. When I got to school, other kids were in shellsuits too. After wearing my suit to school, I decided that I wanted to wear a pair of shellsuit pants to school everyday just so I could swishy all day. For the remainder of the year, I wore shellsuit pants to school and when it got colder I wore the complete shellsuit to school everyday.
matching outfits - December 17, 2017 - Report this comment
In third grade, it was colder than normal. We had to go outside to go to the lunch room since it was in another building, we took walks after lunch, and we had to go out on the playground twice a day. Since, we were going outside a lot during the day, my parents sent me to school in a pair of windpants with a long sleeve tee shirt and a hooded sweat shirt most days. Then when it got colder I got stuck wearing windsuit and a turtle neck everyday. I hated it because I had to listen to myself swish around while I was walking. I also had a teacher that I couldn't stand who would watch for me everyday so she'd know I was at school because I tried to skip her class. When I was in windpants it was easier for her to catch me because her classroom was in the same hall that my classroom was in. As soon as my swishy legs would rub together, she'd be at her door to see if I was the one coming down the hall. One time I was in a soild red suit with a soild white turtle neck. When she came and got me, she was in the same suit. She thought it was cute that we were dressed alike. So, she made me hold her hand and we walked all over school and she wanted people to see we were dressed alike. Another time I was in pink and grey suit with a pink turtle neck and she was dressed in the same suit.That time another student was dressed like me and her. She made both of us hold her hand and we went outside on the playground and walked around. But, the wind blew the gate shut and we were locked in for awhile. After being embrassed and humiliated, my parents never made me wear those horriable suits again.
SuitUpNow - December 20, 2017 - Report this comment
@matching outfits...Yeh! You naughty boy! Put your shell-suit on right now - and don't take it off until I say so!
Shell suit Kid - May 18, 2018 - Report this comment
@ SuitUpNow, sounds like you wanted to stay in shellsuits full time. I wore them to school a lot in the winter during kindergarten and first grade. After first grade, I decided that I wanted to be in a shellsuit everyday. When I went school clothes shopping I only purchased shellsuits with and without lining, tee shirts, and turtlenecks. The air conditioners at school made the classroom really cold. On the first day of school I wore a light purple and black suit with a purple, white, and navy striped tee shirt. When I got to school a lot of my other classmates were in shellsuits too and planned to stay in them full time. I kept my jacket zipped up as far as it would go. When it got colder, I was really excited because that meant I could wear turtlenecks with my shellsuits everyday. I loved that combination because the turtlenecks made me stand out in my shellsuits. My turtlenecks were mostly white, but I did have some light purple, light pink, light blue, and light yellow turtlenecks to wear with my navy and pink suit, black and pink suit, navy and purple suit, black and purple suit, navy and yellow suit, black and yellow suit, navy and light blue suit, and black and light blue suit. I wore the white turtlenecks with my bright multicolor shell suits. When I wore my turtlenecks, I kept my jacket zipped up to the cleavage level. My favorite part about being in shellsuits was hearing myself swishy when my legs rubbed together. Every morning before school I spent several minutes in my room walking around, running in place, or rubbing my legs together non stop so I could have fun hearing myself swishy.
Our Shellsuit Day - January 16, 2019 - Report this comment
I had three other friends who wore shellsuits as much as I did. One of them came to school in a navy and pale pink shellsuit with a pale pink turtleneck. A week or two later, we had a project that we had to do with another classmate. On the day our class had present our projects, My friend was in her navy and pale pink shellsuit with the pale pink turtle and her best friend (Who I was also close too) was in the same outfit. In class people asked them how they ended up in the same outfit. They explained that they thought it would be fun if they wore the same outfit when they presented their projects. Another time, they ended up in that outfit on the same day. I asked them if they planned on it. And they didn't. Me and my best friend asked if we both got that same outfit, if all four of us could wear it on the same day together. And both of them loved the idea. When my best friend and I got our suits, we told our other two friend and we all decided we'd wear our shellsuits together the next day. The following morning, I got up early and got dressed. I stood in front of the mirror and just stared at myself in my new shellsuit and turtleneck. I was excited to get to school and see me and my three friends would all look like in our matching shellsuits. When I got to school, I saw my three friends waiting for me and we all excited to begin our day in our matching outfits together. All through the day, all of us were either swishing around the school together when we were walking down the hall or one of us was up to go turn in a paper or sharp a pencil.
school outfit - March 25, 2019 - Report this comment
When I was in elementary school, shellsuits were my favorite thing to wear to school. I had suits with lining and suits without lining so I could wear a shellsuit to school any time I wanted. Normally, I wore a tee shirt or a turtleneck that was the same color or my suit or a lighter shade. I always liked fall weather best since that meant there would be colder days and that meant I could wear shellsuits as much as I wanted, which was several times a week. And then during the winter, I was in a suit everyday.

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